101 Things To Be Grateful For Today

If you’re looking to create a habit that will make you a happier person, choose the habit of thinking about what you’re grateful for – every day.

Gratitude makes you happier.

This is not news, but it’s easy to forget when you’re faced with a stack of responsibilities that seems impossible to meet – or when you’re looking at the day’s news headlines.

But it’s true. Just making a short list of things to be grateful for today can change your whole attitude and your day along with it.

And when your brain is happy, everything good in your life levels up — including your intelligence, your creativity, and your energy levels.

You become more productive, which isn’t the end goal so much as a means of growing and contributing as you were born to do.

So, what are you grateful for?

Things To Be Grateful For Everyday

Sidebar: You can learn more on the best way to create your own gratitude list here.

I hope this collection of things to be grateful for can be your launchpad to a life that excites and restores you, one day at a time.

Be Grateful For People

1. My Family and Friends

I am grateful that I can talk and laugh with them, hug them, support and love them, and share my life with them.

2. My Online Community

I am grateful for my readers and online friends around the world who have given me a purpose and passion in my work and life.

3. Service People

I am grateful for the people who serve me in various ways — the grocery store clerk, the postman, my hair stylist, a waiter or waitress, my doctor and nurses, the customer service people on the phone.

4. Protectors

I am amazed and humbled by those who put their own lives at risk in order to protect us — police, firefighters, military personnel. I am grateful for their service to us.

5. Teachers and Mentors

There have been and continue to be many people through the course of my life and my children’s lives who have lovingly taught, coached, instructed, and supported us as we learned and accomplished new skills. I am grateful for them.

6. Leaders

I’m grateful for leaders in our community, in our country, and in the world who have set a good example for us — of kindness, of courage, and of self-sacrificing devotion to the good of those whom they serve.

7. Authors

I’m grateful for the authors of all the books I’ve enjoyed and those that have helped me grow and become more and more the person I was born to be.

8. Artists

I’m grateful for all those who create beautiful things for us to take delight in — from the art on our walls, to our creative home accents, to the artfully designed theme for our website.

9. The People We Meet While Traveling

I’m grateful for all the gracious, helpful, and interesting people we meet during our travels; their kindness inspires us to see the good in all.

10. Pioneers

I’m grateful for all those who have created resources they wish they’d had when they started out with something — including self-publishing.

11. Inventors and Innovators

I’m grateful for all those who make it their business to create better ways of doing things and who create the technology we use every day.

12. Designers and Builders

I’m grateful for those who design homes (like ours) and other buildings, and for those who take those designs and build the houses, shops, airports, etc. that we come to depend on.

happy woman taking a stroll things to be grateful for

13. Challengers

I’m grateful for every person in my life who has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, so I can grow and contribute more than ever.

Be Grateful For Places

14. My Home

I am so fortunate to have a comfortable, safe home with great neighbors, in a town that I enjoy.

15. The Homes of Family Members and Friends

I’m grateful for the time I get to spend with family and friends in their homes. And, on their behalf, I’m grateful for the homes they have and for everything they love about them.

16. My Country

I am profoundly grateful to have been born in the United States, to enjoy the freedoms, opportunities, and blessings this country offers, in spite of its problems and tragedies.

17. Other Countries

While I’m grateful for my country, I’m also grateful for what I can learn from other countries, their histories, and their cultures.

18. New Travel Destinations

I am so grateful to be able to travel, to experience other people, landscapes, food, and perspectives, and for the learning and personal growth travel provides.

19. Libraries

I’m grateful for public and other libraries that I (or others) have been able to access to borrow books, videos, and other content for our learning and entertainment.

20. Coffee/Tea Shops

I’m grateful for coffee and tea shops near home and in the places we visit, where we can buy a carefully-crafted hot (or cold) beverage to enjoy.

21. Favorite Restaurants

I’m grateful for every restaurant I’ve gone to that has prepared meals I’ve enjoyed — especially when I’ve been able to enjoy those meals with someone important to me.

22. Quiet Places

I’m grateful for peaceful places — at home and wherever I go — that have given me space for quiet reflection and meditation.

23. My Kitchen

I’m grateful for my kitchen and for all that I can do in it to prepare healthy, delicious, and satisfying meals for myself and for the people I love.

24. Favorite Stores

I’m grateful for the stores that sell things I need, use, and enjoy — particularly those that sell the handmade goods of local skilled artisans and other creatives.

mother and daughter taking a walk things to be grateful for

25. Farmers Markets

I’m grateful for local farmers markets. I love the fresh produce, along with the opportunity to support local farmers and beekeepers.

26. Bookstores (New & Used)

I’m grateful for brick-and-mortar bookstores in our community and beyond, which still give book lovers a chance to walk into a store, browse the shelves, and read awhile.

Be Grateful For Special Events

27. Birthdays

I’m grateful for every birthday I get to celebrate with a loved one, even if I have to join in the celebration from a distance.

28. Weddings

I’m grateful for my own wedding and for those I’ve attended to share the day’s joy with someone I care about.

29. Anniversaries

I’m grateful for every anniversary I get to celebrate it with my life partner, who makes every day better.

30. Holidays

I’m grateful for holidays, because I enjoy celebrating what those holidays mean to me and to those I love.

31. Memorials

I’m grateful for the chance to show my love and gratitude for the life of someone important to me and to be there for others who are hurting from the loss.

32. Celebrating Milestones

I’m grateful for every personal and professional milestone I get to celebrate, especially when I can celebrate them with those who have helped me reach them.

33. Festivals, Bazaars, and Other Local Events

I enjoy the festivals, seasonal bazaars, and other special events in our hometown, and I’m grateful for those who coordinate them and make them a joy to attend.

34. Annual Conventions

I’m grateful for the conventions I attend to network with other professionals, and I’m awed by those who put in the time and creative energy to make them a success.

35. Workshops

I’m grateful for the opportunities well-designed workshops provide to learn something new or to improve a skill I already have.

36. Award Ceremonies

I’m grateful for the chance to celebrate the achievements of those I care about and to be there for them in that moment to show my continued support.

37. Launch (or Release) Day for a New Book

I love launching new books, and I’m grateful for every new launch day and for all who help me make the day even better.

38. Moving Day

As much work as it tends to be, I’m grateful for the fun and excitement that are part of moving into a new home and making it our own. I’m also grateful for the helping hands.

Grateful For Things I Use

39. My Bed

Every night I climb into a comfortable, clean bed.

child happy with playing water things to be grateful for

40. Running Water

I’m grateful every time I turn on the tap and hot and cold water is immediately available to me for drinking, cleaning, and bathing.

41. Electricity

I’m grateful for the electricity that keeps our appliances and personal technology running and our indoor plumbing functional (especially when it’s cold out).

42. Plentiful Food

I am grateful for access to healthy, fresh, delicious foods and for my enjoyment of the tastes, aromas, and experience of eating.

43. Medicine

I am so grateful that medicine is available to treat me and my loved ones when we are sick or hurt.

44. Technology

My computer, iPhone, and Kindle have provided endless sources of learning, enjoyment, and opportunity for me.

45. My Car

I’m grateful for my car, for my ability to get where I need to go, and for the gas in the tank. I’m also grateful for its amenities — including the heat, the air-conditioning, and the radio.

46. The Internet

I’m grateful for all we can access from our homes and from our portable devices using the internet, which enables us to run a thriving business without being tied down to one place.

47. My Phone

I’m grateful for everything I’m able to do every day with my phone, which enables me to call people, send messages, and stay on top of my responsibilities.

48. Social Media

I’m grateful for all the social media channels I use to connect with others — group members, readers, mentors, and other personal and professional contacts.

49. Journals and Notebooks

I’m grateful for every journal and notebook I’ve used over the years to record my thoughts, plan my days, and explore the person I am and the life I want.

50. Sticky Notes

I’m grateful for sticky notes, which keep visible the reminders I’ve created for myself and help me keep my commitments.

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51. My Favorite Pens

I’m grateful for my favorite writing pens, which glide smoothly across the page as I write, leaving no gaps or tiny ink puddles.

52. White Boards and Dry Erase Pens

I’m grateful for whiteboards and dry erase pens that make it easier for me to see the tasks and projects I’ve committed to.

53. Productivity (and Other) Apps

I’m grateful for the apps I use on my portable devices to help me stay on track with my personal and professional responsibilities.

Grateful For Things I Enjoy

54. My Health

I am profoundly grateful that I am physically healthy, that I have energy, that I can walk, run, hike, ride a bicycle, and function at a high level.

55. My Work

I am so grateful that I can do work I love from my home, making money to help support myself and my family.

56. Books

I am so grateful for having access to books and reading and for the years of pleasure and learning they have provided me.

57. Movies

I’m grateful for the movies I’ve enjoyed at home, in other homes, and in theaters — particularly those I enjoyed with people I love.

58. The Sensation of a Warming (or Cooling) Drink

I’m grateful for the sensation of a warming (or cooling) drink sliding down my throat and into my stomach, bringing relief and reminding me to enjoy the present moment.

59. Going Out for a Meal in a New Place

I’m grateful for every opportunity I’ve had to enjoy a meal in a new place. I’m also grateful when I can leave a large tip for those who serve our table.

60. Trying a New Recipe

I love trying a new and recommended recipe for food I enjoy, especially when it turns out beautifully.

61. Planning a New Book

I love planning a new book, and I’m grateful for each brilliant new book idea and for the people who help me develop it into something my readers will love.

62. Opening a New Package

I’m grateful when new packages arrive, and I enjoy opening them and either making use of them or preparing them for their intended recipients.

63. New Flowers for Indoors

I love buying or cutting new flowers for the interior of my home, and I’m grateful for their beauty and their scent. They remind me to enjoy the present moment.

64. The First Cup of Coffee (or Tea) in the Morning

I enjoy that first cup most of all, after a good night’s rest and at the beginning of a brand new day.

65. The First Bite of a Delicious Breakfast

I so enjoy that first bite of a delicious breakfast at the beginning of a new day, and I’m grateful for the chance to savor each and every bite.

Fun Surprises

66. Thoughtful Gifts

I’m grateful for every thoughtful gift that comes as a surprise from a family member or other friend.

67. Stunning Scenery

I love it when I turn a corner or stop in my tracks and am faced with a scene that takes my breath away with its beauty.

68. Thrilling Encounters

I’m grateful when I encounter some new thrilling sight, sound, or other sensation. I love to stop and mindfully savor the experience.

69. The First Bite of a New Favorite Food

I’m grateful for every first bite of a new food that turns out to be a new favorite of mine — and for every delicious bite after that.

70. The First Sip of a Fantastic New Wine (or Tea)

I’m grateful for every first sip of a new and intensely enjoyable wine (or tea) — and for every sip of it thereafter.

71. A Grateful Message from a Reader

I’m grateful for every kind and encouraging message from a reader who has enjoyed one of my books.

72. A New Positive Book Review

I’m grateful for every thoughtful and honest review for one of my books, especially from those who enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more of my work.

73. The First Blooms and Leaves of Spring

I’m grateful whenever I see the first spring flowers peeking up out of the ground — and also the bright green froth of tiny new leaves on the trees.

senior woman happily smelling flowers things to be grateful for

74. Surprises on a Romantic Date

I’m grateful for every fun surprise I encounter while on a date with the one whose company I particularly enjoy and who can savor those moments with me.

75. A Thoughtful Card or Letter in the Mail

I’m grateful for every unexpected card or letter that arrives in the mail from someone I care about, as well as seasonal cards and letters from family and other friends.

76. Newly-Discovered Talents

Whether I find them in myself or in someone I care about, I’m grateful for these exciting discoveries and look forward to their development.

77. Good Dreams

I’m grateful for the good dreams I remember, which brighten my morning and make me curious about the possible meanings behind them.

78. New and Renewed Friendships

I’m grateful for surprise encounters that lead to friendships or to the renewal of old friendships.

Be Grateful For Things That Amaze You

79. The Universe

I am awed and grateful for the wonders of the Universe beyond our Earth, for the continued discoveries by scientists, and the beautiful images of galaxies, planets, and stars.

80. My Brain

My brain has an endless capacity for learning, creativity, and change, and I am grateful for all I am able to experience and accomplish because of my healthy brain.

81. Emotions

I am grateful for the intense experiences of love, joy, pleasure, gratitude, fulfillment, peace, and pride. I am also grateful for the contrasting emotions of sadness, loneliness, and fear that also reveal the intensity and profoundness of life.

82. Change

Life is constantly changing, and we are continually growing and evolving as individuals. I am grateful for change and for the many new blessings that every life change affords.

83. The Scents of Flowers

I’m grateful for the gorgeous scent of the flowers I love, and for the effect those scents have on my mood.

84. The Resilience of Children

I’m grateful for the resilience of my children and others because no parent is perfect. I’m grateful for the amazing people they’ve become.

85. The Resilience of Nature

While I don’t condone carelessness toward nature, I do marvel at its resilience and am grateful for its ability to keep coming back when cut down or damaged.

86. The Power of Color

I’m grateful for and awed by the power of color – in nature and everywhere – to influence my mood and my thinking.

87. The Power of Connection

I’m grateful for our ability to connect in spite of (and sometimes because of) our differences. The variety of perspectives and experiences makes life richer.

88. Life

I am deeply grateful to be alive at this moment, to be typing these words, looking out the window at the trees, the pond, the sunlight and shadows.

I am grateful that we can connect to each other through my words and offer hope to one another for peace and kindness in the future.

Be Grateful For Things That Restore You

89. Nature

I am deeply grateful for the beauty of the Earth, for the trees, animals, plants, lakes, and oceans. I am grateful that I can spend time enjoying nature.

90. The Sun

I am grateful for the feeling of the sun when I walk outside, for the light and warmth it provides, and the nourishment it offers living things.

91. Wind in the Trees

I’m grateful when I can look out the window — or step outside — and see wind in the trees, rustling the leaves and reminding me to take a deep breath of fresh air.

92. My Cat and Other Animals

My cat provides an endless source of love, pleasure, and entertainment. I am grateful for all animals and the unconditional love they offer us.

93. Beauty

I am profoundly grateful for beauty in all of its forms — nature, visual art, music, dance, prose and poetry, theater, interior design, fashion, physical beauty.

94. Peace and Quiet

I am so grateful for moments when it is quiet and peaceful and I am truly sitting in the present moment.

95. Humor and Laughter

I am grateful for the purging feeling of a great laugh, of sharing humor with friends, and the connection laughter offers to everyone.

96. Compassion, Empathy, and Forgiveness

When I screw up, fall short, or have difficulties in life, I am so grateful there are those people in my life who are able to forgive me, have compassion for me, and who can relate to my situation.

97. Sleep

I am so grateful that I sleep well and for the restorative power of sleep.

98. Clean, Breathable Air

I’m grateful for every lungful of clean, breathable air — and for reminders to take deep, restorative breaths when I’m feeling tense or overwhelmed.

99. My Mission

I’m grateful for my mission and for everything I’ve learned, every person I’ve met, and every gift that has helped me live and serve that mission.

100. Music

I’m grateful for the power of music to restore, calm, or energize me, for its variety, and for all the ways I can enjoy it.

101. Love

Finally, I’m grateful for love itself, which brings every good thing to life and makes that life worth living.


What are you grateful for?

When you make your own list of things to be grateful for in life, write down whatever comes to mind.

Think of everything that’s happened today or of something you’re looking forward to. Every little thing matters. Every detail that makes you think, even briefly, “I like that,” can go on your list.

But if there are too many to write down, you can always limit yourself to the things that bring you the most joy.

The point here is that there is always something to be grateful for. Once you make a habit of thinking about what you’re thankful for, you start noticing more of those things.

And when you write those things down, you magnify the power of that gratitude and the emotions that go with it.

The more you notice the good in your life and allow yourself to feel and express appreciation for it, the more you find to be grateful for — and the happier you become.

And it’s contagious. Wouldn’t you love to spread that around? Why not spread your gratitude by sharing this post on your preferred social media platform and give others a gratitude moment.

May gratitude and the joy that goes with it fill you today and influence everything you do.

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