25 Thoughtful And Unique Mindfulness Gifts

You can support a loved one’s interest in meditation and present moment awareness with gifts for mindfulness. 

When people adopt a mindful lifestyle, they open their minds to feelings of peace and happiness.

Scientists have increasingly found associations between mindfulness and positive outcomes, like reduced anxiety, better mood, and even protection from job burnout. 

Giving gifts that help people improve or maintain their well-being demonstrates great thoughtfulness on your part.

You’re helping to connect a friend or relative with the benefits of mindfulness.

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13 Must-Follow Mindfulness Blogs For 2021

woman typing on computer mindfulness blogs

You already know there are more than a few mindfulness bloggers on the web.

And even if you’re interested in exploring the benefits of mindfulness, you’re not sure which blogs will meet you where you are and lead you to the answers you’re looking for. 

If you’re looking for value-packed and engaging resources for learning about mindfulness, you’ll find plenty to love with our list of mindfully-curated sites to explore.

We’ve chosen 13 of our favorite mindfulness and meditation blogs to narrow your search and help you embrace more presence and inner peace.

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Mindful Dating Sites And Apps For 2021

Looking for more mindful singles like yourself?

Having trouble finding others who are as interested as you in conscious dating and friendship building — rather than quick and easy hook-ups?

Then you’ll love the idea of mindful dating and our list of mindful dating apps.

We did some digging and found seven of the most innovative dating apps for value-minded singles looking for real and lasting connections.

And these apps make it as fun and stress-free as possible.

The makers of these apps did their research to find out what their ideal members want in a dating app.

And the results will have you thinking, “Well, it’s about time someone did that!”

What is Mindfulness Dating?

Mindful dating is officially a thing — and not just a passing thing.

It’s the best way to engage with someone you date in a conscious and fully present way. 

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