137 Simple Pleasures In Life To Savor Every Day

Life can be difficult and incomprehensibly complex.

But one way to navigate the unpredictable terrain is to enjoy the simple things in life.

They needn’t cost much — or anything for that matter — so long as they spark joy.

Most simple-pleasure lists delineate the things — the smells, sounds, feelings, and tastes to give your attention to.

So we’re switching it up.

Instead of looking at the results, we’re breaking down 137 things you can do that result in simple pleasures.

After all, there’s no reward without action!

What Are the Simple Things in Life?

Despite the best of intentions, our world exalts materialism — and in recent decades, the situation has reached critical mass.

Consumerism has become so ingrained in our way of life that it barely registers.

Yet, it has the power to gnaw on our happiness and erode our mental health.

So how can we stop our desire for “stuff” from corroding our joy?

One way is learning to be present and relish the simple things in life.

Man at ocean sunrise simple pleasures in life

What are those, you ask?

Everyone’s definition is different, but generally speaking, they’re no-cost or low-cost things that can elicit immense rapture, delight, and satisfaction.

A simple pleasure often involves nature, sensations, and positive emotions.

137 Simple Pleasures in Life To Savor Every Day

Are you searching for a list of simple pleasures?

We’ve got you covered.

Below is our curated rundown of actions you can take and simple pleasure examples that almost always result in more joy in your life.

1. Listen to music you love.

2. Read a silly book.

3. Go for a walk with someone you love.

4. Watch the sunrise.

5. Watch the sunset.

6. Go for a hike in the woods.

7. Watch a comedy that makes you belly laugh.

8. Bake something for someone special.

9. Stargaze on a clear night and see how many constellations you can spot.

10. Lie on your back, close your eyes, and daydream.

11. Let yourself enjoy a little celebrity gossip without the guilt.

12. Become a dollar-store crafter.

13. Give yourself permission to write a terrible-but-fun story.

14. Binge on a cheesy Netflix show.

15. Sunbathe on a beach with a scandalous book.

16. Bake cookies from scratch and promptly devour them.

17. Be kind to someone who doesn’t expect it.

18. Light a scented candle in every room you frequent.

19. Run your sheets through the dryer right before bed.

20. Get a pair of sleep headphones for ASMR nights.

21. Help nurse a loved one back to health.

22. Make a homemade slip-and-slide on a sweltering day.

23. Color in an adult coloring book.

24. Play an easy game of Sudoku to feel smart.

25. Finish something you’ve been putting off.

26. Eat a spoonful of honey.

27. Cuddle up with your four-paw.

28. Play with your pet.

29. Go for a jog.

30. Do yoga or just stretch.

31. Meditate for three minutes or 35.

32. Make a youtube playlist and dance around your place.

33. Pretend you went to the gym and reward yourself with chocolate.

34. Tip someone bigger than they expect and soak in the gratitude.

35. Stay in for the night instead of going out.

36. Walk barefoot in the grass.

37. Make up with someone.

38. Get intimate with your partner.

39. Go for a bike ride.

40. Call your grandparents and bask in their love.

41. Call your parents and notice their joy upon hearing your voice.

42. Eat a pint of ice cream.

43. Inhale the smell of freshly cut grass.

44. Drink a glass of wine outside.

45. Make yourself a rootbeer float or Shirley Temple.

46. Donate old clothes to charity.

47. Have a deep conversation with a good friend.

48. Watch your cat sleep.

49. Play with makeup even when you’re not leaving the house.

50. Listen to Count Basie’s “Have a Nice Day” on YouTube.

51. Watch your savings account blossom.

52. Take pictures of flowers just peeking their way through the dirt.

53. Wash your face.

54. Put up holiday lights — even in the summer.

55. Read a joke book.

56. Savor a gentle breeze.

57. Tell your dog you love him or her.

58. Uncork a bottle of champagne or prosecco.

59. Smile and wave at someone.

60. Think about how much you’ve grown as a person.

61. Blow bubbles on a nice day.

62. Pay down your debt.

63. Laugh hard, loud, and long.

64. Enjoy a large glass of ice water with a twist of lemon or lime.

65. Mow the lawn.

66. Get a milkshake from McDonald’s or Burger King.

67. Bake your neighbor a cake.

68. Do a hard workout and revel in the subsequent serotonin.

69. Don’t worry about what other people think of you.

70. Spray your favorite perfume for no good reason.

71. Give someone a hug.

72. Watch old videos of good times.

73. Watch your kids play.

74. Sing your heart out in the shower.

75. Introduce your child to a fun song from your childhood.

76. Eat a donut or croissant.

77. Watch a romantic comedy.

T78. ake a walk around the block.

79. Sit on the beach and listen to the rhythmic lapping of the waves.

80. Go on a date night — at home.

81. Go on a hike.

82. Drink a fancy tea out of a fancy teacup.

83. Straighten up your bed sheets before getting in.

84. Work from bed for the day.

85. Clean your room.

86. Buy some flowers.

87. Make super buttery popcorn.

88. Relish your first sip of coffee in the morning.

89. Read motivational quotes.

90. Make someone else smile.

91. Let go of a grudge.

92. Apologize to someone you know you wronged.

93. Accept an apology from someone who wronged you.

94. Turn your bedroom into a movie theater for one.

95. Go to bed early.

96. Listen to positive affirmation recordings.

97. Empty your email inbox.

98. Scrub and organize your website bookmarks.

99. Take a picture tour of your neighborhood.

100. Keep a good memory or gratitude journal.

101. Go for a night swim.

102. Wash your hair and use a deep conditioner.

103. Watch a nature documentary.

104. Go camping.

105. Enjoy fresh fruit in the morning.

106. Book the window seat on a plane, and don’t feel bad about making the aisle person get up.

107. Give yourself permission to fail miserably.

108. Drink a sugary ice tea.

109. Take a nap.

110. Make a to-do list.

111. Indulge in an OTC facial.

112. Take a bath in scented water.

113. Shower for longer than usual.

114. Sit on a park bench, and people watch.

115. Light a special candle and send out a thought, prayer, or hope.

116. Pop some bubble wrap.

117. Listen to your favorite podcast.

118. Learn how to knit.

119. Write a hand-written letter on personalized stationary.

120. Dare to dream.

121. Buy a car air freshener.

122. Start a garden.

123. Surprise your spouse with something simple, like breakfast in bed.

124. Do a jigsaw puzzle — online or off.

125. Chew bubble gum.

126. Eat a Three Musketeers bar.

127. Play a board game.

128. Slip into a new pair of pajamas.

129. Make a vision board — even if you don’t believe in their “magic.”

130. Veg-out in front of the TV without the guilt.

131. Make an Ice cream sundae.

132. Sit on the porch during a thunderstorm.

133. Watch videos of far-off places.

134. Sleep in on your day off.

135. Watch the clouds for a half hour.

136. Organize an online watch party with your pals.

137. Chat with an old friend via video conferencing.

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We hope you found a little inspiration in our list of life’s simple pleasures.

Now get out there and start enjoying them!

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