15 Can’t-Miss Mindfulness Podcasts For 2021

woman drinking coffee practicing mindfulness

Wherever you go, people are talking about the benefits of mindfulness.

You’ve been working on your own mindfulness practices and want to learn all you can to make the most of these benefits and enhance your life. 

Enter the gift of mindfulness podcasts — but with a wide variety of options available, it’s hard to know the best podcasts to follow. 

We’ve chosen 15 of the best mindfulness meditation podcasts for this year.

Give them a try and see what a daily mindfulness practice can do for you. 

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7 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids

boy sitting in sand mindfulness activities for kids

Modern education in the U.S. is finally picking up on the importance of mindfulness for kids.

More schools are introducing fun mindfulness activities for younger students to not only boost their moods but also improve their focus, empathy, and cooperation.

More teachers and parents are learning the benefits of teaching mindfulness to children in school and at home.

So, what can they do for your children — or for your students?

And how can you introduce mindfulness in a way that will encourage them to make a habit of it?

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11 Fun Mindfulness Adult Exercises For Groups

woman in group exericise mindfulness exercises for adults

If you’re looking at the title and thinking, “What exactly is mindfulness anyway?” let’s nail that down before we dive into the fun stuff.

Briefly put, mindfulness is when you fully experiencing the present moment while noticing (without judgment) your thoughts and feelings.

That’s the definition you’ll find in most dictionaries. But what can it do for you?

And how can you make it a bigger part of your life — and the lives of people you care about?

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