87 Friendship Affirmations To Strengthen And Attract New Friends

Friendship affirmations are positive statements about friendship that you can recite to yourself or say aloud to increase your belief in the power of friendship and attract new friends into your life. 

Here are a few examples:

1. I am open to making new friends and enjoying great relationships.

2. I am confident and capable of being a great friend.

3. I attract kind, loving, and supportive friends into my life.

4. I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have in my life.

5. I deserve to have beautiful friendships that enrich my life.

Friendship affirmations are a great way to shift your mindset about friendship and attract more positive and supportive friends into your life. 

Reciting a few friendship affirmations can help you feel better and put you in a more positive state of mind to attract new friends if you’re feeling lonely or down on yourself.

What Are Friendship Affirmations, and Why Should You Use Them? 

Affirmations are positive statements that can help to change your mindset about something. If you’re looking to make new friends or improve your relationships, affirmations can be a helpful tool. 

Some ways that friendship affirmations can help you include:

  • Strengthening your current friendships
  • Helping you attract new friends
  • Encouraging you to be a better friend
  • Making you feel more confident and social

Why Friendship Affirmations Can Help You Strengthen Relationships and Make New Friends

There are many reasons why you should use positive affirmations for friends. Some of the main reasons include:

1. They can help to change your mindset about something. If you’re looking to make new friends or improve your relationships, these positive statements can reinforce your intentions.

2. By repeating these phrases to yourself, you can start believing them and seeing the positive changes in your life.

3. They can help strengthen your current friendships, help you attract new friends, encourage you to be a better friend, and make you feel more confident and social.

How To Use Friendship Affirmations

To use positive affirmations for friends, you should first identify what you want to change or improve about your friendships. 

  • Are you looking to attract new friends? 
  • Strengthen your current friendships? 
  • Be a better friend? 

Once you know what you’d like to focus on, you can choose the appropriate affirmations to help you reach your goal.

If you’re ready to start using affirmations to improve your friendships, then check out these 87 friendship affirmations. Choose a few that resonate with you and repeat them to yourself each day.

87 Affirmations for Friendships to Build a Circle of Amazing Friends 

Friendships are meant to be reciprocal. Give and take, with unconditional love being your motivating factor and ultimate goal. As you can see from the affirmations below, that is what we should all aspire to.

When speaking these affirmations to yourself, think about your values and goals for friendship. Do your current friends meet these standards? Do you as a friend? Why or why not?

By reading and internalizing these affirmations, you can change how you think about friendship. If all you see is what’s wrong with your friendships or why they don’t work out, then that is all you will ever have.

But if you start thinking differently–and affirming these truths to yourself–you will start to see different, positive results in your relationships.

Here are the 87 affirmations. Be sure to choose the ones that fit with your goals and values, and recite them regularly.

1. “I am worthy of great friendships.”

2. “I attract kind and supportive friends into my life.”

3. “I am open to making new friends.”

friendship affirmations
4. “I release any negativity or jealousy I have towards others.”

5. “I let go of any expectations I have for my friends.”

6. “I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have in my life.”

7. “I cherish my friendships and treat them with care.”

8. “I communicate openly and honestly with my friends.”

9. “I am a great friend, and people are drawn to me.”

10. “I am always learning how to be a better friend.”

11. “I am confident and capable of being a great friend.”

12. “I listen to my friends and offer them support.”

13. “I am there for my friends when they need me.”

14. “I create time for my friends and make them a priority.”

15. “I am honest with my friends and tell them the truth.”

16. “I have deep and meaningful friendships.”

17. “I allow myself to be vulnerable with my friends.”

friendship affirmations
18. “I trust my friends and give them the benefit of the doubt.”

19. “My friendships are based on mutual respect and love.”

20. “I am able to let go of toxic friendships.”

21. “I nurture my friendships and help them grow.”

22. “I am flexible and adaptable in my friendships.”

23. “My friends bring out the best in me.”

24. “I have a strong circle of supportive friends.”

25. “My friends make me a better person.”

26. “I am open to receiving help and support from my friends.”

27. “My friends are an important part of my life.”

28. “I cherish the time I spend with my friends.”

29. “I enjoy spending time with my friends.”

30. “My friendships are a source of joy in my life.”

friendship affirmations
31. “I am grateful for my friends and the role they play in my life.”

32. “My friends make me feel loved and supported.”

33. “I reciprocate the love and support I receive from my friends.”

34. “I am a loyal friend and expect the same in return.”

35. “I am patient with my friends and understand that we all make mistakes.”

36. “I am grateful for the diversity of my friends.”

37. “My friends enrich my life and I theirs.”

38. “We are better together than we are apart.”

39. “My friends accept me for who I am.”

40. “I accept my friends for who they are.”

41. “I forgive my friends when they make mistakes.”

42. “My friends forgive me when I make mistakes.”

43. “I am comfortable being myself around my friends.”

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44. “My friends are comfortable being themselves around me.”

45. “I am able to have difficult conversations with my friends.”

46. “My friendships are built on a foundation of trust.”

47. “I am able to express my needs and wants to my friends.”

48. “My friends know how to make me feel better when I’m down.”

friendship affirmations
49. “I know how to make my friends feel better when they’re down.”

50. “I can rely on my friends when I need them.”

51. “My friends can rely on me when they need me.”

52. “I am there for my friends in both good times and bad.”

53. “My friends are there for me in both good times and bad.”

54. “We celebrate each other’s successes.”

55. “We comfort each other during difficult times.”

56. “I am a shoulder to cry on for my friends.”

57. “My friends are shoulders to cry on for me.”

58. “I can be goofy and fun with my friends.”

59. “My friends can be goofy and fun with me.”

60. “I enjoy making new memories with my friends.”

61. “We have inside jokes that only we understand.”

62. “My friends make me laugh.”

63. “I make my friends laugh.”

64. “We can be ourselves around each other.”

65. “We can be honest with each other.”

66. “I am non-judgmental with my friends.”

67. “My friends are non-judgmental with me.”

68. “I give my friends space when they need it.”

69. “My friends give me space when I need it.”

70. “I am supportive of my friends’ dreams and goals.”

friendship affirmations
71. “My friends are supportive of my dreams and goals.”

72. “We encourage each other to grow and change.”

73. “We help each other through tough times.”

74. “We are there for each other no matter what.”

75. “We are lifelong friends.”

76. “Our friendship is unbreakable.”

77. “I cherish my friendship with ____________.”

78. “I am grateful for my friendship with ____________.”

79. “My life is better because ____________ is my friend.”

80. “I love spending time with ____________.”

81. “I feel lucky to call ____________ my friend.”

82. “I cherish the memories I have with ____________.”

83. “I am a better person because of my friendship with ____________.”

84. “My friendship with ____________ is one of the most important things in my life.”

85. “I don’t know what I would do without ____________ as my friend.”

86. “I am thankful for ____________ every day.”

87. “I cherish ____________ with all my heart, and I know our friendship will last forever.”

Tips on Practicing Friend Affirmations 

Now that you’ve picked out your favorite affirmations, here are some tips on how to incorporate them and commit them to memory:

1. Read them out loud every day. The more you say them, the more you will believe them.

2. Write them down and put them somewhere you will see them often, like on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

3. Say them with feeling and really mean it when you say them. Feel the love and appreciation for your friends when you affirm them.

4. Pick a few that resonate with you the most and focus on those.

5. Use them in specific situations, like when you are feeling down or seeing your friends doing something great.

6. Share them with your friends! They will appreciate hearing how much they mean to you.

Overall, affirmations are a great way to improve your friendships. They help you focus on the positive aspects of your relationships and remind you of how lucky you are to have such amazing friends in your life. 

So, next time you feel down about your friendships or want to show your friends how much they mean to you, try using some affirmations. Your friends will appreciate it, and you might just find that your friendships are even stronger than before.

What are some of your favorite friendship affirmations? Share them in the comments below!

Surround yourself with positive friends as you attract new ones with these friendship affirmations listed in this post.

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