Want More Abundance In Your Life? Try These 57 Mantras For Abundance

man leaning on back while watching the sea mantras for abundance

Are you done struggling with money – or having a conflicted relationship with money? 

Maybe you long for the freedom to create a better life for yourself without having to worry constantly about finances. 

Or you simply want to be able to pay your bills on time and in full every month.

But how?

How do you bring prosperity into your life?

Financial matters can be stressful and intimidating, but they don’t have to be.

That’s where mantras for abundance come in. 

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9 Not-So-Pleasant Symptoms And Side Effects Of Cord Cutting

woman holding her head because of pain side effects of cord cutting

A relationship from your past is plaguing your present.

Maybe you can’t stop thinking about a certain person or how they made you feel.

Or perhaps you’re ready to move on professionally and want to sever ties to a hostile work relationship that tainted your confidence.

In an effort to tidy your vibrational space, you’re thinking about doing an energetic cord-cutting.

You’re aware of the positive aspects of the process, but what about potential negative symptoms after cord cutting?

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13 Soul-Supporting Poems About Loss You Must Read

woman crying her eyes out poems about loss

Losing someone, whether to death or the end of a relationship, is the most painful experience you’ll ever face.

Your grief is so profound and overwhelming that it’s impossible to express the depths of your despair.

If you have lost someone, or you know someone who has, these grief poems and poetry about loss can offer words of comfort and validation on the worst days.

Although poems on loss can’t erase the pain and heartache, they can be part of the process of grief that leads to healing.

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29 Body And Soul Soothing Self-Care Sunday Ideas

woman relaxing on the couch self-care Sunday

Everyone needs at least one day of the week to recharge for the days ahead. 

If Sunday is a day off for you—and the days afterward are not—a self-care Sunday could change everything.

Whatever day you pick, though, you now have our list of 29 self-care day ideas to choose from. 

Plan your self-care day ahead of time to give yourself something to look forward to.

And don’t be afraid to try something new. 

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Mindfulness Vs. Multitasking: 7 Reasons Why One Is the Clear Winner

woman drinking coffee which is better mindfulness or multitasking

Are you stuck between choosing to be mindful or multitasking? 

Are you wondering whether multitasking is bad for your productivity and overall well-being?

Multitasking is often seen as a virtue in our modern world; it is usually associated with increased productivity and a better ability to handle multiple tasks. 

On the other hand, mindfulness is seen as a passing fad or is written off as too “new age” or “woke” for many to take seriously.

But is multitasking really the path to increased productivity, and is mindfulness just a fad? 

Taking a closer look at these two concepts reveals that there is one clear winner.

Read on below to find out which is the winner and why.

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You Have Everything You Need: 13 Ways To Be Happy With What You Have

woman smelling flowers how to be content with what you have

Have you lost a sense of joy in your life?

Maybe you look around, and everyone else seems to have it better than you: fancy cars and houses, the perfect relationship, and loving friends and family surrounding them.

In these moments, it’s easy to start feeling down on yourself and the things you’ve accomplished.

Your significant achievements suddenly don’t feel special anymore.

This feeling is why learning to be happy with what you have is an important skill to foster.

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What To Do When You Think “I’m Not Good Enough”

close up shot of a woman in worried face things to do when you think you're not good enough

Most of us have moments when we think, “I’m not good enough” — for that job, that person, or that life.

Whatever home environment we had growing up, it’s less common to have a healthy sense of self-worth than to think, “What if I get this opportunity and then prove to everyone (including myself) that choosing me was a mistake?”

But there are things you can do to build healthy self-confidence and feel like you don’t have to be perfect.

That good enough is enough.

The 15 tips that follow can help expose the lie behind questions like, “Why am I not good enough?” so you can see the truth of who you are.

And the truth is way more interesting.

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Why You Must Get Rid Of Negative People In Your Life

woman looking down get rid of negative people

Negative people are everywhere.

You can probably think of someone whose constant complaining and criticism makes it hard to be around them.

But when someone’s negativity starts infecting your own thinking, what do you do and how do I rid them of my life?

And if you’re thinking, “Well, aren’t we supposed to be there for those who just need to vent?” this isn’t about a little venting between friends.

This is about recognizing toxic negativity and knowing when and how to protect yourself from it.

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The Mindful Way To Let Go Of Fear: 13 Actions And Practices To Adopt

woman breathing calmly how to let go of fear

Think of your worst fear.

The one that makes your palms sweat and stomach sink.

It’s an unthinkable horror story you can’t get out of your mind, limiting certain actions you do or don’t take. 

Now, imagine a world where that fear doesn’t exist, or at least it doesn’t control you. 

We can help, as letting go of fear is not nearly as hard as you might think. 

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