57 Affirmations To Practice During A New Moon

The moon has a strong effect on the Earth.

It controls the tides and the amount of night light.

A powerful cosmic entity in and of itself, the moon has various energetic phases that you can leverage for manifestation and spiritual cleansing purposes.

Below, we’re unpacking how a new moon affects Earth’s energetic field and what to do on a new moon to make the most of it.

If you’re ready to manifest your life’s goals, get comfortable, and let’s dive in. 

Is It Good to Start Something New on a New Moon? 

Think of a new moon as a cosmic reset that occurs every 29.5 days. It starts a new lunar cycle when the moon’s energy turns inward.

Why is the new moon so powerful? What does it afford?

  • Tabula Rasa: Tabula rasa means “blank slate,” and that’s what a new moon provides. It’s an opportunity to start anew or kick off a project you’ve been planning for a while.
  • Revitalization: New moons represent revitalization. On the night, release limiting beliefs and show gratitude to your higher self. Let it know that you love and respect it.
  • Contemplation: When the moon starts a new cycle, it emanates contemplative energy, which is excellent for self-discovery. 
  • Renewal: If you want to renew a commitment to your goals, doing it during a new moon boosts your intentions. 
  • Authenticity: Living an authentic life is miles less stressful and anxiety-ridden than trying to be someone you’re not to “fit in.” If you’re eager to get in touch with your inner self, start the process during a new moon phase.

New moon, new beginnings: The new moon is the perfect time to figure out what you want from life.

It’s a time to sow your seeds and start a growth cycle.

How Are Affirmations Useful During a New Moon? 

As we’ve discussed, new moons are the beginning of a cosmic cycle, and it’s the ideal time to set intentions, banish limiting thoughts, and plant the seeds of creation.

Affirmations can be helpful when pursuing such endeavors. 

Some people turn their noses up at affirmations, but science is on the side of believers. 

Researchers, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists have conducted many studies, and the same conclusion keeps surfacing: humans have the power to change their brains.

Our gray matter is much more malleable than previously thought, and we can build new neural pathways.  

How do affirmations help?

  • They change your mindset for the better.
  • If your normal neural pathways are negative, affirmations forge new, positive ones.
  • Effective affirmations attract positive energy into your aura. 
  • Affirmations fuel your creative capabilities.

Essentially, affirmations are a productive and positive form of brainwashing. It may feel awkward initially, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll probably become an essential pillar of your spirituality practice.

57 New Moon Affirmations 

In search of some new moon mantras?

Whether you believe the moon has otherworldly powers or you’re in awe of its natural majesty, it couldn’t hurt to throw up a few affirmations in its honor.

And who knows, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well they work.

1. I no longer need my old, heavy, emotional baggage and choose to release it. 

2. Tonight I make space for new beginnings.

3. What doesn’t serve me can leave immediately to make room for a fresh start.

4. New beginnings are exciting and energizing, and I celebrate that spirit tonight.

5. I release what no longer serves my best interests and invite what does into my life.

new moon affirmations
6. I am worthy of receiving everything I need to be fulfilled and peaceful.

7. I am powerful and can create the life of my dreams.

8. The only thing standing in my way is self-doubt, which I banish now.

9. I welcome the fresh, new energy being gifted by the new moon.

10. Thank you, Universe, for the clean start. I appreciate you.

11. I no longer harbor resistance and fear. I am free!

12. The Universe is an unlimited supply, and I claim my portion.

new moon affirmations
13. Abundance is my birthright, with which I am aligned.

14. I attract the right people into my orbit every day.

15. Good energy follows me every step of my journey.

16. I am balanced and aligned with the changing energy.

17. I no longer need my past burdens and worries; I move forward in truth and freedom.

18. My soul is endless, free, kind, and capable.

19. I am courageous and take every opportunity that comes my way.

20. I understand that the Universe provides exactly what I need when it’s needed.

21. I can feel my dreams coming true.

22. Beautiful things and ideas are very welcome in my orbit.

23. I no longer re-read storylines that no longer serve me.

24. I am grateful for each and every moment I am alive and creating.

25. I know I can do anything to which I put my mind.

26. Love is all around me.

27. I am aligned with the Universe’s passion and creativity.

28. The Universe supports every creative and productive move I make.

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29. Tonight, I vow to [insert promise to yourself].

30. I look forward to the path in front of me and know it’s in my best interest.

new moon affirmations
31. I’m excited and inspired to see what the Universe has in store for me.

32. Life is better when you have faith in the Universe.

33. I trust the things work out for my higher good and understand I’m never handed more than I can handle.

34. I am worthy of having and living the life of my dreams.

35. I am a beacon of love, compassion, profitability, and positivity.

36. Prosperity, joy, and kindness flow freely through and around me.

37. I intend to achieve my goals and more.

38. I easily manifest everything I need with ease and care.

39. I have a firm, clear understanding of my goals and know I will reach them.

new moon affirmations
40. I accept all the healing energy rushing toward me right now.

41. Tonight, I am planting the seeds for my future success.

42. I am capable and ready to grow into the best version of myself.

43. I love and give gratitude to every atom in my body.

44. Nothing can stand in the way of me and my goals.

45. I am in control of my life and accountable for my actions.

46. I respect and honor the process my higher self has put in place.

47. I am taking my first step on the path of self-discovery and self-awareness.

48. I am open to and love the truth.

49. My potential is endless as long as I work hard.

50. Clutter and troubles are being removed from my path right now.

51. I welcome wealth, discipline, and joy into my life.

52. I have impressive integrity that always helps me make the best decisions.

new moon affirmations
53. My mind is limitless, powerful, and capable of wondrous creation.

54. Tonight, I accept myself fully — faults and all.

55. I am how I am for a noble, worthy reason.

56. Every day I learn new things about the Universe and grow stronger with the knowledge.

57. When I create, I also receive.

How to Use Moon Affirmations

How can you use affirmations?

If you want to become an expert in moon affirmations, read up on “moon mapping.” A niche spiritual discipline, moon mapping is the practice of learning how to leverage the moon’s phases in your spiritual and manifestation work. Each stage exudes different energy you can use to boost your practice.

Use the new moon’s energy to fertilize your goals and dreams. 

And if things don’t go precisely as planned one month, pick yourself up and try again the next. Work hard, have faith in your higher self, and respect the moon’s power. Miracles may follow.

A new moon s a great time to start new things. Kick off your new moons with these new moon affirmations you can use next time.

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