Enhance Your Mindfulness Practice With These 13 Free Printable Mindfulness Worksheets

It’s too easy to get busy and charge through the day without a minute’s full awareness of the present moment.

Without mindful awareness, though, we miss out on all the benefits that go with it — a quieter mind, better health, and stronger relationships.

Life gets more messy than meaningful. 

We say you can have both. 

With the free, printable mindfulness activities on the worksheets described in this post, you’ll find it easier to build and stick to a daily mindfulness habit. 

What Are The Benefits of Using a Mindfulness Worksheet? 

What may look, at first, like glorified homework can actually help you deepen your meditation practice and multiply its benefits. 

You already know some of the perks of mindfulness meditation.

Add the following benefits to the list and imagine how these might contribute to your personal development goals for this year: 

  • More opportunities to reflect and contemplate; 
  • The incentive to put what you’re feeling into words–improving self-expression;
  • A broader understanding of what meditation looks like; 
  • A diversified learning approach ties together concepts and personal experience; 
  • Better integration of insights from meditation. 

If you journal, you’ve already experienced how that extra bit of writing contributes to your overall well-being.

If it helps, think of these worksheets as guided journaling. 

When and How Should You Use Mindfulness Worksheets? 

If you already have a journaling habit, these worksheets make an ideal companion, tying your written self-expression to daily mindfulness practice. 

As for when and how you should use a mindfulness worksheet, that depends on a few things: 

  • When you typically make time for journaling or personal writing; 
  • How you feel (mentally, emotionally, and physically) at certain times of the day; 
  • How much time it will take to complete your chosen worksheet. 

Ultimately, the best time and strategy for using them are the ones that work best for you. 

13 Free Printable Mindfulness Worksheets for Adults 

Find some new favorite mindfulness exercises pdfs in the list below.

We’ve picked out 13 of the best, with enough variety to suit different moods and lifestyles. 

1. Self-Esteem Check-Up

This worksheet starts with ten statements and asks you to rate each on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how much you believe each sentence. Once you’ve rated each one, you’ll tally up your total score and mark it on the line given. 

Think about what statements were most challenging for you to believe. What would it take for your rating to go up by even one point? 

2. Mindful and Intentional Planner

Ashley Rachel designed these worksheets for a free Intentional Morning Planner: 

  • Morning Gratitude Prompts
  • To-Do Today
  • To-Do This Week
  • Weekly Workout Planner

Without taking a few minutes to write down your intentions, it’s much easier to procrastinate and mindlessly waste time. And that is so not the goal. 

Use all the worksheets or just your favorites. You may need to contact the blog owner to request access since the blog post doesn’t link to them or provide a request form. 


3. Mindful Nature Walk Bingo

This worksheet comes from The Rooted Family blog, along with over 50 other mindfulness worksheets designed for meditators of all ages. 

Try this one the next time you go outside for a walk. How many squares can you check off as you pay mindful attention to your surroundings? Keep a printed copy handy (with a pen) or upload it to an app on your phone that allows you to mark up the squares. 

The main thing here is to feel a reward for practicing mindfulness, though the walk itself may be reward enough. 


4. Mindful Activities for Kids

Centervention designed these mindfulness worksheets to get kids started on mindfulness as early as possible and make learning enjoyable. 

One of their worksheets ties sensory information and thoughts to feelings of calm by asking the child/student what they see/hear/smell or think about that helps them calm down when they’re feeling stressed. 

Another page asks them to draw a picture (or print one out) that helps them feel calmer. 


5. Mindful or Unmindful

Branch Habitat designed these worksheets for homeschooling parents to help teach their kids mindfulness meditation. One worksheet has students reading statements and circling those representing mindful habits. 

The idea is to help kids realize the difference between mindful and unmindful (or mindless) behavior. The goal is to make them more aware of their own habits, identify which ones are unmindful, and choose mindful alternatives. 


6. ABCDs of Mindfulness

Another worksheet from The Rooted Family, this one focuses on how kids can manage intrusive thoughts using mindfulness. It does this by breaking the practice down into simple instructions for each letter of the alphabet: 

  • A → “Ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’”
  • B → “Breathe and let the thought pass through without judging it.” 
  • C → “Counter it with a positive thought.” 
  • D → “Dump and release it.” 

Kids who learn to do this early learn effective coping strategies that will serve them well as they grow. 


7. Mindful Eating

This worksheet for kids focuses on mindful eating and starts by asking the student to write down what they taste, hear, feel, smell, and think as they’re eating a piece of fruit. 

The idea is to help kids practice awareness of what they experience in the present moment and encourage them to pay attention to sensory details. 

This skill will come in handy when they’re asked to recall a past experience with as much detail as possible. 


8. Mindfulness Deep Relaxation

This mindfulness worksheet features a guided meditation exercise, inviting students to pretend they’re turning into a tree to help them relax their bodies and minds. 

This would be especially useful when teaching your kids/students grounding meditation, which involves mindfulness. 

After the meditation are questions related to the grounding exercise, asking students what they felt and which parts of their bodies were easiest or harder to relax — and why? 


9. Self-Esteem Worksheet

You’ll find worksheets like these for teens and adults at PositivePsychology.com. With this one, you’ll list five “things that make [you] beautiful” — inside, outside or both. 

The note near the bottom of the worksheet reminds the meditator there are different kinds of beauty and encourages them to think about where their beauty lies. What do they like about themselves? What qualities do they have that others have admired? 


10 Self-Awareness Happiness Assessment

This worksheet is part of the Happier Mind Journal, free to download and print. It starts by asking, “What type of person are you today?” and follows up with “Describe the person you want to become only using three verbs.” 

From there, it invites you to finish statements like, “I am happiest when… “ before asking you to fill in the following: 

  • One person that makes me feel motivated and inspired,
  • Two things that make me laugh, and 
  • Three things that instantly put me in a great mood. 

The idea is to create an environment that supports your happiness. 


11. Understanding Mindfulness

Register for free at TeachersPayTeachers to access their free digital tools, including this mindfulness worksheet for kids. This one, for example, asks the student to cut out the picture/word strips at the bottom of the page and place them in the correct spot next to the matching picture/word cues at the center. 

The point is to familiarize young children with mindfulness meditation concepts to lay a foundation for more in-depth learning. 

12 Breaking Down Our Thoughts

Designed for middle-schoolers, this worksheet by Centervention is appropriate for young mindfulness meditators and more mature ones. 

The first question asks the student to write about a thought that has caused them to worry or feel anxious. After that, it invites them to break down that intrusive thought by asking themselves and answering a set of thoughtful questions. 

The point is to help students create a habit of questioning their thoughts and letting go of those that don’t benefit them‌.  


13. 10 Minutes to Let Your Mind Wander

Christie Zimmer makes printable guided journaling pages with bright colors, making these ( and other ) worksheets as uplifting to look at as it is to use. 

This one (in cyan) invites you to let your mind wander to topics and thoughts that lift you up and brighten your mindset. 

  • “Two things you’ve never done but would love to try.” 
  • “One thing that might scare others but doesn’t scare you.”
  • “Three little things that mean a lot.” 

The point is to simply enjoy the break from the more serious, urgent things on your to-do list to remind yourself of who you are. 


Now that you’ve looked through all the mindfulness worksheets listed here, we hope you found more than one you’d like to print out for yourself or for your kids or students.

Take some time to play with a few and see how you feel as you’re filling them out. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated or serious to be worth doing. 

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