101 Compelling Root Chakra Affirmations To Ground And Balance Yourself

Whether you call it the root chakra, the first chakra, or Muladhara, this chakra is the base of your body.

If your root chakra is blocked, you can feel unbalanced, depressed, and anxious. 

Your body might feel stiff and sore, and your energy levels fall.

Balancing your root chakra will help you ground yourself and maintain balance in your mind and body.

This is why you need to use root chakra affirmations on a regular basis.

What is the Mantra for the Root Chakra

The mantra for the root chakra (often referred to as the “Muladhara chakra mantra”) is lam. Lam is from the Bija set of chakra mantras, which help to clear the chakras through repeated one-syllable sounds. Lam, when used correctly, harnesses creativity and creates a state of calm.

You can also unblock the root chakra by using positive affirmations. You can personalize chakra affirmation for the unbalanced components of your life.

Repeating these mantras can help to unblock the root mantra so you can feel steady and at ease.

What Emotions Block the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is so-called for two reasons: It is the basis of development and helps ground you. Because the root chakra is so vital to the health of all areas of your body and mind, many different emotions can cause it to become blocked.

girl looking at reflection root chakra affirmations

The primary emotions that can cause the root chakra to be blocked are:

How to Use Root Chakra Affirmations to Balance the Root Chakra

How you use root chakra mantras depends on the type of mantra and your personal needs. Use “Lam” by finding a comfortable position, centering yourself, and repeating the word while extending the final “m” sound. 

The m in Lam has a resonating tone that unblocks and clears the chakra when used in this way. Grounding affirmations are slightly different as they are effective more by the meaning of the  words than the tone.

  • Choose Your Affirmation: Focus on a mantra that you need to hear. You can change this from session to session, but only use one mantra at a time.
  • Find a Positive Space: Do not attempt to do chakra affirmations in a tense or hectic environment. It is best to use a tidy room or a pleasant spot outdoors.
  • Consider Soundscapes: You may want soft music or nature sounds playing in the background as you chant. Conversely, you might prefer to remain fully quiet so you may concentrate on the sound of your voice.
  • Get Comfortable: You may sit or stand in a position that is comfortable to you.
  • Keep Your Spine Aligned: Whether sitting or standing, your spine needs to be in one straight line with your head and neck comfortably above your hips.
  • Breathe Normally: You don’t have to take deep, cleansing breaths while repeating your affirmation. Your focus should be on listening to your words and healing.
  • Repeat the Affirmation: Say your affirmation slowly but firmly. Believe your words as you say them. Do this a minimum of 10 times.

101 Root Chakra Affirmations to Ground and Balance Yourself

You can write your own root chakra affirmations based on your experiences. Think about what you need to hear or improvements that may help you find balance.

If you are new to chakra healing and need some guidance, choose from one of these root chakra affirmations.

1. My root chakra is balanced.

2. I am grounded.

3. I release my doubts and my fears.

4. I will allow peace to surround me.

5. Anxiety has no place in my body.

6. I am powerful.

7. My home is within me. I will feel at home wherever I go.

8. I am worthy of the good fortune that blesses me.

9. I am willing to embrace change.

10. I am open to all possibilities.

11. My challenges shape me and make me stronger.

12. I am proud of who I am, who I was, and who I will be.

13. Fear does not control me.

14. My choices are driven by wisdom and love.

15. I am anchored.

16. I am capable of anything I set my mind to.

17. My courage knows no bounds.

18. My body is strong.

19. I will not allow chaos to disrupt my balance.

20. It is within my power to improve myself.

21. My choice to change does not diminish my self-worth.

22. I have everything I need within me.

23. Others will neither define nor control me.

mad meditating in the park root chakra affirmations

24. I can conquer all things.

25. I am grateful for the life I lead.

26. My positive energy will attract like energy toward me.

27. I will not limit myself.

28. Every day is a day worth living.

29. My heart is open.

30. I see myself as a strong, majestic mountain.

31. I am where I am meant to be.

32. I am glad to be alive.

33. My spirit is awake within me.

34. I am free from fear.

35. The earth fills me with vitality.

36. I am proud of my accomplishments.

37. I will continue to succeed.

38. I will seek love in the face of fear.

39. Peace will find me.

40. I know how to achieve my goals.

41. My mind has no room for hatred.

42. I am not lonely as long as I have myself.

43. I have everything I need.

44. I feel and embrace the energy around me.

45. Fulfillment is on my horizon.

46. I am graceful, strong, and confident.

47. I will not allow pain to define me.

48. I feel comfortable in my own body.

49. My body and soul are perfectly grounded.

50. I will not prevent myself from achieving my own happiness.

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51. I am thankful for the blessings I have.

52. Challenges make me stronger.

53. I will make my dreams come true.

54. I can make good choices to increase my health and security.

55. I am a positive and cheerful person.

56. I can face anything life throws my way.

57. I am authentically myself.

58. I feel inner peace with each breath.

59. I trust myself to make good decisions.

60. I will allow the earth to guide me.

61. I live a purposeful life.

62. Energy and vitality overflow within me.

63. My focus is strong and directed.

64. I am important.

65. The love of life will nourish me.

66. I see myself as a powerful, beautiful oak with deep roots.

67. I am beautiful inside and out.

68. The universe will provide all I need.

69. I am a survivor.

70. I feel the love of nature surrounding me.

71. I will embrace joy at every opportunity.

72. I am not broken. I am whole.

73. I am open to love and be loved.

74. I love myself.

75. My persistence will pay off.

76. The earth is my mother and she nurtures me.

77. I find my life fulfilling.

girl feeling free in nature root chakra affirmations

78. I am prosperous.

79. I am at peace.

80. I appreciate everything the earth has given me.

81. I am connected to all living things.

82. There is goodness inside of me.

83. I love and respect myself.

84. I deserve safety, health, and happiness.

85. I have the ability to focus.

86. I feel safe in my body.

87. I am a good person

88. I fill myself with peace, love, and trust.

89. My foundation is strong.

90. I am one with myself.

91. I have what it takes to succeed.

92. My energy grows with my spirit.

93. I am here.

94. I feel harmony with the world around me.

95. I am surviving and thriving.

96. I accept guidance from within.

97. The world is abundant. I am part of the world.

98. I have a creative spirit that deserves to be nurtured.

99. There is supreme goodness in this world.

100. I have untapped potential that will be set free.

101. The love I put into the world will come back to me.

Balancing your root chakra is just the beginning, but it is vital to your overall well-being. You can’t balance your other chakras until your root chakra is unblocked and healthy.

Improve your meditation practice by starting to learn root chakra affirmations. In this post, see a collection of affirmations you can use next time.

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