55 Beautiful Grounding Affirmations To Feel Present And Safe

Like many of us here, you’re drawn to the benefits of grounding meditation and intrigued by its potential. 

But if you’re going to commit to this, you want some helpful affirmations to use with it.

Whether you’re interested in spiritual affirmations for anxiety, “I am safe” affirmations, or something that just helps you connect more deeply with the earth, we’ve put together 55 that will help you reap all the benefits of this life-changing habit. 

Let’s find your favorites!

What Are Affirmations for Grounding? 

Affirmations for grounding are exactly what they sound like: affirmations that help you focus your attention on grounding yourself and connecting with the earth and its energy. 

The purpose of the affirmations here is to help you stay present and keep your mind engaged in transferring energy from your body and mind to the earth and vice-versa. 

To that end, these affirmations have the following in common:

  • They are short (generally between 5 and 20 words); 
  • They use the present tense; 
  • They address something about the practice of grounding or “earthing.”

55 Grounding Affirmations to Feel Centered and Safe 

Read through these grounding affirmations with careful attention and note the ones that feel true for you, even if you’re not sure why.

You’ll want to keep those handy. 

1. I am grounded, supported, and safe.

woman in the mountain grounding affirmations

2. I deserve to feel safe at all times. 

3. I am deeply rooted to the earth, like a tree. 

4. I am calm, grounded, and at peace. 

5. With each breath, I draw fresh, healing energy into my body. 

6. With every exhale, healing energy circulates, restoring balance and making me stronger. 

7. I feel supported by the earth; I trust that the universe supports me. 

8. Wherever I am, I feel at home — grounded and at peace. 

9. I am supported by those who love me and make room for me. 

10. I am nourished, supported, and energized by the earth. 

11. I am all I need to be happy and at peace. 

12. I am at home in my body, which easily connects to the earth and its energy. 

13. I am worthy of love, care, and support. 

14. I am right where I need to be and am becoming who I need to be. 

15. I am open to a universe of possibilities. 

16. I am connected to all and responsible for my impact on the world. 

17. I am connected to my body and soul and practice daily whole-self-care. 

18. I trust the goodness of life, and I feel gratitude for it throughout the day.

19. My heart and my mind are best friends. They make room for each other. 

20. I focus on what I’m doing and always do it well. 

21. I live in an abundant universe and am grateful for all the good in my life. 

woman spending alone time after the rain grounding affirmations

22. With every breath, I inhale calm strength and exhale tension and anxiety. 

23. I release the fear and face the present with a smile of quiet confidence. 

24. I love and trust my body and respect its wisdom. 

25. I radiate confidence in all that I do. 

26. I am moving slowly and mindfully, taking deep breaths. 

27. I allow my breath to ground me in the present moment.

28. I am taking the time to feel and understand what I’m feeling. 

29. I am open to receiving blessings — and am grateful for those I have received. 

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30. I choose to stay grounded in this present moment

31. Today, I let go of habits that no longer serve me. 

32. Today, I let go of people who only value what I can do or be for them. 

33. Today I connect with the earth and choose a better way to live on it. 

34. Today I am more aware of the power in me to create, heal, and renew. 

35. I allow my body and mind to adapt to my situation and surroundings. 

36. I release all my fears into the ground that supports me and draw strength from it.

37. I feel a deep connection with the earth as it heals me and restores balance.

38. I am giving myself the time I need to connect with the earth and its healing energy.

39. Grounding myself helps me see what is no longer serving me, so I can let it go.

40. I am present; I am connected; I am calm, capable, and confident. 

41. I trust that everything will work out. 

42. I can handle whatever comes, one moment at a time. 

43. I feel grateful to the earth for its support, nourishment, and beauty. 

44. I feel grateful for every person I’ve met on this earth and what I’ve learned from them. 

45. I know I am worthy of love and respect. 

46. I would not choose an easier path. What I’ve gone through has helped me become who I am. 

47. As I ground myself, I also connect with karma, which is about giving people what they need to grow. 

48. Grounding myself helps me appreciate the absurdities in life, including those for which I’m responsible. 

49. I know how to be safe even when I’m alone. I don’t have to settle for less than real love. 

50. I can love myself just as I am right now. And because I love myself, I choose happiness over certainty. 

51. I am allowing my body and mind to adapt to the changes happening in my life right now. 

52. I am grounded, and my roots go deeper than any earthquake. 

53. I am worthy of receiving what I need to heal, thrive, and grow. 

54. Connecting with the earth helps me connect more easily with myself and others. 

55. Grounding myself helps me appreciate being truly alive more than being comfortable. 

How to Best Use These Grounding Affirmations 

Now that you’ve looked through all the grounding affirmations in the list above, how will you use them daily or weekly to internalize their messages and make them your own? 

We have a few ideas:

  • Add them to any grounding meditation script — You can repeat a select few at the end of your meditation to extend it for a few minutes as you breathe deeply. 
  • Write a daily or weekly favorite on a whiteboard — If you see it every day, it can help remind you of your new daily mindfulness habit and the benefits you’ve been enjoying so far or hope to enjoy.
  • Write one at the top of your daily planning page — Start each day with affirmations that remind you of who you want to be and what you want to do to grow into that person. 
  • Add your favorites to an affirmations app — If you use an affirmations app on your phone, particularly one that you can program to send you an affirmation as often as you choose during the day, add your favorite grounding affirmations from this list.
  • Finish each day with a renewal of that connection — Repeat at least one of your favorite affirmations from this list to wrap up your day with a brief but powerful grounding meditation. 

We hope you found several new favorite affirmations to use, along with some ideas on making them a regular part of your daily life. 

The more you repeat them with intention, the sooner they’ll become part of your self-talk; grounding yourself as a coping skill will, with practice, become automatic. 

May they deepen your connection with the earth, yourself, and all you care about. 

With all the benefits and positive effects of grounding meditation, having a collection of grounding affirmations will make the meditation practice more effective.

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