47 Heart Chakra Affirmations To Open Your Heart To Love And Joy

The body is home to seven vitality centers called chakras.

They operate like wheels and rotate Qi energy through the system.

When all cylinders are firing optimally, individuals feel at one with the universe.

Anahata is the fourth chakra — aka “the heart chakra” — and it affects your self-esteem, capacity for compassion, empathy levels, and ability to forgive.

A clogged Anahata may result in intense malaise, bitterness, and negativity.

Today, to help you achieve a balanced energetic flow, we’re examining how to clear your Anahata with affirmations for the heart chakra.

What Are Heart Chakra Affirmations, and How Do You Use Them?

A heart chakra affirmation pulls healing energy toward the love chakra. You can use them to maintain a healthy vibrational balance or erode a blockage.

How do you unlock energetic powers via affirmational work? People use several methods. If this is your first time, give them all a try and see what works best for you.

  • Out loud: You may not want to recite affirmations aloud while waiting in the market checkout line, but if you’re home alone, why not? Saying things aloud can enhance the vibrational force.
  • Inside: It’s not always possible to say things aloud. Plus, for certain personality types, internal affirmations work better. Simply think of your heart chakra affirmation repetitively until it feels like a soulful drum beat.
  • Writing: Kinetic learners gain a lot from writing down affirmations. Doing so builds a neuron path that helps some people internalize the phrase.
  • Walking: Walking is another way to practice heart chakra affirmations. Say one with every step.
  • Meditation/Mindfulness Practice: Focusing on anahata affirmations while meditating can be extremely powerful. In the beginning, it may be difficult when the “monkey mind” is still learning how to be still. The better you get at mindfulness, the easier it will be to do focused chakra work.

What Is the Mantra for the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra’s chant sound — or mantra — is “YAM.” It’s not pronounced like the root vegetable. Instead, the middle A is long, as in Y-ahh-m.

woman meditating in the nature heart chakra affirmations

When chanting, you’ll feel the vibration start around the throat and connect like a string to your heart.

Practicing the YAM heart chakra chant will:

  • Help heal your mind, body, and soul
  • Foster a feeling of contentment
  • Generate compassion in your soul
  • Help you forgive those who’ve wronged you and yourself
  • Allow you to release grudges and other negative energies

47 Heart Chakra Affirmations to Open Your Heart to Love

We’ve discussed what the heart chakra is and how to balance it with targeted affirmations. Now, let’s dive into actual phrases to try.

Remember: if something doesn’t work for you, leave it be. Only take what resonates with you.

1. I am worthy of genuine and pure love.

2. Energy flows through my body freely.

3. I welcome the green light into my Anahata zone.

4. I am a magnet for love and acceptance.

5. I love everyone, including myself.

6. I have the power to clear my heart chakra.

7. My life flows better when guided by love, forgiveness, and compassion.

8. I live in harmony with all nature and people.

9. Compassion guides my path.

10. Forgiveness is a gift of love I can give myself and others.

11. I am completely open to give and receive love.

12. Loving energy flows around and through me.

13. I forgive myself for past mistakes.

14. I love my mistakes because they’ve given me depth and wisdom.

15. There’s an infinite supply of love in the universe.

16. I love myself unconditionally.

17. I see the good in everyone, including myself.

18. My heart is healed from past hurts.

19. I’m thankful for the lessons the universe has taught me.

20. Love is the only truth.

21. I am one with nature and joy.

22. It is perfectly safe for me to love and be loved.

23. I’m worthy of supportive and loving relationships.

24. The universe is conspiring to send love my way.

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25. I choose to look through rose-colored glasses.

26. I choose to love every minute of every day.

27. Gratitude fills my heart with joy.

28. I create joy and love.

29. I am united with all things.

woman meditating at home heart chakra affirmations

30. I am thankful for all the blessings in my life.

31. I notice life’s small joys.

32. The past cannot hurt me now.

33. I’m protected by a shield of love.

34. Love, forgiveness, and compassion follow me everywhere I go.

35. I attract soulful, positive people.

36. Friendship is easy for me.

37. I love being a force of good in the world.

38. My heart is strong and open. My energy is clear.

39. My best is more than enough. I walk the path of success.

40. Respect for myself and others generates compassion.

41. I have the power to manifest happiness and peace.

42. I radiate kindness, forgiveness, and love.

43. My inner joy grows when I share it with other people.

44. I trust that everything in my life is happening according to a positive plan.

45. I feel amazing about the person I have become.

46. I know I am loved and know how to love.

47. My life is filled with health, happiness, and heart.

Questions About the Heart Chakra

Do you still have a few questions about the heart chakra? If so, you’re not alone. Below, we’ve answered three of the most common inquiries regarding Anahata energy.

What Blocks the Heart Chakra?

Physical illness, stress, emotional upheaval, and conflict that doesn’t lead to growth can impede your heart chakra.

You’ll likely feel frazzled, alone, cranky, and mean when the works are gummed up. A regular mindfulness practice that incorporates heart chakra affirmations will keep you balanced.

What Are Signs of the Heart Chakra Opening?

When the heart chakra unclogs, your lungs and upper body muscles may radiate. Visual people may see a pulsing green light since green is the spectrum color connected to Anahata energy.

man focused on meditating heart chakra affirmations

You may also feel a rush of energy emanate from the middle of your spine. But don’t worry if you don’t feel anything. Sometimes, things happen behind the proverbial scene.

How Do You Unblock the Heart Chakra?

You can unblock your heart chakra in several ways. Walking and sitting meditations focusing on the area are popular among serious practitioners.

Beginners may want to start with Anahata affirmation journals and repetition practices. The goal is to reach an open heart chakra state.

Can Your Heart Chakra Be Too Open?

If your heart chakra is overstimulated, you may act clingy, codependent, jealous, and overly sacrificing. You may also have trouble drawing boundaries.

Working with chakra energy is effective. Even if you’re not 100% convinced of its efficacy, give it a try.

Many skeptics fall in love with the practice. Yes, humans have figured out a whole lot about how the universe works — but an equal amount remains a mystery.

So allow yourself to try the ancient meditative practice of chakra alignment. It may hit the spot. 

The heart chakra is involved in your ability to show and give love to other people. Practice these heart chakra affirmations and give more love.

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