Color Your Way To Mindfulness: 15 Printable Mindfulness Coloring Pages To Download

A simple and affordable way to nurture your ability to be more mentally present awaits you in mindful coloring pages. 

They are either free or low cost, and you can acquire colored pencils or markers for a few dollars.

Pull out a page and start coloring at home whenever you need to calm your mind

Losing yourself in the lines and colors of a soothing or meaningful image produces an effect similar to meditation.

If you struggle to make time to meditate, try meditative coloring pages instead.

What Are The Benefits of Mindfulness Coloring?

Coloring relaxes the mind. The act puts you in a creative place where you think about color and shapes. In small children, coloring pages have long been used to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and spatial awareness.

However, coloring also has a deep impact on the mental well-being of both children and adults. Adults can control stress and anxiety through the use of coloring. 

One study of mindfulness art therapy among female cancer patients concluded that the activity lessened their distress during treatment.

A separate study focused on coloring geometric designs found that participants experienced less anxiety due to the meditative state induced by coloring.

Overall, coloring is associated with these benefits:

  • Places you in the present: This occurs because your attention detaches from your worldly concerns and connects with the simple, undemanding task of applying color.
  • Relaxes your brain:  Coloring does not tax the mind because you’re not thinking about work, your health, or the future. As your mind descends into a peaceful state, tension recedes from your body as well.
  • Releases you from pressure: Coloring a page is very low stakes. There’s no right or wrong way because nothing really depends on the results.
  • Improves sleep:  When used as a relaxing activity at the end of the day, you can go to bed with a clear mind and body free of tension.
  • Improves your mental focus: It’s easy to lose track of time as you work on filling a space with color and then moving to the next space. This is a soothing alternative to the dopamine addiction encouraged by the way we scroll on phones.
  • Works like meditation: Coloring achieves some of the same benefits of meditation because it disconnects you from racing thoughts. Working on a coloring page is also easier for most people to do on their own.
  • Promotes brain harmony:  Although coloring relaxes the mind, it also employs the whole brain at the same time. The creative task of working with color and fine motor skills activates multiple brain regions and leaves you feeling very satisfied.

15 Mindfulness Coloring Pages to Calm Your Mind

Our curated list of coloring pages presents a nice variety of designs that include positive messages or just images.

Getting started is more important than trying to find the perfect picture.

1. Be Patient With Yourself

Be Patient With Yourself

Time spent filling in the words that remind you not to push yourself too hard will help to ingrain the lesson. Acquiring the skill of being patient with yourself can insulate you from the regrets that can result from rushing through life.

The design centers the message among branches and flowers. This produces the effect of being on the ground and looking upward.

2. Grown-Up Coloring Pages

 Grown-Up Coloring Pages

At first glance, this page of concentric circles may appear overly simple, but that’s the point. Filling in the rings with colors calms the mind.

The design does not force you to think about anything, which is the purpose of many meditation coloring pages. You can cleanse the clutter from your thoughts as you select colors and add depth to the image.

3. Make Dreams Happen

 Make Dreams Happen

Daily life constantly distracts us from our dreams, but you can keep them front and center with this inspiring image. Take some time to color it lovingly, and then hang it on your refrigerator or somewhere else where you’ll see it often.

Every time you see this positive message enhanced with your favorite colors, let it energize you to stay focused on your goals.

4. This Is Only Temporary

This Is Only Temporary

The focus needed to fill in the small circles and wavy lines on this design calms your mind and distracts you from daily stressors. Racing thoughts will slow as you apply your attention to the task of coloring.

You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment that naturally boosts your mood. The message at the heart of the image offers hope because problems don’t last forever.

Color this image to remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

5. I Am Strong

I Am Strong

When the world feels overwhelming, find encouragement in this simple message. These three words deliver a powerful pep talk that counteracts your fears and worries. The flower-filled profile presents you with a highly detailed coloring challenge.

Coloring the small spaces has the potential to coax your mind into a soothing flow state. With so many spaces to fill, you can experiment with different colors and discover new ways to create interesting visual effects.

6. Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time

In a world that markets instant gratification to everyone, it’s easy to feel frustrated when you don’t get rapid results. Use this page to explore the concept of mindful coloring.

The image will teach you to slow down and accept that patience is the key to unlocking most things in life. The act of slowing down to color this page is informative in itself.

The time spent coloring will yield a good thing and a sense of satisfaction.

7. Strength


Fill your vision board with positive messages like this coloring page that tells you to be strong. Consider the single word on this page when you’re searching for the fortitude to continue dealing with your challenges.

Color each letter boldly and lose yourself in filling in the border design. If you look closely, you can see that the word is surrounded by abstract angels that come to lift you when you feel knocked down.

8. I Am Present

 I Am Present

Learning to live in the present moment is a simple concept that is easy to forget. As you color this page, concentrate on the act of moving your pencil or marker and nothing else.

Let the task tie you to the moment that requires nothing more of you other than choosing a color and applying it to the page.

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9. Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds

This dramatic image of a beautiful female face with flowers and vegetation for hair offers something a little different. You can enjoy bringing the face to life while pondering humanity’s integration with nature while you color.

She’s posed with her hands near her face, and she looks back at you with mysterious eyes. Let your thoughts dissolve as you bring her enigmatic gaze to life.

10. Good Things Are Going To Happen

Good Things Are Going To Happen

Even if you don’t have an optimistic temperament, you can benefit from training your mind to think positively. The experience of coloring in this message will increase the likelihood of the words sticking in your mind.

You can find a great deal of peace by simply telling yourself things will be OK. A positive outlook helps you approach the world with a hopeful perspective and escape destructive worries.

11. Mindfulness Coloring Pages

Mindfulness Coloring Pages

The abstract floral design of this coloring page promotes mindfulness as you color due to the presence of swirls and spirals.

The design feels inspired by the golden spiral that emerges throughout nature, from seashells to flowers. The design is visibly bursting with life, even in black and white. Coloring in the picture will release you from your concerns for a while.

12. Mandalas For Kids

Mandalas For Kids

Ancient peoples developed mandalas to aid with meditation and induce trance states. Tap into the power of these designs that balance your spirit with the world.

This cheerful mandala image has depth and symmetry that automatically please the eye. Use it to enter a peaceful realm where time has little meaning.

It’s an excellent choice for connecting young ones to the benefits of mindful coloring for kids.

13. Never Stop

Never Stop

Do you wish you could stay motivated and finish the projects you start? It can be easy to get distracted and chase new passion projects. With this coloring page, you can step back and work on increasing your ability to sustain your focus.

The design is broken into three sections and lets you play with complementary colors and highlight the message at the center.

14. Chakra Coloring Book

Chakra Coloring Book

The lovely female image surrounded by butterflies on this coloring page teaches you about Chakras. These energy centers inside our bodies correspond with various bodily functions and feelings.

Working on this image will reinforce your connection with the energetic spirit at the center of your physical existence. The deep meaning within this design will not hinder your ability to relax while coloring it.

15. Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes

No one will argue with the statement that the world needs more positive vibrations. This coloring page is literally bursting with happy energy.

Coloring the dozens of stars and lightning bolts will keep you busy for a while. The time you spend on the page will help to deepen your personal commitment to being a positive force in the world.

If you’ve been craving a way to renew your mind and feel creative, give coloring pages a try. This activity can help you achieve both goals, and you can do it at home.       

Help your mind relax by coloring some mindfulness patterns. Here are some mindfulness coloring pages you can download and use for free.

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