47 Centering Mindfulness Affirmations To Reinforce Your Intentions

If your days do not seem to turn out the way you like, then affirmations for mindfulness could correct the course of your life. 

Daily affirmations help you halt negative thoughts and focus your mind on positive messages.

You use them to change what you believe about yourself and how you engage with the world. 

Day by day, affirmations create a new soundtrack for your life that dials down your brain’s chatter that’s distracting you from being present in the moment.

What Are Mindfulness Affirmations?

An affirmation is a short phrase that contains a message meant to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Although you can speak affirmations related to any self-improvement subject, a mindfulness affirmation specifically increases your awareness of the here and now. 

You experience life as a long series of “now” moments. If you lose track of those moments, you deny yourself the chance to control and act with intention.

Repeating a specific statement every day or multiple times a day teaches you to believe what you are saying and act accordingly. Because your beliefs set the stage for your life, altering them for your benefit can eventually change your reality. 

You usually speak mindfulness affirmations aloud, but reading and writing them has a secondary impact.

mindfulness affirmations

As you increase your ability to be present, you notice more and more what you’re doing or thinking.

Mindfulness is all about noticing your current state. Being tuned into the present helps you catch and correct actions and thoughts that are misaligned with your intentions.

What Are the Benefits of Mindful Affirmations?

Affirmations for being present are an excellent way to ground yourself and resist the distractions that bombard you day and night. 

You might like to think of these small but powerful phrases as mini-meditations that draw your focus to the moment instead of past mistakes or future worries.

Mindfulness affirmations produce benefits, such as:

  • Shielding you from the damaging effects of stress
  • Increasing your ability to learn from mistakes
  • Forgiving yourself for mistakes more easily
  • Replacing negative thoughts with supportive thoughts
  • Improving your ability to finish tasks correctly
  • Elevating your self-esteem
  • Granting a greater sense of control

What Are the Most Effective Affirmations for Mindfulness?

The power of affirmations comes from linking them to you personally and what you are doing right now. For the best results, choose those with one or more of these characteristics:

  • “I” statements, such as “I am doing my best work.”
  • Positive phrasing, like “I am confident in my abilities.”
  • Strongly centered on positive emotions.
  • Framed as your current reality, not something in the future

Once you start repeating mindfulness affirmations, you’ll instantly feel how the message jolts you into the present.

47 Mindfulness Affirmations to Reinforce Your Intentions

Select the best messages for you at this moment. You can always add new mindfulness affirmations to your practice as you experience success or need to update your mindfulness goals.

1. In this moment, I am safe.

2. I am happy to see this moment without judgment.

3. I am grounded and calm.

4. I am breathing energy into my body.

5. I am noticing this peaceful moment and feeling content.

6. I love and accept myself today.

7. I am grateful to experience this moment.

8. I let go of what I can’t control.

9. I appreciate this quiet moment.

10. This challenging situation does not define my life.

11. I feel peace in the present.

12. I give my energy to what serves me right now.

13. I move on from the past and embrace what today can give me.

14. I celebrate being alive right now.

15. I deserve happiness.

16. I am giving my body the care that it needs.

17. I give myself permission to love myself.

18. I see goodness around me.

19. I am grateful to be here.

20. I am free to grow today.

21. This unique moment amazes me.

22. I am taking time to breathe.

23. I feel my body in this place.

24. I am paying attention to my feelings.

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25. I approach the world with love.

26. I am excited to experience this beautiful moment.

26. I welcome the chance to learn something new today.

27. I am joyful to recognize how precious this moment is.

28. My inner spirit is here to support me when I need strength.

29. I feel triumphant when I rise above my fear.

30. I rejoice at the fact that I am here.

31. I relax into the flow of the universe.

32. I pause in this moment to nurture my soul with positive energy.

33. I respect my body by eating healthy food.

34. Today is a new opportunity to feel happiness.

35. My spirit is resilient, and I can handle the challenges I face today.

36. All of my power is always right here inside me.

37. I am grateful for what I am able to do right now.

38. The clarity that comes from being present releases me from anxiety.

39. I am thrilled by the miracles that have brought me to this day.

40. I make choices that honor my true self.

41. Now is the time when I am truly alive.

mindfulness affirmations

42. I am proud of myself for seeing the value in this moment.

43. Every moment reveals infinity if I choose to experience it.

44. I cherish the gift of the present.

45. My entire life takes place in the NOW.

46. I wiggle my toes to remember my connection to the Earth.

47. I am proud to be concentrating on the precious moment right in front of me.

Talk Yourself Into Better Mental Habits

Society does not train you to appreciate the moment, and cultural forces try to distract and confuse you. As a result, you can end up trapped in a dual state of regret and worry. 

Using affirmations to build your mindfulness muscle can free you from your monkey mind. With mindfulness, you can move through life with intention and gratitude.         

Upgrade your mindfulness practice by using any of these mindfulness affirmations we have collected in this post.

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