Follow This Self-Love Meditation Script To Treat Yourself With Compassion

Self-love is the lynchpin for a happy, comfortable, thriving life. 

People who have it are more relaxed, confident, and compassionate.

Moreover, their professional and personal lives are less frantic and more fulfilling.

To that end, let’s discuss how to cultivate self-love through meditation.

First, we’ll review the nuts, bolts, and benefits of doing meditations for self-love.

Then, we’ll look at two scripts you can incorporate into your meditation stable.

So get comfortable, and let’s dive in!

What Is a Meditation for Self-Love? 

A meditation for self-love is exactly as it sounds: a mindfulness exercise to cultivate appreciation, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself.

At first, self-love meditations can be challenging because we’re taught not to boast about ourselves. So telling yourself that you’re capable, worthy, and talented can feel a bit…conceited.

Push past the discomfort and shower yourself with love. It’s good for you. And no, you’re not being arrogant.

What are the characteristics of a self-love meditation? They vary, but most feature a few commonalities.

  • Augment Your Inner Peace: Doing self-love meditations increases your inner peace and connects your higher self with your conscious, earthly self.
  • Get in Touch: Getting in touch with yourself is vital for your mental well-being. Self-love mindfulness allows us to access and celebrate the best parts of ourselves.
  • Silence the Critic: Everyone has one — that inner voice that insists you’re unworthy, dumb, and unlovable. But did you know that voice is a pathological liar? Practicing self-love silences your inner critic.
  • Improve Authenticity: If you want to reconnect with your authentic self, there’s no better way than indulging in a bit of self-love.
  • Impermanence Reminder: The one undeniable truth about existence is that nothing is permanent. Practicing self-love meditations reminds us of this fact, as we recognize all the ups and downs we have experienced.

What Are the Benefits of Self-Love Meditation?

What are the benefits of self-love meditation? There are many.

  • Anti-stressor: Sustained self-love lowers tension, anxiety, and low-grade depression.
  • Calming: Self-love feels excellent. Plus, it’s calming. Think about it, would you rather spend time listening to your inner critic or basking in the awesomeness of your existence?
  • Contemplative: Self-awareness is a reflective exercise that allows you to examine your motivations. Moreover, practicing self-love affords a more objective view of your self-criticism, which disempowers it. If you’re very fortunate, you’ll also be able to see how your criticism of other people can be unwarranted and ultimately only diminishes the love you have for yourself.
  • Emotional Balance: Meditating builds emotional strength, which has a laundry list of benefits in and of itself, including better mental health.
  • Fear Reduction: Are you interested in reducing the effects of fear? Are you tired of thinking limiting thoughts? Self-love meditations can help you diminish the power your fears hold over you and eradicate your inner critic.
  • Relaxation: Meditation, generally speaking, allows your brain and nervous system to rest. It’s an opportunity to unplug and attract good energy.

Self-Love Meditation Script: Two Scripts for Short and Long Meditations 

We’ve discussed the definition of a self-love meditation and its benefits. Now, let’s look at two scripts you can use.

5-Minute Self-Love Meditation Script

This meditation script for self-love takes between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on your repetition choices.

1. Get Comfortable:

Before you begin, get comfy. Don’t feel pressure to sit in an awkward yoga pose.

Crossing your legs normally works just as fine — as does lying down. If you need bolsters, a chair, a wall, or a meditation stool, that’s perfectly OK, too.

2. Roll it Out:

Once you get in position, it’s time for shoulder rolls. Do three to the back and three forward. This opens up your heart chakra, the seat of self-love. A few neck rolls won’t hurt either.

3. Greet Your Tension:

Say hello to your body’s tension, then politely ask it to shoo. There’s no need to be rude, and it will understand why you need it to leave. Say goodbye and notice the shift in energy around you.

4. Start Conscious Breathing:

Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths. Inhale for three seconds, hold for three seconds, then exhale for the same amount. Do this three to 12 times, depending on your time. The more you do, the more relaxed you’ll become.

5. Scan Your Body:

Now, scan your body. Consider where your body is still holding tension and release it. Notice each body part from your toenails to the top of your head.

man in meditation groups self-love meditation script

6. Open Your Heart Chakra:

Put both hands on your heart and continue to breathe deeply. Ask for positive energy to encircle your heart. Notice the vibes rushing toward you.

7. Start Affirmations:

Once you’re ensconced in positive vibes, begin to use affirmations on each inhale and exhale. When taking in the air, say to yourself (or out loud), “I am worthy.”

When releasing the breath, say, “I am enough.” Do up to fourteen sets of affirmation breaths. If you have time to do more, have at it.

8. Don’t Judge:

If your mind wanders, don’t become frustrated. Instead, gently bring attention back to your breath and affirmations.

9. Give Thanks:

Once you’ve completed a round of affirmations, give thanks to the Universe and higher self.

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Longer Self-Love Guided Meditation Script

Here’s another meditation for loving yourself. This one is a bit longer, so set aside enough time to enjoy the full, restorative effect.

1. Get Comfortable:

Before starting, get comfortable. You don’t need to sit in an awkward yoga pose. Crossing your legs normally is just as good; so is lying down. Use them if you need support bolsters, chairs, walls, or meditation stools.

2. Roll it Out:

Once you get comfy, do a few shoulder rolls backward and forward. Doing so opens up your heart chakra, the seat of self-love. Follow it up with a few neck rolls.

3. Fix Your Posture:

Since this is a longer meditation, make sure your posture is good. Slumping over will cause muscle tension in your neck and back.

4. Acknowledge Your Tension:

Acknowledge the tension in your body, then politely ask it to leave. Feel it float away from you. Wish your departing stress well and notice the shift in energy around you.

5. Start Deep Breathing:

Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths. Hold for the same amount for three to five seconds, then exhale for the same amount. Do this at least 12 times. The more you do, the more relaxed you’ll become.

6. Chakra Scan:

Next, take time to acknowledge each primary chakra center. Continue to breathe deeply while feeling the energy at each stop. Ask the Universe to start clearing any energetic blocks in your body. 

7. Be Present:

Spend a couple of minutes concentrating on the exact moment you’re in. Try not to let your mind wander to the past or future. If it does, don’t give up.

Simply guide your thoughts back to the now. Allow yourself to be fully present and focused on the moment.

8. Appreciate Your Capacity To Live and Love:

Think about how much you value your breath and heart. Marvel at how they keep you alive.

Thank them for their effort and your higher self for keeping everything ticking along.

9. Expand Your Gratitude:

When you’re done thanking your breath and heart, expand that sense of gratitude to the rest of your body. It serves you well. Let it be known.

10. Turn Your Gratitude Inward:

Once you acknowledge your physical body, it’s time to turn inward and start lavishing gratitude and praise on you — your soul, your personality, your essence. Ask for productive and positive energy to flow into your being. 

11. Bless Your Mistakes:

Once you’re in a bubble of joy and gratitude, thank every mistake you’ve ever made for being outstanding teachers. The bigger the error, the better.

woman feeling the love for herself self-love meditation script

After all, we don’t learn and grow if we never mess up. People who believe they “never put a foot wrong” are usually shallow, judgmental, and guided by outside forces.

12. Continue Affirmations:

After you’ve contemplated your mistakes, return to doing affirmations on inhales and exhales. 

13. Wind Down:

Wind down by thinking about the glory of life and how many things went right for you to be sitting and meditating at that moment. Revel in the miracle that is you!

14. Final Clearing:

End with three deep, cleansing breaths, a final statement of love for yourself, and gratitude for the Universe.

You can do very few things for yourself that are better than cultivating self-love. Life becomes more manageable, enjoyable, and inspiring when you do.

Treat yourself with some love as you choose from these self-love meditation scripts. You can try either short meditation or a long one.

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