Enhance Your Spiritual Journey With These 75 Spiritual Journal Prompts

Here’s a scientific fact: journaling benefits your body and mind

Moreover, as part of a daily routine, journaling helps you to think better, sleep better, eat better, and prosper more.

But it’s not always easy to get started. 

So below, we’re breaking down how and why keeping a spiritual journal can help you live your best life.

Then we’ll look at 75 spiritual journaling prompts for the times you need a starting spark.

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How Spiritual Journaling Benefits You 

Nobody is sure why it works, but psychologists, psychiatrists, and neurological researchers agree there’s something about putting pen to paper and spilling one’s thoughts that helps humans feel better about ourselves and the world in which we live.

People who journal regularly enjoy myriad benefits.

  • Deepens a Divine Connection: Spiritual people find that journaling strengthens their connection with their higher selves and other divine energies. After doing it for a while, you may find you’re more in tune with life’s flow. 
  • Enhances Writing and Creativity Skills: Journaling tickles the parts of the brain associated with purpose and prose. Even if your journal is a tornado of bad grammar, rambling thoughts, and misused words strung together without care for syntax, the act of doing it still stretches your creative and cognitive muscles. 
  • Clears Your Head: Maybe scientists in the year 3022 will have finally figured out why scribbling down fears, worries, and otherwise unpleasant thoughts drains them of their power. As for now, we just know that it does.  
  • Helps You Make Better Decisions: People who journal tend to be more organized and deliberate in their decision-making. They’re less reckless and rootless. 
  • Helps Manage Depression and Anxiety: Journaling keeps you on a more even keel, which makes managing anxiety and depression much easier.

Spiritual Journaling Ideas for the Best Experience

You’re ready to start journaling and want to enhance the experience — because when you commit to something, it’s all in or nothing.

So, what is the best way to go about journaling? What’s the ideal time of day to let your thoughts flow? Where should you do it? And for how long? 

We’ve got answers.

The Tools You Use

Some people are perfectly happy keeping their journals on looseleaf paper, but for most folks, having the right journal and writing implement makes all the difference.

Before purchasing your “kit,” consider a few things:

  • Do you want something that’s hard- or soft-covered?
  • Are white pages preferable over colored pages?
  • Do you want it to be spiral- or case-bound?
  • What about your pen? Fountain? Gel-point? Ballpoint? 
  • How much can you afford to spend?

Whether you want to spend $500 or $5, the perfect journal for you is out there. 

Bonus Tip: Check out dollar stores. Some have fantastic journaling aisles.

The Right Atmosphere

When the atmosphere is right, you get more out of journaling. So decide what works for you.

Do you prefer to journal outside, at a desk, in bed, or on the couch? Try them all to see which you like. If you enjoy all options, mix it up. On lovely days, take your scribing outdoors. If you’re rejuvenating in a pod of laziness for the day, stay in bed and pen!

Whichever the case, get as comfortable as possible, permit yourself to write poorly, and then go! 

Bonus Tip: Lighting a candle or incense may help get you in the journaling mood. Try to engage all of your senses in the experience.

The Right Time (For You)

When is the best time to journal? Many people believe in doing it first thing in the morning. They reason it’s the time of day when we’re most connected to our subconscious minds, which is fertile ground for interesting thoughts.

However, some people find it challenging to think of a topic early in the day. In those cases, use one of the spiritual awakening journal prompts below.

But morning isn’t the only option. Right before bed is another popular choice. Other folks choose to do it right when they get home from work.

How long should you journal? Some people don’t set a time limit; others ensure they do at least 15 minutes daily. Another option is setting a daily page amount instead of a time limit.

Bonus Tip: Start at either five minutes or one page. Once you get into the swing, slowly add more time or pages.

75 Deep Spiritual Journal Prompts

Journal prompts for spiritual growth are great for people interested in exploring their inner selves and connections to the whole.

1. What makes you feel like you’re connected to something more powerful than yourself?

2. Do you have any limiting beliefs about faith and spirituality? What are they?

3. Are your spiritual beliefs yours, or were they instilled in you at a young age? Do you genuinely agree with them? Have you ever given them much thought?

4. What is your definition of a “higher power”?

spiritual journal prompts
5. Why is there suffering and poverty in the world?

6. How often do you worry, and why? What is the root of your worry?

7. How do you feel about today so far?

8. Do you have a mantra? What is it? If not, brainstorm one.

9. When you’re in emotional pain, what’s the kindest thing you can do for yourself? 

10. Do you see a connection between science and spirituality? If so, how would you describe it?

11. Explain the connection between your soul and your body.

12. Why can it be so hard to do right? 

13. Why and when do people gossip? 

14. Why do you compare yourself to others? Is it healthy? What would happen if you stopped?

15. Of what are you most afraid? Why? What would it mean if your fear materialized?

16. Do you think life is fair? What realities challenge that notion? Which supports it?

17. What is your relationship with purpose? Do you have one, or are you flailing on that front?

spiritual journal prompts
18. What do you wish other people knew or understood about you?

19. What gets in the way of being a great friend?

20. What does true peace look and feel like to you?

21. When have I hurt another person emotionally? 

22. How did your parents handle failure? Do you think their approach was right?

23. If there is a god, what do you think are the first words they’ll say to you?

24. Are you aware that your memory isn’t as good as you think? Does that bother you?

25. In your opinion, what is humankind’s most remarkable quality?

26. Recall a time when you supported a friend fully.

27. Do you address things head-on or avoid conflict like the plague? Does your approach serve you? (Be honest.)

28. What makes you feel loved, appreciated, and worthy? 

29. When was the last time you admitted a fault? How did it feel before? After?

30. What prevents you and other people from thriving instead of just surviving? 

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31. List 28 things that make you smile.

32. List 28 compliments you could give yourself.

33. List 28 compliments you could give to other people.

spiritual journal prompts
34. Do you have a support system? How does that make you feel?

35. If it’s true that everything is connected, what does that mean to you?

36. What fills you with hope?

37. What brings you down? What turns your mood around?

38. Write about your first love. Can you remember what they smelled like? Felt like?

39. What ten words best describe you?

40. How can you help the world become a better place?

41. I know I’m good at…

42. What do you believe happens to humans when we die? What about pets?

43. I want to improve at…

44. Have you ever experienced a life-changing event? Elaborate.

45. What uncomfortable truths do you ignore? Do you think it may catch up with you?

46. What can you do today that you couldn’t a year ago?

47. Are you kinder than you think or vice versa?

48. For what are you the most grateful? 

49. What does wisdom mean to you? 

50. From where does your self-worth emanate?

51. Write a letter to your former self.

52. Do you think people should be humble, confident, or a combination of both?

53. What has most surprised you about life thus far?

54. What gives your life meaning today?

55. Have you recently had a memorable dream? What stands out about it?

56. Write a letter to someone you care about who has passed away. Don’t forget to ask questions.

57. Are your actions and values aligned? What does that mean for your soul?

spiritual journal prompts
58. What remains your biggest unanswered question about life?

59. Who has had the most prominent spiritual impact on your life?

60. What is lying? Is it ever justified? Do you lie to yourself? How? 

61. What is the worst thing that’s ever been done to you? Have you dealt with it?

62. Where do you stand on forgiveness? Are you more forgiving of yourself or others?

63. What is the one thing you’d change about the world?

64. Does the Universe speak to you? In what ways?

65. What life lesson was the hardest for you to learn so far?

66. By whom do I feel the most judged? Do they matter in the long run?

67. Do I have a difficult time relinquishing control? If so, why?

68. Is apologizing difficult for you? Why do you think that is, and what can you do to overcome the fear of admitting you’re wrong?

69. Has spirituality ever helped you navigate a difficult period in your life? Elaborate.

70. Do you believe in the power of energy? Why or why not?

71. How did your childhood affect who you became as an adult?

72. Explain to yourself why you and everyone are always worthy of love. 

spiritual journal prompts
73. Do you believe you’ve ever connected with your higher self?

74. Do you like to spend time alone? Why or why not? Could you benefit from spending more time alone?

75. When was the last time you felt spiritual?

Journaling is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to maintain excellent mental health and connect with your higher self.

The more you do it, the more positively it will impact your life. Journaling can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll question how you ever got along without it.

Enhance your spiritual practice by writing daily spiritual journal prompts as a part of your meditation habit.

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