31 Mindfulness And Meditation Questions For Self-Reflection


You’re committed to building a mindfulness habit, and you already have some idea of when you’ll practice and for how long. 

The one issue you keep running into, though, is whether you should use mindfulness questions or prompts to get you started. 

Should you be asking questions about mindfulness or mindful questions about yourself?

What are the right questions to ask? 

And what do you gain by asking them? 

What Are Mindfulness Questions And How to Use Them 

Mindfulness questions are those that invite you to take a moment and look inward. 

So, yes, it’s about introspection, which benefits everyone (not just introverts). This is time you’re taking to get to know yourself better because you’re worth knowing. 

The right mindfulness questions help you reflect on what’s going on with your heart, mind, and soul. They challenge you to confront old beliefs about yourself and take risks you would never have considered before. 

The goal here is to help you grow into the person you want to be.  

We’ve rounded up some of the best mindfulness questions to help you get started — along with some ideas on how to make the best use of them: 

  • Draw a question each day or week to use as a journaling prompt.
  • Download (or create) a mobile app that gives you a daily meditation question.
  • Choose a question to focus on all week for your mindfulness meditation.
  • Post a list of your favorite meditation questions where you can see them. 
  • Write out the day’s question before beginning your meditation.

The Benefits of Mindful Reflection 

With the help of mindful questions like the ones listed below, daily self-reflection can help with the following: 

  • Removing any blocks to healing from trauma.
  • Building or enhancing your self-awareness.
  • Improving your communication skills.
  • Broadening your perspective and challenging your old beliefs.
  • Helping you make peace with your mistakes.
  • Improving your relationships with enhanced empathy and awareness.
  • Improving your mental, emotional, and physical health.

You can’t move on when you fixate on either beating yourself up or blaming someone else. And for many of us, doing both is our favorite kind of multitasking. 

31 Mindfulness Questions to Ask Yourself 

Add them to a personal list of your own. And begin by choosing one for today. 

Read the following questions slowly and mindfully, making a note of the ones you want to ask yourself.

mindfulness questions

Mindful Questions to Ask Yourself

Ask yourself these questions to get to know yourself better. 

1. When do I feel most alive or most like myself? What lights me up inside?

2. What do I want to have experienced before I die? 

3. What do I find hardest to accept about myself? 

4. When am I most likely to feel attacked or triggered in conversations with others?

5. When have I expressed my thoughts in a way that offended someone else? 

6. What do I believe I deserve? And why do I believe that? 

7. What do I believe I owe other people? And why do I believe that? 

8. What guilt or shame am I holding onto that has made it difficult to heal and move on?

9. What mistakes have I made that have taught me something I needed to learn?

10. What personal needs have I been putting on the back burner lately?

Meditation Questions to Help Your Practice

The following questions can help you make the most of your meditation time

11. What helps me focus?

12. What helps me release tension and let go of distracting thoughts?

13. How would I describe my “happy place”? Can I see it now? 

mindfulness questions

14. What sounds help me feel more relaxed and more present?

15. What do I most want to enjoy about today, and how will I enjoy it? 

16. What do I love about today so far, and what difference does it make? 

17. What am I often aware of during mindfulness meditation?

18. What thoughts and emotions come to the surface most often? 

19. What do I most want to gain from today’s mindfulness practice? 

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Mindful Check-In Questions

Think of these as a self-check to see how you’re doing on the inside. 

20. What emotions am I feeling in my body right now? (my jaw, my back/shoulders/neck, my head, my stomach, etc.)

21. What thoughts have been dominating my attention so far today? 

22. What matters most to me today, and why does it matter so much?

23. Could I be perfectly content living as a single, unattached person?

24. What have I done lately to push myself and step outside my comfort zone? 

25. What am I willing to do today that scares me? Why does it scare me?

26. What’s the most important thing I’ve learned about myself recently?

27. What am I willing to risk to become the person I want to be? 

28. What is one change I need to make in my life this year and why?

29. Where do I want to be three years from now?

30. What am I holding onto right now that is holding me back?

31. What questions do I have about myself that I haven’t answered yet?

Now that you’ve looked through all 31 questions for mindfulness meditation, which ones stood out for you? And what question will you ask yourself today? 

How can you improve your meditation practices? Read this post as you discover different mindfulness questions you can ask yourself for self-reflection.

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