Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy With These 11 Cleansing Rituals

Here’s an undeniable fact: the Universe and everything in it wouldn’t exist if not for energy — including us.

It’s life’s catalyst, the galaxy’s cosmic fuel. 

So it logically follows that energy, the foundation of existence, affects how we feel, behave, think, and sleep — which raises a probing question: Is it possible to control the energy in and around us?

In a word: Yes.

And one of the best ways to start is by doing an energetic scrubbing of your abode — aka a house cleansing.

What Is House Cleansing? 

Your home — whether a van or mansion — should be your sanctuary. It’s where you get to be you and hang loose. It’s a safe space, your lair, your castle. 

When negative, hostile, and reckless energy invites itself over and settles in, your home can feel unsettling, suffocating, and out of focus.

As a result, you become irritated, which can trigger a downward spiral.

So how do you exile the unwanted vibes? Do a house cleansing. You don’t necessarily need a reason to do one, but it’s wise after:

  • Moving Into a New Place: Whether it’s a brand new house or an old studio apartment, cleanse right before or immediately after moving in.
  • After Breaking Up: Did you recently end a relationship with a lover, friend, or family member? Break out the sage — because it’s time for a house cleansing. 
  • Being Ill: Doing a cleanse after being sick is smart. Besides, you don’t want all those lingering germs hanging around.
  • A Professional or Personal Setback: Life is a never-ending series of peaks and valleys. Sometimes you’re up, and other times you’re on the gallows. Once you’ve reached yet another bottom, cleanse your home. After all, you want to be refreshed for the climb back up.  
  • Starting a New Venture: New beginnings deserve fresh, positive energy.

What Are the Benefits of Cleansing a House 

Every element on Earth was made manifest by an energetic reaction.

So when vibes short circuit, your essence can become…a little bit funky (and not in a good way). You’re crabbier, hungrier, and generally off your game. 

In other words, when you’re snapping at your cat for lovingly saying hi, first, you should be begging for Fluffy’s forgiveness (you know how they get!) — and it’s also probably time for an energetic cleanse.

Ridding your home of negative energy has impressive benefits.

  • Feel More Fresh and Vibrant: A clean, cleansed house feels airer and calmer. Think about it; where would you rather wake up: a) a room where things are in place, the air smells citrusy fresh, and the bath towels are warm and fluffy, or b) a dirty basement covered in cobwebs, with insect-infested junk piled all around you? An energetically cleansed house is the former; a vibrationally neglected home, the latter.
  • Lower Your Stress Level: Occasionally, someone comes along who “works better” in a leaning tower of clutter. But studies suggest that the rest of us feel and perform better in organized, clean surroundings. Clean spaces don’t require as much mental energy to process as messes, leaving you calmer and thinking clearer.
  • Enjoy a Better Flow: You know how you wake up some days, and everything is clicking? Hair? Bam! Face? Smoking. Every red turns to green on your commute. When you live in a space with good energy, it clings to you throughout the day and gives you a leg up away from home. 
  • Better Sleep: When a space’s vibrational atmosphere is balanced and calm, you sleep better.
  • More Money: OK, no. You won’t automatically get a raise or win the lottery after a cleansing (although it’s not impossible). But since you’ll feel better, you’ll make better decisions, leading to more opportunities and money.

Clearing other people’s energies — (which have nothing to do with you) — can be a monthly ritual to keep your domestic vibes balanced and optimal. 

How To Know When Your House Has Negative Energy and Needs Cleansing 

It’s always wise to cleanse a new home — whether it’s brand new or just new to you. In both instances, the goal is to start on the right energetic foot.

folding the towels how to cleanse your home of negative energy

But how do you know it’s time to cleanse after living somewhere for a while?

  • Stifled and Stressed: Sure, life is inherently stressful, and there will always be times when you’re more high-strung than normal. But does the stress ever come out of nowhere? Ostensibly, everything in your life is fine, yet you still feel scattered, stifled, and stressed. It may be time for a cleanse.
  • Excessive Complaining: Have you ever caught yourself mid-complaint and thought: Wow! I sound irritating. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s impossible to get through life without venting. Complaining is yet another one of those things we judge others about but never ourselves. However, when you find yourself whinging and moaning excessively, even when life is exemplary, negative house energy may be to blame. 
  • Lots of Blame: Have you ever been consumed with blame? You’re hyper-critical of others and yourself and let crankiness take the wheel. Such behavior tags along with negative energy. Sometimes, acknowledging fault is productive. When you make like one of Kafka’s bugs and morph into a finger-pointing harridan, the blame game usually amounts to an unnecessary distraction.
  • Self-Absorbed: One of the hardest things for humans to recognize is self-centeredness. We’ll accuse everyone and everything of being self-absorbed years before we ever get around to realizing we’re likewise guilty. But if you’re self-aware and a pro at spotting your flaws (#HatsOffToYou), consider if you’ve been a bit erratic and dangerously self-focused lately. If so, it’s probably time for a house cleansing.

Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy With These 11 Cleansing Rituals 

How do you work with cleansing energy? Let’s look at 11 tools and techniques that get the job done.

1. Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

Intense cleaning can be exceptionally satisfying, plus it’s good exercise.

So slip into some cleaning clothes and whip out that elbow grease.

Abolish all cobwebs, wipe down the baseboards, dust the blinds, and run everything that can be run through the wash through it! Tend to every nook and cranny — and leave vacuuming to the very end.

During your superclean, get rid of broken items. If you can fix it, do so. If it’s irreparable, make peace with its passing and get rid of it.

Remember, nothing is permanent. Embrace the change. After all, you’re freeing up space for better energy in your life.

2. Choose a Method

When cleaning for an energetic house cleansing, you may want to strategize.

For example, do you want to start cleaning in the middle of the house and work your way out, pushing out unwanted energy?

Or perhaps hyper-focusing on the windows and doorways — the most trafficked energetic exchange spots in a home — is the way to go.

Review cleaning methods and choose a style that fits your goals, personality, and living arrangements. 

3. Do a Smudging Ceremony

Are you wondering how to cleanse your room with incense? Rooted in First Nations’ traditions, smudging is the process of removing bad energy from a space via various herb-burning techniques.

The most well-known is a sage cleansing session wherein you swirl the sage smoke around the space, inviting certain energies to exit and others to enter.

Start in the center of the kitchen and walk clockwise around each room while brandishing the burning sage stick.

Feel free to say affirmations or other verbalizations.

If you’re not a fan of sage’s scent, substitute either frankincense or copal.

Some people sprinkle salt in the corners after a smudging ritual and let it sit for 48 hours before vacuuming it up. Be careful, however, if you share a home with pets.

4. Use Healing Crystals

Have you ever given crystals a try? It’s too far out for some people, but folks often change their minds after a month or two of living with crystals.

woman cleaning the furniture how to cleanse your home of negative energy

Besides, gems are Mother Nature’s jewels — and they look great regardless. 

What crystals and rock formations are best for house cleansings?

  • Black Obsidian: The volcanic glass counters psychic attacks born of jealousy and aids positive transformations. It’s also helpful when doing space purifications and cultivating self-reflection skills. Clean black obsidian regularly because it absorbs lots of negative energy. Clean it with either Florida water (which we’ll get to below) or essential oils, then let them dry in the sun.  
  • Selenite: Named after Selene, the Greek Moon Goddess, the high-vibrational selenite connects to higher dimensions and has the power to uplift a room’s aura. Also known as satin spar gypsum, samples have been found on Mars. Pull out the selenite when you want good energy to encircle you. 
  • Amethyst: The semi-precious amethyst is best known as a purple stone but actually comes in various colors. Long cherished as having shielding and cleansing properties, amethysts are also known as “the sobriety stone.” Ancient soldiers fashioned protection amulets out of it. Folks who want to enhance their spiritual wisdom also turn to amethysts.
  • Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline blocks negative energy, and some claim it absorbs electromagnetic pollution. Place them by doors, windows, and other entryways. They’ll help keep the good stuff in and eliminate what’s unneeded.

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5. Add Agua de Florida

An energetic cleansing standard in South America, Agua de Florida is a mixture of citrus, lavender, clove, and other herbal extracts.

According to legend, it was first discovered and named by Juan Ponce de Leon, the explorer, in the 1500s.

Some people make their own agua de Florida; others buy it. However you acquire some, add a dash to your cleaning products for an energetic boost. (It also smells super.)

6. Communicate With Your Home

If you want to cleanse a home of negative energy, don’t be afraid to communicate with your house, apartment, or condo.

Ask it to help push unneeded energy out and welcome helpful vibes in. And don’t forget to thank it for everything it does for you, like providing warmth, safety, and shelter.  

It may sound a bit out there, but just verbalizing your gratitude and wish to be rid of negative energy will uplift you and foster a positive mindset.

Oh! And don’t neglect the plants. They need a little love and affection, too.

7. Make Loud Noises

Fundamentally, negative energy is cowardly, lacks maturity, and is terrified of loud sounds. So turn up the volume! Try not to annoy your neighbors, but a reasonable level should do the trick.

Clapping and drumming lousy energy out of a room also works, as does ringing bells. 

8. Declutter Everywhere

In addition to cleaning, a successful house cleansing also involves decluttering.

After all, the more things you have lying around, collecting dust, the more burrowing opportunities you’re creating for less-than-ideal energy and vibes.

decluttering home items how to cleanse your home of negative energy

Don’t just throw stuff in a room, close the door, and call it a day. Get in there and clean out the clutter, too! Gut the basement and sort through your closets. When working, open up windows to encourage an air and energy exchange.

Give your home the full “Marie Kondo” treatment for your own life-changing magic. 

9. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you heard of halotherapy? It’s been around for millennia and was first popularized by Polish spas in 12th-century Poland. 

Today, the best salt lamps are made using crystals from the Himalaya Mountains. Believers say the lamp’s negative ions naturally detoxify the air.

And even if you don’t think they have an energetic effect, Himalayan salt lamps look great.

10. Move Furniture

Is your furniture set up ideally for the best possible flow and luck?

If you’re unsure, consult some Feng Shui websites, videos, and books. The four main rules are: 

  • Keep your place tidy and organized 
  • Don’t put the back of your bed — and therefore head — underneath a window  
  • Separate your work and rest areas
  • Decorate with the right colors for your home’s position and your personality

11. Play Host

Need a little help setting intentions for your newly cleansed place? 

Host a welcoming party. It can be a solo celebration where you greet the new energy and bond. Or, you can invite a handful of dear friends who will raise the vibrational plane of your home. 

Throwing a big blow-out with dozens of people typically isn’t a great idea because you have less control over the energy being brought into the space.

Infographic about rituals to cleanse your home of negative energy

Final Thoughts

Take six seconds and think about the rush of dopamine that swooshes through your body after a satisfying cleaning session. 

Everything looks, feels, and smells perfect — and you stand in the middle of the room low-key, wondering why Conde Nast isn’t beating down your door. 

Tripling that sensation is what energetically cleansing your home feels like.

And when you finish, why not pamper yourself with an at-home spa day? Or maybe a reality show binge is more up your alley. Whichever you choose, enjoy and soak up all that positive energy.

believe it or not, there is a high chance negative energy can surround your homes. In this post, learn how to cleanse your home of negative energy.

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