Best Crystals For Meditation And How To Meditate With Crystals

Millions of people worldwide are discovering their energetic power of meditation crystals.

Unlike precious gemstones, most meditation crystals are budget-friendly and jam-packed with natural energies and vibrations.

Think of them as Mother Nature’s party favors.

So what are the best crystals to meditate with? 

We’ve curated a list for you.

And after reviewing the 13 best minerals and crystals for energetic enhancement, we’ll quickly discuss how to use them in your meditation practice.   

Why You Should Use Crystals for Meditation

Although there’s no science suggesting crystals can impact your meditation practice, we are big believers in the power of personal meaning.

As you discover the associations for each of the crystals on our list, you’ll recognize what you find meaningful to enhance your meditation time. Holding one of the crystals while knowing what it stands for can become an object of attention during your practice.

As a result, you may enjoy these benefits.

  • A more profound experience during meditation.
  • Reinforcement of your desired outcome.
  • Heightened focus and awareness.
  • A tangible reminder to return to your meditation anchor.

The bottom line: if crystals mean something to you and improve your experience during meditation, then you should use them.

13 of the Best Crystals for Meditation 

There are a baker’s dozen of minerals, quartzes, and gemstones that can significantly elevate the meditation experience. 

1. Amethyst

best crystals for meditation

The brilliant, purple, semi-precious stone known as “the tears of Dionysus,” is a powerful crystal in the spiritual realm.

Amethysts are linked to the crown and third eye chakras and bind the earthly with the divine and attract calm vibes to its space. It’s also associated with wisdom and healing.  

Siberia, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, southern Africa, India, North America, Spain, Argentina, South Korea, and Mexico all have substantial amethyst stores. 

Use for Meditation When: You want to remove stress, anxiety, and feelings of detachment; you want to quiet the mind and connect with your higher self. 

2. Aquamarine

best crystals for meditation

Aquamarine — aka “the mermaid stone” — is a bright, clear, blue semi-precious stone that has the power to wash away toxicity and release stress.

The human body is 70% water, and aquamarine operates like the ocean in solid form. As such, it’s a potent elixir for all things that disrupt our being. 

Aquamarine is a beryl mineral that presents in various blues, from pale to vibrant.

Use for Meditation When: Tending to your mental health or searching for calm; you’re trying to become better about not judging yourself and others.

3. Black Tourmaline

best crystals for meditation

Black tourmaline — also known as Schorl — is a grounding, jet-black volcanic rock that swallows negativity.

People use it to keep negative vibes at bay, calm anxiousness, or increase self-confidence. It can also be a powerful force if you need to shift out of a negative mood and into a positive one. 

The crystalline silicate is most often linked to the base chakras.

Black tourmaline is found near most volcanoes, especially in Brazil, Pakistan, and Germany, and consists of sodium iron aluminum borate silicate.   

Use for Meditation When: You want to ground yourself, speak your mind, or you need a boost of self-confidence.

4. Carnelian

best crystals for meditation

Bust out the fiery orange and red carnelian when you’re meditating with crystals and could use a boost of confidence or empowerment. It revs up the lower chakras and offers emotional protection.

Alternatively known throughout history as the “sunset stone,” “the singer’s stone,” and “the artist’s stone,” ancient warriors regularly wore carnelian into battle, women used it in fertility ceremonies, and early Egyptians linked the stone to the goddess Isis.

Carnelian is also associated with personal power and lighting up the soul.

Use for Meditation When: You want to cultivate confidence, courage, or creativity; awaken your warrior spirit, or increase your libido.

5. Citrine

best crystals for meditation

Citrine, in all its yellow-orange glory, is a pop of energy. Known as the sunshine stone, citrine is an energetic hit of joy, fun, prosperity, and even silliness. In some spiritual disciplines, it’s considered “the bringer of good fortune.

A favorite stone of ancient Romans, Queen Victoria I, and Greta Garbo, citrine is most naturally abundant in Scotland, Spain, Madagascar, Russia, and Brazil. 

Use for Meditation When: You want to lighten a heavy emotional load or invite positivity and prosperity into your life and meditation practice.

6. Clear Quartz

best crystals for meditation

Sparkly and glacial in appearance, clear quartz is known as the “light-bringer” and carries with it cooling, clearing vibes. Some people also call it crystal quartz or rock crystal. 

Essentially, it’s an energy amplifier, and whatever you infuse into it comes back at you tenfold. Due to its properties, some people like to load them up with mantras before starting a meditation session. 

They’re also known for being a tabula rasa — or “clean slate — making them ideal for clearing chaos.

Clear quartz, made of oxygen and silicon, can be found worldwide, but large deposits exist in Arkansas, Brazil, and Madagascar. 

Use for Meditation When: You want to get over an argument or drama or gain insight into your dreams. They’re also helpful for enhancing a special mantra during a focus meditation.

7. Labradorite

best crystals for meditation

This dazzling, shimmering stone of blue and silver is a showstopper. Plus, it has naturally high vibrations that serve as a shield against the residue of negative thinking.

Shamanic healers have used labradorite for millennia to connect with and balance the third eye chakra.

The luminous, spellbinding labradorite is a feldspar mineral that’s naturally prolific in Canada, Finland, and northern Russia. Though most labradorites are blue, they also occur in purples, gray-blue, green, yellow, and brown.

Use for Meditation When: You want to summon courage, steal a peek at your current destiny, or increase your creativity. 

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8. Lapis Lazuli

best crystals for meditation

Long considered a “gift from the gods,” lapis lazuli usually presents as royal blue or deep purple accented with golden flecks. At times called “the wisdom stone,” lapis lazuli is multifaceted and connected to both the third eye and throat chakras. It’s also effective at raising self-awareness and amplifying inner truth. 

Michelangelo used it for the blue pigments on the Sistine Chapel, and ancient Egyptians highly regarded it.   

Lapis lazuli is a metamorphic rock that exists abundantly in Afghanistan, Angola, Siberia, Argentina, Pakistan, Burma, Canada, Italy, India, California, and Colorado. 

Use for Meditation When: You want to alleviate a thyroid ailment; you’re suffering from insomnia or depression; you want to connect with the spirit world, or you need to chase away some shadows.

9. Lepidolite

best crystals for meditation

With its silver sparkle, lepidolite comes in lilac, pink, and purple-gray. Associated with the crown, heart, and third eye chakras, lepidolite works great for clearing energy blocks, emotional healing, and soul stabilization. 

It’s best to work with lepidolite in your left hand, the receiving hand because it’s a giving stone.

Part of the mica group of minerals, lepidolite occurs in large amounts in Brazil, California, Madagascar, Manitoba, and Russia.

Use for Meditation When: You want to ease stress and anxiety, break a bad habit, or put out emotional flames related to a major life transition causing an emotional upheaval. 

10. Moonstone

best crystals for meditation

Are you eager to embrace change? Then pick yourself up some moonstones. As its name suggests, this chakra-cleansing stone is most powerful around the full moon. It’s also filled with feminine energy and works well on the third eye and crown chakras.  

This feldspar mineral comes in pearly white, gray, orange, green, blue, pink, brown, and rainbow. 

When the time comes to check your ego or awaken your natural intuition, break out the moonstone.

Use for Meditation When: You want to enhance your psychic abilities; you need to balance your hormones or embark on a new beginning.  

11. Obsidian

best crystals for meditation

Known as the “truth seeker stone,” smooth, black Obsidians can do it all: 

  • Protect against negative energy
  • Heal tears in the soul
  • Help support circulation
  • Clear blockages in the solar plexus and root chakras

Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms from the rapid cooling of felsic lava. It’s found around the world, especially in Iceland. Though typically satin-black in color, some Obsidian comes in snowflake, rainbow, gold, and mahogany. 

Use for Meditation When: You’re high-strung and want to calm down; you want to feel more grounded or search for courage.

12. Rose Quartz

best crystals for meditation

This cherry-blossom pink crystal represents universal love and is most often associated with the heart and throat chakras. A healing stone, it aids in self-care and can help deepen bonds with families and friends.

Japan, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States have large deposits of the hexagonal crystal, and it comes in hues ranging from pale to vibrant.

Use for Meditation When: You want to focus on enhancing your capacity for love and trust; you’re trying to align with the purest form of compassion. 

13. Selenite

best crystals for meditation

The moment you look at the angelic selenite — aka the “goddess stone” — you’ll feel calmer. It oozes intense soothing energy and promotes clarity of thought. And while it may look dainty and docile, selenite packs a powerful punch, making it suitable for disintegrating energy blocks.

(Due to their properties, selenite wands make a super gift for folks interested in energy work.)

Selenite is a monoclinic crystal and gypsum mineral naturally occurring in Oklahoma, Greece, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Poland, and Australia. 

Use for Meditation When: You want to increase your self-awareness, cultivate inner peace, or welcome peace, serenity, and sweetness into your space. 

How to Meditate with Crystals 

How do you meditate with crystals? How do you know where to place crystals on the body? People have different methods, and we’ve outlined some of the most popular crystal meditation options below. 

  • Share Space: Some people simply like to position meditation crystals around their homes, making them a part of quotidian existence. 
  • Create a Perimeter: Take it one step further and make a crystal grid around your body when meditating. If you want to supersize the experience, read up on feng shui, and position everything, including your body, in the proper direction.
  • Place on Chakra Points: It can help to place certain meditation crystals on chakra points when practicing. Wearing jewelry that features various stones is another option.
  • Hold Them in Your Hands: Another powerful way to meditate with crystals is by holding them in your hand.

Make sure they are cleaned before use for the best results — and not gummed up with dust. Also, try infusing your stones with mantras before getting started.

We hope you found our guide to meditation stones and crystals helpful. Why not give them a try and see what works for you. Or, pick up a piece of jewelry just because it’s beautiful.

Meditation crystals are one way to enhance your meditation practice. Choose the best crystals for meditation from this post.

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