The Benefits Of A Cord-Cutting Meditation And How To Practice One

We’re all energetically connected to every person that walks into and out of our lives.

Some of these connections are fleeting and weak; others are binding and strong.

Thankfully, we have considerable control over our energetic ties.

So if it’s time to sever the bond with another individual, you may find it helpful to do a cord-cutting ritual meditation.

To that end, today, we’re breaking down how to do a cord-cutting.

We’ll first examine the purpose, then explore some practical methods.

What Does It Mean To Cut the Cord With Someone?

Cutting the cord with someone means severing the energetic bond between you two. 

Sometimes, people cut cords because a relationship has turned toxic.

Other times, folks choose to temporarily end a bond with someone they love because it’s best for that person. 

Don’t worry; severed energetic cords can be repaired when the time is right.

woman meditating cord cutting meditation

Empathic people find cord-cutting especially helpful because it gives them more energy and focus.

What Is the Purpose of Cord-Cutting?

Ultimately, cord-cutting aims to replenish your emotional, energetic, and mental supply.

Being tied to draining relationships can deprive you of energy.

Cord-cutting ceremonies also free you from relationships that don’t mesh with your life at a given time.

People perform cord-cutting rituals and meditations for various reasons.

  • Getting Over a Bad Relationship: Holding onto toxic relationships is an energy suck. Cord-cutting can help advance the process and rejuvenate you.
  • Freeing Yourself of a Toxic Friendship: Sometimes, it’s difficult to release old friendships that no longer work. Cord-cutting can help you make the necessary break.
  • Easing Empathic Ties: Cord-cutting can be an invaluable tool for empaths. Since they effortlessly create bonds with individuals, empaths tire easily. Regularly doing a cutting ritual to maintain peace and energy levels can be a lifesaver.
  • Freeing Someone Else: At times, it’s kind to cut cords with someone who needs a dose of tough love. You can always rebuild the bond at a later date.
  • Overcoming Addiction: Addicts form relationships with substances and destructive habits. A cord-cutting meditation can help sever those unhealthy ties.

What Is a Cord-Cutting Meditation?

A cutting the cord meditation is a mindfulness ritual that severs an energetic tie. It may take you a few times to get the hang of it, but cord-cutting can be a beneficial tool once you do. The benefits include:

  • More Energy: You conserve energy by restricting your bonds to a certain number of souls.
  • More Peace of Mind: Cord-cutting can enhance your peace of mind.
  • Healthier Living: Improved mental health leads to better physical health, and cord-cutting is one way to settle a troubled soul.
  • Happier and More Focused: Less energetic bonds mean increased focus on what truly matters.

How To Practice a Cord-Cutting Meditation

A cutting cords meditation typically has several steps. Please understand that our method is a general guide. Everybody’s energetic makeup is unique. It’s fine to add or remove steps to fit the contours of your situation better.

Prepare a Space

Preparation is the first step. Create a peaceful spot to conduct the meditation ritual. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you’re a candle person, light some. If incense is your thing, fire it up.

girl enjoying her self-relaxation cord cutting meditation

The goal is to create a space that encourages connection with the universe’s soulful energy field.

Cord-Cutting Preparation Tips:

  1. Find a spot that resonates with you and doesn’t interfere with anyone else. If you choose to do it outside or in a park, that’s fine. Just make sure not to impede other folks. Quiet places are almost always better.
  2. There’s no “right” way to sit for a cord-cutting meditation. The only requirement is that you’re comfortable. However, you should be sitting and not lying down.
  3. All senses are important, so try working them into the ritual.

Relax With Deep Breathing Exercises

Next up is some breathing. Study after study shows that deep breathing slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and decreases the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. All these things get your body in the right state for a cord-cutting meditation.

Deep Breathing Exercise:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  2. Gently place your hand on your belly and slowly take a deep breath in; notice your body’s expansion.
  3. When you can no longer breathe in, slowly let it out. Release negativity that has collected in your soul and body.
  4. Repeat at least seven times.

Summon the Light

A successful cord-cutting meditation involves light work. It brings healing power to the cord-cutting ritual and serves as a good-faith guide.

Light Summoning Exercise:

  1. Keep your eyes closed and focus your attention toward your crown, the top of your head.
  2. Visualize a beam of light stretching from your body towards the universal source. If you’re not a visual person, feel yourself connected to a neverending beam of energy that connects you directly to the spiritual center of the universe.
  3. Ask the channel of positivity to fill your body and soul. Feel it touch every part of your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toenails.
  4. Next, feel the light connecting you to the ground or whatever you’re sitting on. Feeling oneness with your surroundings enhances the experience.
  5. Continue to breathe deeply and bask in the joy of positivity and light. Release your tensions.

Touch the Cords

Once you settle into a state of positive relaxation, the next step is identifying the cords that need breaking. Don’t worry about accidentally cutting strong, beneficial connections.

Since you’ve set an intention to free yourself from unhelpful and harmful ties, you needn’t worry about the others.

Cord Touching Exercise:

  1. Ask the positive energy or light to accentuate any fear-based bonds emanating from your body.
  2. Notice sensations that arise around your being. Some people may even be able to see them.
  3. Objectively observe the bonds — either sensorily or visually. Don’t pass judgment on them. Just take note of their existence.

Ask for Help

Once you’ve called in healing light and identified the cords that need cutting, it’s time to ask for help cleaving them.

Asking for Guidance Exercise:

  1. Determine which spiritual force you want to help with the ceremony. It could be a god, guardian angels, or other entities on your “cosmic crew.”
  2. Outloud or in your head, state your desired outcome.
  3. Next, ask for a tool to cut the necessary cords. You can specify what kind — whether it be a scissor, knife, or sword — or let your guide decide. Put your palms up in front of you, then ask your spiritual helper to place the desired tool in them.
  4. If you aren’t yet well connected to the spiritual realm, feel free to call on Archangel Michael, the patron spirit of cord-cutting, if that feels right for you.

Visualize the Severance

Once you have your tool, simply cut the cord. You can do this through either visualization, energetic force, or actually making the cutting movement. Whatever works best for you.

Fill Holes With Love and Light

After completing a successful cord-cutting meditation ritual, you may feel a sense of loss. This is perfectly normal, especially if you must temporarily separate from someone you genuinely love.

two hands trying to reach a bubble cord cutting meditation

Allow yourself to feel the loss and try not to judge it. Then, ask your spirit guide to help you fill in the holes with love and positive light. Again, you can do this internally or say it aloud.

Express Gratitude

Once you have completed the process, express gratitude to your spiritual helpers. This is a crucial step, as it cauterizes the action. Make sure you also send love and light to the person you cut ties with. 

After all, you probably don’t know all the details of their life, and there may be a perfectly understandable reason why they’re acting the way they are. Leading with grace and forgiveness is always the safest spiritual bet.

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Other Cord-Cutting Rituals to Practice

Above, we described the steps for a standard cord-cutting meditation. But once you get the basics down, you may want to try other techniques.

Take a Salt Bath

Salt is a natural purifier, and taking a salt bath is an excellent way to experience its healing properties. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can put cord-cutting purification salts in a satchel and hang it from your shower head.

Some people choose to do a cord-cutting ritual while soaking in the bath; others use the opportunity for intention setting and mindfulness practice.

Do a Candle Ceremony / Smudging

Smudging involves smoke. Usually, people light sage and wave it around a space that needs cleansing. You can also do various candle ceremonies.

If you choose to go the smudging route, make sure you are completely sober and safe. After all, you don’t want to start a fire accidentally!

Engage in Journaling

Journaling is another excellent way to enhance a cord-cutting experience.

Write down everything you want to say to the person you’re severing. Don’t hold back. Let it all hang out.

Once you’ve gotten it out of your soul and onto the page, you may want to burn what you’ve written as a symbolic gesture. Some people find it very helpful.

Whether you choose to burn the pages or not, make sure you don’t write cord-cutting screeds in a journal you plan to revisit or reread. Once it’s done, it’s done. Leave it in the past.

Practice Visualization

Not everyone can visualize, and that’s perfectly fine. We all have different sensory strengths. But for those who can, visualizing breaking a cord can be a powerful tool. 

Remember, however, not to sully the exercise with negativity. Doing so can invite unwanted emotions. Always try to let go of people with good intentions, wishing them love and light.

Excise Through Exercise

Yes, you can sweat someone out of your life! Combining intention with exercise is a great way to release and let go. It’s good for the body both spiritually and physically. Plus, you can enjoy the added benefit of all those endorphins!

How Do You Cut the Cord on an Ex?

Cutting the cord with an ex can be a bit more complicated. After all, you two shared strong, intimate bonds. Even if the relationship has been over for years, you may still be energetically entangled.

You can cut the cord with an ex using the process described above, but you may want to consider a few extra aspects when setting intentions and severing ties.

  • Intimacy Level: Cord-cutting an ex-lover can take additional energy because you forged a sexual bond.
  • Marital Status: If you were married to the person with whom you are separating, expect a little energetic resistance.
  • Length of Separation: Time can do interesting things energetically. So if you’re trying to cut an emotional cord with a partner you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time, you may run into some obstacles. Don’t get frustrated; just keep at it. Eventually, the tie will break.

At first, cord-cutting may sound a little out there to some people — but many folks swear by the practice and experience tangible results. If you’re feeling drained or emotionally unbalanced, give it a shot. Cord-cutting may be what the spiritual doctor ordered. Working with an energy healer is also an option. Good luck!           

Cord-cutting can be hard but one must practice doing so for a more peaceful life. Check some cord-cutting meditation ways you can try here.

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