27 Calming Mantras For Inner Peace And Equanimity

Although we all know how vital it is to drop our stress and anxiety, our imaginations fixate on our hopes and despair, upsetting our sense of calm. 

We cling to our attachments and aversions. 

Mantras help us let go of what’s happening around us and within us.

They help us regain our composure and inner peace.

What Are Peace Mantras?

Mantras are words or phrases chanted repeatedly, either aloud or silently, during meditation. They direct thoughts to attain a calm, focused state of mind. 

They are common in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity. And in recent years, they’ve gained popularity in self-help and new age groups.

You can use an inner peace mantra to center yourself and reduce stress or anxiety. Some of the most common are “om,” “love,” and “peace.” 

Repeating a mantra calms your mind and leads to a deeper meditative state. 

It may be the answer you need when seeking inner peace or simply reducing stress levels. It can also help you to focus and calm your emotions.

27 Calming Mantras for Peace and Equanimity

You can use mantras to switch your attention from the busy world around you to the still world within. 

Repeating peaceful mantras offer a wide range of benefits:

  • They help you calm your mind.
  • They support your focus on the positive aspects of your life. 
  • They help you find peace of mind, happiness, and tranquility.
  • They connect you with your spiritual side, help you find inner harmony, and improve your overall health. 
  • They help you reconnect with your spiritual nature in every aspect of your life by restoring a fundamental state of spontaneous happiness.

Mantras for Peace of Mind 

1. I am stronger than my anxieties.

2. Letting go is so easy for me.

3. I let go of anything that bothers me.

4. I rest in inner tranquility.

5. My calm, friendly nature attracts wonderful friends.

6. I am committed to inner serenity.

7. I release all my tension, fear, and anxiety now.

mantras for peace
8. It’s safe for me to step outside my comfort zone.

9. I’m calm, serene, and content.

10. This loving universe fills me with peace and joy.

11. I’m always positive and peaceful.

Mantras for Peace and Happiness 

12. I am calm, peaceful, and happy every single day.

mantras for peace
13. Everything around me makes me feel serene and powerful.

14. I feel light, calm, and content.

15. My tranquility and joy are indestructible.

16. My goal is to be happy and at peace.

17. Every day I feel better as my life moves in the right direction.

18. I am surrounded by love, harmony, and bliss.

19. Right now, I’m relaxed, cheerful, and centered.

20. I achieve joy and peace by breathing deeply.

21. The power to be calm and in control is in my hands.

Vedic Mantras to Calm the Mind

22. The Gayatri Mantra

Om bhur bhuvah svah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah prachodayat.


Oh, creator of the universe.
We meditate upon your supreme splendor.
May your radiant power illuminate our intellects, destroy our ignorance.
and guide us in the direction of enlightenment by purifying our inner hearts.


This mantra dates back to 1500–500 BCE. It’s considered the oldest, most profound, and most powerful mantra. It asks higher intelligence to help understand reality’s true nature to reach enlightenment.

23. Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya
Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih


Lead me from the unreal to the real 
Lead from the darkness to the light
Lead me from death to immortality
Let there be peace, peace, peace 


A spiritual aspirant uses these words to pray for a transformation in consciousness from limited understanding to universal awareness, a concept originating in the Upanishads (800–300 BCE). 

When you grasp what’s real, you’ll understand the nature of beingness, consciousness, and bliss. You’ll rise above the chaos and confusion of the transitory world.

Currently, you can only faintly perceive this transcendent dimension in your own life and the world around you. 

The Bible also refers to this shift in consciousness, this inner journey from unawareness to awareness: “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12 King James Version)

24. So Hum

So Hum


“So” means “That”
“Hum” means “I”

In other words: “I am that.”


This mantra is a blend of pranayama, a study of breathwork, and philosophy. 

woman meditating outside mantras for peace

According to Vedic scholars, the benefits of pranayama come from repeating this concise mantra with every inhalation and exhalation.

And philosophically, it reminds you that everything is connected and that the notion that you are separate is illusory.

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Hindu Mantras for Peace of Mind

25. Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya


Oh salutations to the auspicious one
Adulation to Lord Shiva.


This mantra purifies and heals a common Hindu and Yogic prayer because Shiva destroys psychic blockages. 

This mantra has three co-occurring meanings.

First of all, the syllables in the mantra “Om-Na-Ma-Shiv-Aya” correspond to the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Second, each of the words in “Om Namah Shivaya” is rich in meaning: 

  • “Om” is the sound of creation. 
  • “Namah” means “not mine.” Since everything is divine, nothing is yours–and even your body is made of stardust.
  • ” Shiva” is the God that destroys bondage to the material plane.

Third, the mantra is a call for self-destruction. 

Since this sounds alarming, it’s necessary to grasp the nuances of the word “self-destruction.”

The self that is destroyed is the false, egoic self. It’s not the real, spiritual self, the Atman.

Also, destruction should not be thought of in a physical sense. Your house will not burn down, or your family won’t abandon you.

In short, nothing terrible is going to happen to you. Nothing is going to break down or get lost.

Instead, you will destroy your inaccurate beliefs about your personality and misguided worldview.

These falsehoods prevent you from experiencing life as a happy adventure and remembering your true nature as a spiritual being.

In summary, the mantra invokes the sound of creation, energizes the five elements that affect the body, and implores the God of Destruction to remove all obstacles to liberation. 

26. Mahalakshmi Mantra

Om Sarvabaadhaa Vinirmukto, 

Dhan Dhaanyah Sutaanvitah

Manushyo Matprasaaden Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah Om


I implore Goddess Lakshmi to vanquish all the evil forces surrounding us and provide us with a wealthy and glorious future.


When you chant the Mahalakshmi Mantra, you call on the goddess Lakshmi to remove all obstacles from your life–like illness, poverty, ignorance, and loneliness–because she’s the source of all love, wisdom, and compassion.

27. Saraswati Vandana

Yaa Kundendu tushaara haaradhavalaa,
Yaa shubhravastraavritha
Yaa veenavara dandamanditakara,
aa shwetha padmaasana
Yaa brahmaachyutha shankara
prabhritibhir Devaisadaa Vanditha
Saa Maam Paatu Saraswatee
Bhagavatee Nihshesha jaadyaapahaa


May the Goddess Saraswati protect me.
She is fair like the jasmine-colored moon, and whose pure white garland is like
frosty dew drops.
She is adorned in radiant white attire, on whose beautiful armrests is the
veena, and whose throne is a white lotus.
She is surrounded and respected by the gods.
Please remove my weariness, sluggishness, and ignorance.


This is one of many mantras spoken to appease the Hindu goddess Saraswati, who is revered as a protector of knowledge, wisdom, and the arts. It can enable you to overcome obstacles to academic and professional success.

How to Use These Inner Peace Mantras 

You can use the succinct English mantras to affirm the right thoughts when you’re feeling restless or unhappy because of what’s happening within you or around you.

Think of them as tools to retrain your brain to think positive, constructive thoughts that improve your well-being.

Mantras with Sanskrit words or phrases can be chanted as a form of spiritual invocation or repeated silently during meditation to deepen your spiritual awareness. 

hands of someone meditating mantras for peace

Remember, for the sound vibrations of mantras to have the desired effect, they must be pronounced accurately.

Think of them as tools to shift your attention away from the outside world to the inner world of bliss.

Remind yourself to gently bring your focus back with these sacred mantras whenever your mind wanders. You can chant or meditate twice every day for 15-20 minutes each time.

Final Thoughts  

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by something that disturbs your peace, agitates your mind, or makes you unhappy, you can use these mantras to restore a sense of well-being. 

You should chant the Vedic and Hindu mantras in a ritualistic manner.

Even though scholars have translated them into modern languages and speculated about their meaning, the sound of the words is more significant than their literal interpretation. 

Relate to these calming mantras for peace you can use in your daily meditation habit.

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