Immerse Yourself In Gratitude With These 21 Gratitude Mantras

You’ve probably heard it a million times at this point — because it’s true: Developing a gratitude practice can drastically change your life for the better. 

At this point, most people wonder, “How do I start a gratitude practice?”

One of the most effective ways is using gratitude mantras.

A mantra is a sound, syllable, or words you repeat, often used during meditation.

The word “mantra” comes from the Sanskrit language and means sacred sound.

When you focus your mantras on gratitude, you combine the sacredness of the words or sounds with the sacredness of your intent to be grateful. 

How to Use These Mantras That Show Gratitude 

How can you use gratitude mantras? You’ve got several options.

  • As Meditation Topics: Contemplative meditation is when you think about an idea or topic instead of just focusing on your breath. Using mantras for subject matter ideas is a common practice.
  • As Journaling Topics: Journaling is a fantastic way to explore your feelings, behaviors, and personality traits. It’s also an excellent way to work on things we want to improve about ourselves.
  • As Affirmations: Mantras make great affirmations.
  • As an Art Subject: Are you artistically minded? If so, consider using a mantra as inspiration for a painting, sculpture, dance, or piece of writing.

21 Beautiful Mantras for Gratitude 

Do you need gratitude mantra ideas? We’ve got your back.

Our team picked out these 21 affirmations and mantras to use during morning gratitude practices.

They’re specially curated to start your day off on the right foot and facing a positive direction.

1. I’m thankful for my unique story and the journey I’m on.

Both a reminder and a statement of gratitude, this mantra helps us internalize that each life unfolds differently, and it’s important to be thankful for our “personal pilgrimages.”

Everyone is here for a reason and to learn specific lessons. So when practicing gratitude, keep a keen eye on the lessons you’ve learned so far on your journey.

2. I’m sorry for taking blessings for granted.

Acknowledging your wrongs and past mistakes is one of the most cleansing things you can do for your soul — and the Universe appreciates it greatly.

We’re not suggesting you beat yourself up about taking things for granted in the past. But acknowledging your previous blindspots cleanses your psychic space, leaving room for more productive thoughts.

mantras for gratitude
2. I’m sorry for taking blessings for granted.

3. Dhanya Vad (I feel gratitude.)

Pronounced dahn-yah vahd, this Sanskrit mantra means “I feel gratitude.” Using ancient languages is a unique experience, and linguistically-sensitive souls may enjoy the sensation and connection it affords.

Some people believe using Sanskrit helps them connect with their higher selves; others think it invites ancestral energies.

4. I cherish the peaks and valleys.

A life of perpetual smooth sailing isn’t necessarily a life worth living. Our best parts — compassion, kindness, acceptance, and the ability to forgive — are burnished through adversity, turmoil, and experience.

Hard times are the best teachers, and they help you appreciate the good times even more. 

5. I have everything I need right now.

Want and need are two related but different things. They’re the two ends of the desire scale, but we often mistake the former for the latter.

When sitting down for a gratitude meditation or journaling session, think about the possibility that while you may not have everything you want at the moment, you’ve got what you need to get where you want to be.

6. I will appreciate and enjoy today’s simple moments and joys.

Perhaps you woke up to your cat’s loving purrs and snuggles, or maybe a perfect breeze swept through your room that felt like a howdy from heaven. The point is to notice the small things.

Commit to cherishing tiny joys for the day with this intention-setting gratitude mantra. 

7. I’m grateful for the abundance rushing toward me right now.

Your manifestation goals may not yet be cooked, but they’re on the way. Have faith in the process, work hard, and soon your dreams will start landing in your lap. 

Try to remember that abundance isn’t only about material assets. Compassion, health, kindness, and grace also count.

8. Being thankful aligns me with my higher self. 

Gratitude helps you align with your best self, and the more thankful you are, the better you’ll feel.

So while it’s essential to acknowledge all feelings — good and bad — making an effort to see the bright side is also valuable. This mantra is a simple way to do just that.

mantras for gratitude
8. Being thankful aligns me with my higher self. 

9. I genuinely enjoy my life, even though it’s not everyone’s ideal. I’m beyond grateful for being taught the lessons I need to learn to get here.

Your life may not be shiny and enviable, but you love it. Congratulations, you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet.

Send your thanks by acknowledging appreciation for your situation.

10. So many things had to go right for me to be here.

This isn’t a direct statement of gratitude, but it is an excellent reminder of how lucky you are to be here.

A million things needed to go right for you to be sitting here reading this post about gratitude mantras. It’s a magical thought. 

11. Thank you to everything and everyone that keeps me alive and thriving.

Do you ever thank the animals and plants that provide the sustenance needed to stay alive?

It doesn’t need to be a religious prayer, but sending gratitude to our food and everyone who helps get it to our plates is a graceful habit. It’s also a way to eat more mindfully.

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12. Gratitude is love, and love fuels everything.

Have you ever noticed a warm sensation rush over and envelop your heart when sitting in a state of gratitude? It feels like an injection of joy.

Paying attention to that feeling, and acknowledging the spiritual sensation of love, is a soothing experience.

13. I’m thankful for my sense of [smell / touch / hearing / sight / taste].

We take our senses for granted. Take time to remember your body’s natural magic and how it lets you commune with the world.

ocus on all of your faculties at once, or pick one sense per gratitude session.

14. I am grateful for [insert thing].

Sometimes simple is the way to go. A straightforward “I am grateful for” statement is the perfect way to start or end your day. Think of more than one thing if you can.

15. I’m grateful for every misstep and mistake I’ve ever made. They’ve made me a better, wiser person.

Mistakes are the best teachers humans have. In many ways, living is about messing up and learning from missteps.

In some ways, we’re programmed to reject our faults. So be thankful for everything that goes wrong. It’s the fire that forges your growth. 

16. I am grateful for this time of change.

Times of transition may seem downright painful and cruel, but they’re almost always exactly what’s needed to grow into the next best version of yourself. 

mantras for gratitude
16. I am grateful for this time of change.

17. Thank you for loving me!

Do you believe a god, goddess, deity, or some yet-to-be-discovered, scientifically verifiable overlord loves you unconditionally? If so, shout out your gratitude!

18. Kritajna Hum (I am gratitude.)

Kritajna hum (pronounced krit-ah-nah hum) is another Sanskrit mantra that means “I am gratitude.” Using the “I am” construction works wonders for some people and helps them better connect with the spirit of the words. 

19. I invite peace and gratitude into my heart.

It’s easy to get caught up in the zoom, snap, and buzz of daily life. After all, we live at the speed of light.

So taking time to sit back and invite a sense of peace and gratitude into your heart can be a much-needed tension reliever.  

mantras for gratitude
19. I invite peace and gratitude into my heart.

20. Today, I will take time to appreciate the small things.

Taking time to notice life’s small pleasures is an effective way to balance your emotional health. People with big problems may scoff at the suggestion, but studies prove that a little bit of appreciation goes a long way.

21. I’m grateful for my amazing cosmic crew.

Do you have a “team” of souls, spirits, angels, or celestial relatives who help you get through life? Let them know you appreciate their efforts with a dedicated gratitude mantra.

Bonus Mantra: Kritajna

Read below to learn more about this word and how it is the perfect gratitude mantra.

What Is the Sanskrit Word for Gratitude?

Before we dive into a quick linguistic analysis of the Sanskrit word for “gratitude,” let’s first look at a few facts about the language.

  • Sanskrit is a classical South Asian language, once the main “common” language people from different linguistic traditions used to communicate — similar to English today.
  • Sacred Hindu texts are written in Sanskrit.
  • Sanskrit was also used to write many historical Buddhist and Janist texts.
  • Benares Sanskrit College, founded in 1791, is the oldest university dedicated to teaching and studying the ancient language.

So what’s the Sanskrit word for gratitude? It’s kritajna (कृतज्ञा). Interestingly, kritajna is a portmanteau of two other Sanskrit words: krita, meaning “cultivate,” and “jna,” meaning “a state of consciousness.” 

In other words, the definition of gratitude in Sanskrit is “cultivation of a conscious state.” 

Think about that for a few seconds. Dissect the sentiment. Fascinatingly, one could argue that, using the Sanskrit definition, failing to be present is a lack of gratitude.

That may sound harsh at first, but it’s also a good reminder that we’re our best selves when living in the moment.

Final Thoughts

We hope our list of gratitude mantras hits the spot. Those that have developed a gratitude practice know how much it enhances one’s day-to-day mood.

If you’ve never given it a shot, you have nothing to lose — and may find that a little bit of gratitude goes a long way in terms of well-being.

Be thankful with everything and fill your daily practice with gratitude as you use these mantras for gratitude.

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