Discover The Power Of Using Personal Mantra With These 75 Mantra Examples

Creating a mantra is fun, creative, and has the power to supercharge your success.

Moreover, personal affirmations are highly effective wellness tools. 

When your thoughts descend into negativity — they flood your mind and demand all the attention.

So how can you turn things around?

What can you do to reclaim control? 

You got it: use a personal meditation to focus and attract positive energy. 

To that end, let’s look at how to create one.

Then, we’ll explore 75 examples of personal mantras.

What Is Your Personal Mantra? 

Before we unpack the aspects of mantras, let’s distinguish them from mottos. In short, mottos are pithy, big-picture philosophies that help structure and guide your trajectory.

Popular mottos include “I work hard and play hard” and “I don’t wish for it, I work for it.” 

However, a mantra example may be more like: “I am plugged into a limitless supply of creativity, and I will use it to start my own company.”

Do you see the difference? One is a general belief; the other is a specific, motivating affirmation to help keep you focused and centered.

Successful personal mantras are similar in certain ways.

  • They’re Affirmative: Personal mantras should be affirmative. Don’t let any negativity slip into your saying.
  • They’re an Incredible Focus Tool: An excellent focus tool, personal mantras help you refocus and keep your eye on the prize.
  • They Consist of a Word or Phrase: Some people use one-word meditations. Other folks have one that’s three or four sentences long. Do whichever works best for you.
  • They’re Motivating: Personal mantras should be motivating. Pick something that resonates with you.
  • They’re Unique to You: Most importantly, make sure it’s your own and speaks directly to your circumstances. Below, we’ll explore why it should be as specific as possible.

How to Craft Your Own Personal Mantras 

We’re using the mantra-crafting process described by New York cynical psychologist Elizabeth Cohen in Women’s Health Magazine.

  • Include “I”: When developing a personal mantra, try to include the word “I.” After all, it’s about you and only you. It’s perfectly acceptable to be self-focused when doing personal mantra work.
  • Use Hopeful, Abundant Language: Consider using encouraging words like limitless, endless, infinite, bottomless, and unlimited. You don’t need to use one in every mantra, but they can put you in a more hopeful state of mind.
  • Determine Your Doubts: Before you can work on issues, you need to determine what they are. Are you drowning in self-doubt? Is your discipline muscle woefully out of shape? Figure out what you need to work on and clarify your goals. Journaling about these topics will help you pinpoint your actual problem points. 
  • Make it Specific: If appropriate, try to end your phrase with a personal goal. Studies suggest that when we hyper-focus on a tiny milestone at a time, we’re more likely to succeed.

75 Powerful Personal Mantra Examples 

Take time with your mantra at least twice daily, in the morning and night. If you can squeeze in ten minutes in the afternoon, even better.

Now, without further ado, let’s run down a list of mantras you can tweak for your specific situation.

1. I love myself unconditionally and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made.

2. I know there is enough abundance in the world to satisfy everyone, and I will receive my share after starting my business.

3. I captain my emotions, control my progress, and always make the best decisions to keep me moving in the right direction.

examples of personal mantra
4. I live my life freely and enjoy a bottomless supply of joy.

5. My life is complete, and I am content.

6. I pursue my dreams even when naysayers insist I won’t succeed.

7. My mind is healthy; my body is agile, and today will be an excellent day.

8. Positive thoughts cleanse my soul.

9. I’m unafraid to be wrong because mistakes are the best teachers.

10. I have complete control over my thoughts and understand that I am what I think.

11. I am unstoppable when I focus my energy on [insert goal].

12. My potential is limitless, and I regularly tap into my source to produce great work.

13. I’m falling in love with who I’m becoming and couldn’t be more proud.

14. Fear plays no productive role in my life. I will push through it to [insert goal].

15. I do my best not to judge myself or other people. Life is hard, and we’re all doing our best.

16. I love myself even though I’m not perfect.

17. It’s never too late to change, and I will use the Earth’s infinite supply to turn the corner today.

18. I pave my own path and landscape it how I like. 

19. I’m a superhero and am more powerful than my pain.

examples of personal mantra
20. I am worthy, talented, and ready to walk into my destiny.

21. I am proud of myself.

22. Because I work hard, I am unstoppable.

23. I’ll have a wonderful day because it’s my choice.

24. I’m perfectly in tune with the Universe and am destined to succeed.

25. The Universe works in mysterious ways, and I know it’s conspiring to support my dreams.

26. Because there is a bottomless well of abundance, I align myself to receive my share.

27. The more I focus on a positive path, the more help the Universe gives me.

28. I understand that growth is sometimes painful, yet I’m anxious to expand my wisdom and knowledge.

29. Each day is a new opportunity to exercise my creativity, discipline, and hard-work muscles.

30. I achieve all my goals by focusing on each for at least 15 minutes daily, and I will do that today.

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31. Nobody is perfect, but everybody, including me, is excellent.

examples of personal mantra
32. My dreams are outsized, and nothing’s standing in my way.

33. I Will achieve my goal of [insert goal]. 

34. I’m my own best friend, and that is amazing.

35. I’m at peace with everything that has happened and will happen.

36. I am the architect of my own life and the captain of my actions.

37. I am surrounded by positivity and let it soak into every pore.

38. I enjoy boundless energy, good health, and a protective cosmic crew.

39. I deserve a partner who respects, loves, and supports me.

40. I let compassion and kindness guide my path.

41. I am valuable, talented, kind, compassionate, and creative. 

42. I’m a magnet for good energy and luck. My dreams will materialize if I continue to work hard.

43. I am a divine being who’s very loved.

44. I enjoy spending time with myself to think, reflect, and continue learning about my surroundings and myself.

45. I am the best me I can be, and I love myself very much.

46. I know that everything happens for a reason at the right time.

47. I’m not for everyone, and that’s perfectly OK.

48. I desire greatness, and now I can achieve my dreams if I keep motivated and work hard.

49. I’m perfectly in tune with the world and my place in it.

50. I choose peace. I choose serenity. I choose love.

examples of personal mantra
51. My life partner is out there and anxiously waiting to meet me.

52. I will tap into the Universe’s limitless supply of patience and diligence, plus ask for a bit of luck.

53. Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business.

54. Today, I will think before I speak, weigh options before I act, and be kind to every person who crosses my past.

55. My mistakes are priceless, and they’re the best teachers in the world. 

56. Today’s actions will impact tomorrow, so I think carefully before acting.

57. I take one step, then another, and so on. This is the key to success.

58. I have the courage, compassion, and intelligence to move on and up.

59. My past does not control me. I live in the present in a ray of positivity.

60. I may have had a rough beginning, but I know I will finish magnificently. 

61. Negative thoughts have no control over my life. 

62. Passion ignites my motivation.

63. I don’t let useless thoughts hold me back.

64. My life is working out exactly as it should, and I’m overjoyed to learn each and every lesson.

65. I am worthy; I am intelligent and can accomplish anything to which I put my mind.

66. People who know and see the real me love me.

67. I generate unstoppable momentum with every step I take toward my goal.

68. Every day I learn a bit more and become a better person.

69. My passion is infinite, and I will use it to guide my path.

examples of personal mantra
70. Every day, I continue to make progress. I am proud of myself.

71. I’ve experienced hardships that will not stop me from being my best self.

72. Hard work is one of my many talents, and I will use it to get my life back on track. 

73. I am fully supported, and now is the right time to return to school.

74. I trust my higher self and cosmic guardians to light the right path for me.

Words have power because we are what we think. So try incorporating good mantras into your mindful and analytical meditation practice. It may make a huge, positive difference in your life.

Creating your own personal mantra can be hard. Learn how to create your own mantra with these examples of personal mantras as inspiration.

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