Take A Mindfulness Break With One Of These 11 Mini Zen Garden Kits

Zen gardens, also known as Japanese dry gardens, have been used since at least the first century. 

The gardens are distinctive for their gravel or sand raked to look like waves.

They sometimes include moss, larger rocks, trees, bushes, or water features.

A small Zen garden is a miniature version of the traditional garden.

It may be kept in a small frame or tray.

At a minimum, it includes sand and a small rake. 

The rake is used to make designs in the sand, which calms the mind and aids focus and stress relief

You can use various sand tools to create different designs, including brushes, combs, pens, and sand stamps.

What is the Purpose of a Zen Garden Kit?

The purpose of a mini Zen garden kit is to encourage feelings of calm. 

Making patterns in the sand of the Zen garden allows your mind to focus and destress. 

The pleasing layout of a well-designed garden creates a sense of serenity. Candles, incense, or essential oils used with the Zen garden contribute to your overall sense of tranquility.

Zen gardens are beautiful decorative pieces. Even if you don’t use the Zen garden regularly, you will benefit from its presence in your home or office. 

It is also an excellent tool for meditation. You can use the Zen garden as a focal point while you repeat mantras and clear your mind. 

Some of the benefits of a Zen garden kit include:

  • Improved overall psychological health
  • A more peaceful nature
  • A sense of tranquility
  • Decreased stress
  • An improved ability to focus
  • Increased inner calm
  • A closer connection with nature

What Do I Need for a Mini Zen Garden?

A basic desk Zen garden can be simple or ornate. You may start with a wooden tray of any size.

If you don’t have a tray, you can use any container, including a dish, planter, or fishbowl. Long, shallow containers are best, so you can create designs in the sand.

Once you have chosen your base, add sand. It is best to use soft sand that retains the patterns you create. Typical Zen garden sand is white, but you can choose any color you desire. 

You can also mix your sand with essential oils. Some oils that promote peace and serenity include sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, and ylang-ylang. 

Mix the oils slowly, adding more only as needed. Place decorative items like polished stones, candles, or small statues. Use the wooden rake to make patterns to calm your mind during times of stress.

Needed Materials:

  • Wooden tray
  • Sand
  • Wooden rake
  • Polished stones
  • Candle
  • Essential oils

You may add other decorative items to a desktop Zen garden. The most common decorative items are polished rocks. 

A small Buddha statue and bonsai trees are other common additions. Additional items in a Zen garden include bridges, fences, resin animals, resin flowers, petrified wood, and miniature pagodas.

You can add anything you like to a Zen garden to make it your own. As long as the object brings you peace and comfort, it is welcome in your Zen garden.

Mini Zen Garden Kit: 11 of the Best Relaxing and Therapeutic Kits

We chose these Zen garden kits because they offer reasonably priced therapeutic beauty.

Purchasing a ready-made zen garden kit removes the stress of trying to find the right components when building your own. They make excellent gifts for yourself, a co-worker, a family member, or a friend.

1. ENSO Japanese Zen Garden

This Zen garden is one of the larger Zen gardens on the list. It is suitable for desks and tabletops with much extra room. 

Included are a 10 x 8-inch tray, an artificial bonsai tree, decorative rocks, a miniature pagoda, six sand tools with a storage container, and white sand. The kit comes in an attractive Japanese gift box, making it ideal for gift-giving.

2. MyGift Desktop Zen Garden Kit with Buddha Statue

This attractive desktop zen garden comes with candle holders, an incense burner, a sand tray, a small rake, and a Buddha statue. The accessories are made of metal and have a pewter look; the sandbox and stand are wood. 

The perfect mindfulness accessory for people who gravitate toward Eastern Buddhist traditions, this display may come in handy for open-eye meditations. If not, it’s an attractive decoration that can also help the calming process. 

Are you planning to use the incense burner? Best to get cone options to pair with this zen garden kit. 

3. Oasis of Calm Zen Garden Kit

The Oasis of Calm Zen Garden Kit offers unique blue sand that truly replicates waves when raked with the six handmade bamboo tools that are included. 

The Zen garden kit also has black and white polished stones of varying sizes, a lotus flower, and a guide for setting up and using the Zen garden. 

The included black tray is sleek, modern, and fits with any decor. This is an excellent choice for a professional office.

4. Artcome Japanese Zen Sand Garden

The Artcome miniature Zen garden is a beautiful piece replicating a full-scale Japanese dry garden. 

The wooden base is accented with a Zen fence, a stone bridge, a miniature cherry tree, a mini pagoda, greenery, and polished rocks. 

You can rake white sand with one of three handmade bamboo tools. The included brush allows you to delicately brush the sand away from the structures so the garden remains serene.

5. Japanese Zen Sand Garden Kit – Koi Pond

Most zen garden kits feature gold or white sand, but this one by Sdeetesamjun is a variation on the theme: It resembles a koi pond and sports blue sand. Other features include a small bridge, lily pads, lotus flowers, fish, and a stone statue. 

Rearrange the pieces daily to reflect your mood and help you enjoy a few moments of concentrated peace of mind. 

Sized right, it fits beautifully on a desk, shelf, or table and adds a pop of color.

6. TEDORRO Japanese Zen Garden Kit

This Japanese Zen Garden Kit is a larger desk kit that leaves room for plenty of decorative extras. The 11 x 8-inch base is suitable for tables, bookcases, or large desks. 

White sand stands in stark contrast to the black base. Also included are miniature trees, shrubs, a pagoda, sand tools with a stand, polished rocks, a resin lotus flower, and a model bridge. 

It is a lovely gift for a recent college graduate about to embark on their first career.

7. BangBangDa Miniature Zen Garden

This miniature Zen garden is perfect for even the smallest desks. The circular base is designed in a yin and yang fashion with white and black sand. 

The Zen garden kit includes multiple colors of rocks, a Buddha statue, two resin koi figures, and an incense holder in the shape of a lotus flower. 

A sand rake and a box of incense are also included. Because it is so small, this is suitable for college dorms, small offices, or even as a table centerpiece.

8. BangBangDa Meditation Zen Garden

The larger BangBangDa Meditation Zen Garden Kit has numerous extras so you can decorate your Zen garden however you choose. 

The natural wooden tray is home to white sand and six sand tools. Extras include an incense holder with incense, miniature pagodas, resin animals, resin lily pads, polished rocks, trees, greenery, and two battery-operated candles. 

This is a good Zen garden kit for beginners who want to have various items. You can learn what helps you find your inner calm while discarding those things that may only serve as distractions.

9. Dgudgu Zen Garden Kit

The Dgudgu Zen Garden Kit is a beautiful kit reminiscent of Japan’s Zen gardens. The simplistic kit includes a wide, wooden base that you will fill with white sand. 

You can then decorate the Zen garden’s landscape with two large rocks, a buddha statue, a faux bonsai pine tree, a Japanese tower, two resin cats, and ten polished, black rocks. The kit also includes a sand rake.

10. AsanaLiving Desktop Zen Sand Garden

The AsanaLiving Zen Garden is a unique garden kit with separate compartments for each garden element. One compartment is made specifically for sand. 

Experience relaxation when you use the sand stamp or sand rake to create designs in the sand. You can fill two more compartments with polished rocks and resin statues. 

The kit includes a Buddha and a lotus plant. You could even use one compartment for small succulents while continuing to take advantage of the Zen practice.

11. Full On Zen Mini Zen Garden

The Full-On Zen Mini Desktop Zen Garden is a minimalist’s dream. The circular base looks lovely when filled with white sand. 

A golden incense burner and mini pagoda temple stand out against the black and white backdrop. Blue and yellow flow balls complete the look. 

It also includes a sand rake, a pen design tool, and incense. This mini desktop Zen garden is the right choice if you are practicing feng shui or just need a lovely way to calm your mind.

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Any of these desktop Zen garden kits will be the perfect addition to your workspace. 

They are also ideal for meditation spaces, yoga studios, bedrooms, or any spot where you will benefit from calm. 

Whether you are just beginning your journey into mindfulness or a seasoned professional, a mini zen garden kit will help you focus, relax and renew your inner peace.            

Mini Zen gardens are said to help calm a busy mind. Here are some of the best mini zen garden kits available in the market.

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