5 Grounding Meditation Scripts To Connect With The Earth

Feeling stressed, disoriented, depressed, anxious, or just worn out? 

People keep telling you that you need to get back into nature, go to the beach, take more walks, etc.

But you’re having a hard enough time just getting things done.

It’s been too long since you felt really connected to the Earth — or yourself, for that matter.  

You’re about to change that with the guided grounding meditations in this post.

You and the Earth make a phenomenal team. 

Let’s find out why. 

What Is a Grounding? 

Essentially, grounding — also called “earthing” — is connecting physically with the earth, whether through solid ground or bodies of water to draw energy from it. Full contact means the part of your body touching the land or water must be bare. 

You make skin-to-earth contact: no shoes, socks, or gloves. 

Grounding meditation uses that contact as the starting point for a mindfulness exercise that deepens your awareness of the connection and all that you gain from it. 

It uses the following elements:

  • Mindful awareness of the present and your senses
  • Posture
  • Breathing 
  • Mindful touch / tactile engagement
  • Lack of barriers (between your skin and the earth or earthbound water)
  • Anything that can help you stay in the present moment

The lack of barriers between you and the one you’re connecting with is a powerful and essential ingredient to every meditation for grounding. 

What Are The Benefits of a Grounding Meditation? 

While there are no scientific studies proving the benefits of grounding meditations, practitioners and their clients have reported real relief from the following: 

A grounding meditation script like the ones you’ll see below can help you create a safe, nurturing space for yourself during the day. 

You deserve that. And you need it. Your body and mind will thank you.

5 Simple Grounding Meditation Scripts 

Before you begin one of the grounding meditation scripts here, take a moment to prepare, using the steps described below. As you practice with these scripts, allow yourself to add something suggested by your imagination or insight. 

Make each meditation your own. 

Preparing for a Grounding Meditation 

An essential part of any meditation is preparation. Before you begin any mindfulness meditation, it’s essential to create physical, mental, and emotional space that supports what you’re about to do. 

  • Bare your feet — Rubber soles cut off the electric flow of energy between your body and the earth. Beyond that, skin-to-earth contact maximizes tactile awareness. If weather conditions don’t allow this, consider a grounding mat.
  • Get outside — It’s always best if you can do these grounding meditations outside with your bare feet touching the earth or an earthbound body of water. 
  • Dress appropriately and comfortably — Wear clothes that allow for unrestricted movement and won’t distract you with irritating fabrics or the potential for wardrobe malfunctions. 
  • Sit, stand, or lie down — Depending on your chosen meditation script, choose a posture you find comfortable and sustainable and won’t put you to sleep or distract you. 
  • Start with some deep, cleansing breaths — Inhale calm, grateful, hopeful energy. Exhale the stress of your day and any anxieties you harbor about the future. Mindful breathing helps you return to the present. 
woman lying on the ground while eyes closed grounding meditation script

Read through the grounding exercise scripts below slowly and with an open mind. You might insert a few brief pauses to help you relax and set a pace that works for you. 

1. 3-Minute Grounding Meditation Script

Find a place outside where you can sit or stand on the ground on your bare feet. 

  • Start by becoming aware of what you feel from every body part in contact with the earth. Is it smooth, dry, damp, warm, or cold? 
  • What sensations do you feel in your body as you become more aware of what you’re feeling at those points of contact? 
  • Take three slow, deep breaths — in through the nose and out through the mouth as you settle into this awareness and connection. Or take as many breaths as you need to feel the transfer of energy and sensation between you and the earth. 
  • Take a moment to feel gratitude to the earth for supporting you and providing solid ground for you to walk… stand…  sit…  and lie upon. 
  • If you’re standing, allow yourself to take a few steps, walking in a circle or up to a specific point and then back, paying attention to what you feel with each step. 
  • If you’re sitting, keep your back straight, and use a hand (or two) to touch different spots nearby and rub or dig your fingers into the surface. 
  • Take a moment to just notice and enjoy the new sensations from every point of contact and throughout your body. 
  • When you’re ready, take three more slow, deep breaths, feeling gratitude for the time you spent connecting with the earth and staying present for yourself. 

2. Grounding Meditation Script for Anxiety

This is particularly useful for those who like to use visualization and imagine themselves harnessing the earth’s energy and heat to melt anxiety and provide a calming warmth. 

Wherever you are (and whatever you’re facing), remove your shoes and tap into the connection you feel between your feet and the ground beneath. 

(Note: If this isn’t an option, grounding shoes or sandals are also worth considering.)

  • Take three slow, deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Or take as many breaths as you need to feel calmer and more aware of the energy transfer between your body and the earth. 
  • Imagine invisible roots growing out from your feet, reaching deep into the earth all the way to its core in mere seconds. Feel yourself rooted to that center, even if your feet have to move across the ground. Wherever you go, now, the connection remains intact. 
  • Imagine heat rising from the earth’s core and filling your belly, warming you and lighting you up on the inside. Enjoy this sensation as you breathe in and out. 
  • Continue breathing and drawing warmth and calm up into your body>
  • Imagine yourself exhaling some of that heat without exhausting the supply. The earth keeps you well supplied with its fire and electrical energy, but now you can draw it further up and exhale it as any anxiety or agitation you feel. 
  • As you inhale, you feel a warm, glowing inner peace. As you exhale, your anxiety dissolves and floats away. You feel strong, filled with light and warmth, unstoppable. 

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3. Walking Meditation Script for Grounding

You don’t have to stay rooted to the same spot to ground yourself. Taking walks outside, even brief ones, with your feet bare or wearing grounding footwear, can accomplish the same ends, with the added benefits of mindful movement. 

  • Find a place outside where you can walk at a leisurely pace with your feet bare or wearing something that won’t impede the transfer of energy between your body and the earth. 
  • Pay attention to the sensations in your feet as you walk. Try to establish a pace that works with the pace of your breathing. Your goal here is to connect with the earth, not get your heart rate up. 
  • Breathe evenly in and out, paying attention to how each breath feels.  Keep breathing at your own pace.
  • As you breathe, imagine the earth’s energy rising into your body through your feet with each inhale. 
  • Imagine that energy circulating throughout your body with each exhale, healing everything it touches, restoring balance, and radiating light, health, and healing. 
  • With every exhale, any stale, sick, or tired energy leaves your body through your feet, transferring to the ground where it travels to the earth’s center to be purified and renewed. 
  • The same energy that leaves your body stale and gray is recycled. In moments, another person will draw it into themselves as fresh, healing energy. 
  • So, keep telling yourself that as you breathe and as you walk, fresh, healing energy comes in with each inhale. 
  • With each exhale, it circulates, heals, balances, and radiates. And with exhale, any stagnant energy left in your body finds its way out. 

4. Grounding and Centering Meditation Script for Lying on the Ground

This grounding meditation gives new meaning to “having a lie-down.” Try this at least once. We hope it becomes a favorite part of your weekly (or daily) routine. 

man in a field of violet flowers grounding meditation script
  • Lie on the ground however you find most comfortable. You can use a grounding mat or sheet between you and the ground if you’re likely to be distracted by wetness, cold, insects, etc. 
  • Start with three slow, deep, gentle breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth. You can form a small “O” with your mouth or just open it and let the air escape. 
  • Pay attention to how your body feels against the ground. Focus, one at a time, on every point of contact and any sensations you experience at those points. What do you notice most about the places where your body meets the ground? 
  • How is the rest of your body reacting to these sensations? What energy do you feel passing from the earth to your body — or from your body to the earth? 
  • Imagine, with each inhale, that you draw up warmth and healing from the earth. 
  • Imagine, with each exhale, that the stress and anxiety leave your body as stale energy, passing into the ground and traveling to the earth’s center to be purified and renewed
  • Imagine, with each breath, that you’re growing calmer, stronger, and more firmly rooted in the earth. The earth supports you with every step you take. And now, it’s holding you and filling you with what you need to heal and remember your strength. 
  • Keep breathing like this for as long as you like. 
  • When you’re ready to get up, take three more slow, mindful breaths, feeling grateful to the earth for its support and healing. 

5. Full Moon Grounding Meditation Script

Our moon’s cycle affects us whether or not we’re aware of it. This grounding meditation can help you grow in awareness of the lunar cycle and reap the benefits. 

  • Find a spot outside where you can sit or lie down on the ground — somewhere you can easily see the full moon. Settle in and find a comfortable position. 
  • If you prefer, you can use a grounding mat or sheet between you and the ground to protect your clothing from the earth’s dampness. 
  • Start by taking three slow, deep, gentle breaths. Inhale through your nose for up to four counts. Exhale through your mouth for up to eight. Find a pace that feels natural and calming. 
  • Look up at the moon and notice how it looks and how its appearance compares to what you pictured earlier. How is it different from what you expected? How does the moon of the present moment compare to the moon of your past imagining?
  • Acknowledge the moon as it is and take a moment just to appreciate what you see in it. 
  • What are you feeling now in your body as you sit or lie here with your eyes fixed on the moon? 
  • As you sit or lie here, imagine that with each breath, you’re drawing in light from the moon and exhaling all the stress and tension in your body, feeling it leave, carried away on the night breeze, or departing into the earth to renew itself at the center. 
  • Rest here a moment to recharge yourself with the combined energy of the moon and the earth. Take as many deep, cleansing breaths as you need to feel calm and clear. 
  • After a final thank you to the moon and the earth, curl yourself up and walk inside. 

Now that you’ve looked through all five of the grounding meditation scripts above, we hope you found at least one you’d like to make a regular part of your weekly commitment to mindfulness meditation. 

May you grow more aware of the strength, energy, and support that are never far from you with each meditation. 

What is grounding meditation and what are its benefits? In this post, learn different grounding meditation scripts and how it helps in your mindful practice.

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