42 Throat Chakra Affirmations To Free You From The Need For Approval

Affirmations give you the ability to focus on self-improvement, self-worth, and general well-being. 

Specific chakra affirmations allow you to concentrate on body areas that are most in need of care.

For example, affirmations for the throat chakra can improve your communication skills with yourself and others and provide a foundation for discerning your authentic self.

With the throat chakra unblocked, you can stop seeking approval from others because you can find it from within.

What is the Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra, also known as Vishuddha, is the fifth chakra in the body. Each of the seven chakras must flow smoothly and openly to have a body in balance. 

The throat chakra is the body’s voice, allowing you to speak to yourself and others. It is the chakra of self-expression, truth, and clarity.

While the throat chakra primarily focuses on the throat, it is also the chakra of the face, tongue, lips, ears, neck, and shoulders. You can think of it as the pathway from the body’s emotional center to the mind. 

You can tell that your throat chakra is blocked if you feel sad, depressed, anxious, or have low self-esteem.

An unbalanced throat chakra might also present physically. You could have thyroid issues, sore throat, neck and shoulder pain, or even ear infections.

Throat Chakra Attributes:

  • Color: Blue
  • Element: Ether
  • Bija Mantra: Ham
  • Crystals: Sodalite, aquamarine, amazonite

42 Throat Chakra Affirmations to Free You From the Need for Approval

The throat chakra element is ether. In simpler terms, the throat chakra relates to the emptiness of space. 

women meditating together throat chakra affirmations

The essence of our spirits rests in that space, and you can find it through meditation and chanting. 

The approval we seek from other people is a misguided form of self-approval. Only connecting with ether can pull that approval that is deeply buried within.

1. My voice is strong and will be heard.

2. I speak with honesty.

3. I express myself clearly and with pride.

4. People respect me when I talk to them.

5. I trust my own words.

6. I have a good sense of humor that others enjoy.

7. I hear wisdom in my words.

8. I seek positivity in all things.

9. I enjoy being around and talking with others.

10. People find comfort when I speak with them.

11. My words are full of love.

12. I am confident when I talk.

throat chakra affirmations
13. I will not let fear dictate when I allow myself to speak.

14. I am present when I speak.

throat chakra affirmations
15. I will not feel pressure to behave in a way that isn’t true to myself.

16. I am unique.

17. I find no difficulty in communicating my true feelings.

18. My clear communication pattern is attractive to others.

19. I accept and embrace my faults.

20. My presence improves the world around me.

21. I speak with knowledge and intelligence.

22. My words and emotions are pure.

23. I love myself enough to take care of my body.

24. I am friendly. People enjoy talking with me.

25. My happiness is not dependent upon others.

26. I breathe deeply and lead a healthy life.

27. I love who I am.

28. I do not argue when a conversation is an option.

throat chakra affirmations
29. It is healthy to support my beliefs with intelligent language.

30. Those who judge me do not own me.

31. I continue to improve every day.

32. I am allowed to be myself.

33. When I speak, people listen.

34. I am sincere and helpful.

throat chakra affirmations
35. I can speak calmly during tense situations.

36. I put others at ease when I smile.

37. My emotions are balanced.

38. I value others when they speak.

39. My true opinions are valued.

40. I was born to speak my truth.

41. I am not afraid to be me.

42. My voice is strong.

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FAQs About the Throat Chakra

It is perfectly natural to have questions about the throat chakra. Here are some common questions with answers that can help you better understand this chakra.

What Blocks the Throat Chakra?

Throat chakra symptoms are sometimes cyclical. Feeling nervous, depressed, shy, or anxious may cause the throat chakra to become blocked, only enhancing those feelings. It can be a challenging cycle to break, but it is essential to try.

silhouette of a woman while meditating throat chakra affirmations

The throat chakra may also become blocked from unhealthy eating. Relying on processed foods is a common way to block the throat chakra. 

Polluted air is also a culprit. Inhaling pollution, including all forms of smoke, will block the chakra. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, and low hydration can also lead to a blocked chakra.

How Do You Unblock Your Throat Chakra?

There are numerous ways to unblock the throat chakra. Exercise, yoga, and neck stretches will help the throat chakra become balanced.

Keeping the neck warm also helps unlock this chakra. You can do this by wearing a scarf and drinking soothing, hot teas.

Also, try clearing the throat chakra with chants and affirmations. The bija mantra “ham” used in conjunctions with affirmations is very helpful. 

Surround yourself with the color blue and blue gemstones. Pure crystals are best, but any color of blue will encourage your throat chakra to find balance.

What Emotion Is Associated with the Throat Chakra?

Awareness is primarily associated with the throat chakra. Being self-aware and actualized comes directly from this chakra. An unbalanced throat chakra leads to fear, anxiety, worry, and depression. 

A balanced throat chakra is evident through honesty and self-confidence. Those who can easily forgive others have an excellent balance in their throat chakra.

An unbalanced throat chakra might also lead to excessive talking and arrogance. If you find yourself being stubborn or unwieldy with your language, it could be that your throat chakra needs to find balance. 

Calming an overactive throat chakra is achieved through meditation and self-reflection.

What Yoga Poses Help with the Throat Chakra?

Yoga poses, or asanas, are a vital part of balancing chakras. All yoga poses use breathing techniques that help the throat chakra.

woman in the field throat chakra affirmations

Specific poses that focus on the lower face, neck, shoulders, and upper back are ideal for chakra balancing.

Matsyasana, or Fish Pose, is an excellent and easy pose for the third chakra. This involves lying flat on the floor with the spinal column aligned. 

Place your elbows at your sides and inhale, lifting the chest toward the sky with the crown of your head remaining on the floor. 

Nearly anyone can do this post, and it does wonders for opening up the throat chakra.

Salamba Sarvangasana, a supported shoulder stand, puts full focus on the third chakra. Like Matsyasana, you begin on the floor. 

Instead of lifting your chest, lift your pelvis until your legs are straight in the air and together, with toes pointing toward the ceiling. You may use your hands or a yoga block to provide support while your upper back connects with the floor and your throat chakra opens.

A balanced life begins with a balanced chakra. Unblocking the throat chakra is the key to achieving that balance, relieving depression, easing anxiety, and living your best life.

What is the throat chakra and how does it benefit you? In this post, learn more about throat chakras and collect some throat chakra affirmations you can use next time.

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