Level Up Your Self-Confidence With These 51 Affirmations (And Mantras)

Building confidence is not as simple as just deciding to be more self-assured each time you leave the house. 

Often, becoming more confident requires a genuine interpersonal belief in yourself. 

To see yourself as the powerful, creative, intuitive individual you are, incorporate affirmations to discover the more accepting version of yourself at your core. 

Working with positive affirmations can give you deeper insight into your feelings and how to believe in yourself.

Why Affirmations and Mantras Help with Self-Confidence

Many Eastern cultures believe in the power of sound, vibration, and the use of repetitive thoughts or words. 

From traditional sounds such as “Om” to using short affirmative statements, sounds are thought to significantly impact all things around and within us. 

From manifesting your dream career to maintaining the confidence you need to find the love of your life, affirmations support many goals and desires in your everyday life. 

Here are a few ways affirmations can help boost confidence while encouraging you to take action: 

  • Develop healthy habits: Using affirmations daily helps establish healthy habits that directly and positively impact your life.
  • Self-care: Affirmations and mantras also are a form of self-care that boost your self-esteem and self-image. They can be as valuable as eating well and exercising.
  • Self-Reflection: Spend more time thinking of individual affirmations that are most meaningful to you and why. Dig deeper into better understanding your interpersonal needs to help further boost your confidence. 

What Are the Benefits of Confidence Affirmations?

Regularly practicing affirmations can help establish healthy confidence while better understanding yourself and your wants and needs. 

Some of the most notable benefits of confident affirmations:

  • Increased mindfulness: Increasing mindfulness is key to genuine self-reflection and growth in life. Confidence statements are highly beneficial for mindfulness and self-reflection opportunities. 
  • Positivity increases: If you simply want to feel better about yourself, your life, and who you are, you can do so with this practice. Optimism is also likely to improve the more you believe in yourself.
  • Inner peace: For those who are on a journey to find peace within and in the world around them, confidence affirmations can help. They put the mind at ease and create a state of calmness.
  • Boosted motivation: If you want to remain motivated and excited about your career, hobbies, relationships, and passions, use affirmations to support your goals. You will begin to genuinely believe in yourself and your ideas again, ultimately boosting intrinsic motivation.
  • Productivity: Anyone who struggles with focus on a task due to overthinking, anxiety, or distraction can benefit from confidence affirmations. They help you believe in yourself so you feel less anxious, distracted, or unfocused.

51 Self-Confidence Positive Affirmations and Mantras

Whether you want to believe in yourself again or get out unstuck, we’ve included self-affirmations for confidence and mantras that can support you and inspire you to take action.

Affirmations for Self-Confidence

1. I am a worthy and valid individual.

2. I am confident in my skills, abilities, and what I can achieve.

self-confidence positive affirmations
3. I work hard each day, and I am consistent, thorough, and thoughtful.

4. My ability to dream and create is powerful.

5. I know I am strong enough to face any challenge head-on.

6. I am building the life of my dreams and the life I envision for myself every day.

7. I accept challenges and obstacles in life as opportunities to change and grow for the better.

8. I am working to become the best version of myself and to give back to those around me.

9. I choose to trust in myself and in the process of enjoying the journey.

10. I let go of trying to control all aspects of my life and focus on the present moment.

self-confidence positive affirmations
11. Everything I want and need can be attained by what I have inside me.

12. Everything that I am inside is enough.

13. If I choose to do something, I can achieve it at will.

14. I am the creator of my world and universe.

15. I let go of the limitations of my beliefs and understanding of the world around me.

16. I allow myself to learn and grow with each new encounter and experience. 

17. I welcome and praise new opportunities, relationships, and positive experiences in my life. 

18. I can achieve and receive anything I desire easily.

19. I easily take the actions needed to build financial success.

20. I am surrounded by love, positivity, and successful opportunities.

21. I am drawn to those who are giving, healthy, positive, and hopeful.

self-confidence positive affirmations
22. I attract the success I receive in abundance and with ease.

23. Good things happen to me and in my life each day.

24. I can create the positive future of my dreams.

25. I am in control of my future and my destiny. 

Self-Confidence Mantras

26. I am enough.

27. I will win.

28. I survive.

29. All is well.

30. I love myself.

31. I accept myself.

32. I am whole.

33. I am love.

self-confidence positive affirmations
34. I am fearless, strong, and bold. 

35. I can lead.

36. I strive forward.

37. I am unstoppable.

38. I am healing.

In addition to shorter mantras, sound-based vibrational mantras are believed to hold significant power.

In Vedic tradition and belief, Bija mantras were sophisticated tools that could tap into the extensive unseen universe around us. 

The use of sounds, such as “Ohm,” is said to be highly vital in connecting with oneself and the world and universe around us.

Some common sound and vibration-based mantras for confidence might include: 

39. OM/AUM – Represents the third eye or the 6th chakra

40. Aham Prema

41. Ham-Sah

42. I love you.

43. I am sorry.

44. Forgive me.

45. I am.

46. LAM – Representative of the root chakra

47. VAM- Represents the second sacral chakra 

48. RAM – Represents the third solar plexus chakra

49. YAM – Represents the fourth chakra, the heart

50. HAM – Represents the fifth chakra, the throat

51. OM / AH – Represents the seventh chakra or the crown chakra

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How to Use These Confidence Affirmations and Mantras

Once you are familiar with a range of confidence affirmations and mantras that resonate with you, you can then begin incorporating them into your own life. 

Using Affirmations

  • Speak them out loud: Recite your affirmations to yourself out loud, in front of a mirror, if possible. You can also record yourself speaking the affirmations to listen to as you fall asleep at night.
  • Choose carefully: Only recite statements that feel true or attainable so you believe what you are saying. If the words seem disingenuous, you won’t find them helpful.
  • Add action: After saying your affirmation, reflect on small, easy actions you can take to support feeling better about yourself. Write them down in your calendar, so you have a specific date to accomplish them.

Using Mantras

  • Research sounds and effects: Seek out mantra sounds relevant to your needs and where you need to improve your confidence.
  • Set an intent: What do you intend to learn or achieve from the mantra you have chosen to repeat and use? How will you work toward your desired results using the mantras you have selected? 
  • Choose a designated space: Choose a space that is suitable for your practice that is isolated and private. You can combine using mantras with a meditation practice.

Using affirmations and mantras may seem like a pointless exercise for such a profound challenge. How can reciting a few words really impact your self-confidence?

But science agrees that positive affirmations support your brain’s ability to adapt and view the statements as fact, which boosts your confidence and willingness to take action.

Upgrade the way you look at yourself and become more confident with these self-confidence positive affirmations.

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