All You Want To Know About Manifesting Meditation And How To Practice It

Manifestation is a popular concept in the spiritual and New Thought movement. 

It is also a term used in psychology, implying we can use our thoughts and beliefs to bring something into reality.

Most people fall into one of two manifestation camps: spiritual and secular.

The former cosmically believes in the Law of Attraction.

The latter, differentially, views it as a framework to achieve goals. 

Today, we’re looking at how to meditate for manifestation from a more practical standpoint (topped off with a bit of spirituality).

Skeptics may smirk, but there is a scientific basis for incorporating the practice into your life.

Let’s dive in.

What Is the Difference Between Meditation and Manifestation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that trains and calms the mind.

You can practice it in several ways, and researchers have confirmed via peer-reviewed, double-blind studies that meditation is excellent for both physical and mental health.

Manifestation is different. Furthermore, it means something different to different people. 

Manifestation is the ongoing process of creation in the most general, definitional sense. 

Some schools of thought teach that every living organism manifests everything in life via a cosmic, energetic, otherworldly force.

These people believe that individuals create life’s elements — from the water they drink to the homes in which they live.

Other folks see manifestation as a self-development tool (granted, one with a spiritual and ritualistic bend) that people can use to achieve their goals.

Unlike the first group, individuals who adhere to this framework believe hard work is a significant component of the manifestation process and live by the motto: there’s no manifestation without action.    

To recap, differences between meditation and manifestation include:

  • Meditation is a mindful “exercise”; manifestation is a creation concept.
  • Meditation helps clear and balance the mind; manifestation enables you to visualize and achieve goals.
  • There are two primary schools of manifestation thought and dozens of meditation methods.
  • Manifesting requires setting a material, physical, mental, or spiritual goal; meditation does not.

Can You Manifest While Meditating?

While manifesting and meditation are separate things, you can use meditation to augment your manifestation goals. 

woman in a state of meditation meditate and manifest

Because when the mind is calm, cortisol (stress) levels diminish, and you enjoy better control over thoughts and actions (which meditation affords). Reaching goals is more likely in such a state. 

When your brain jitters around and is controlled by the shadow self, focusing and succeeding are more of an uphill battle. 

To sum it up, meditation for manifestation:

  • Paves a smoother path on the journey toward your goals
  • Helps you better define what you want out of life and why
  • Empowers you to live up to your potential
  • Stabilizes your mindset for enhanced emotional control

What Are the Benefits of Meditation Manifestation? 

Researchers have uncovered myriad benefits of meditation, and the magic happens when married to a manifestation effort. How? Why?

  • Certain types of meditation — especially chakra meditations — clear blocked bodily energy, making room for joy and abundance.
  • Meditating puts you more in line with nature’s positive vibrations.
  • Meditation trains your intuition, cultivating the confidence needed to take inspired steps.
  • Visualization skills are essential to the manifestation process. Meditating enhances this skill.
  • Distraction is the enemy of success. Discipline naturally follows when you learn to meditate and better control your mind.
  • Meditation exercises creativity, which helps you define achievable goals that fit your personality, lifestyle, and values.

To frame it in a spiritual light, we suggest that manifestation meditation aligns you with your highest vibrational self — aka your higher self. It also helps you relinquish limiting beliefs, which gum up the energetic works.

Meditate and Manifest: How To Practice a Manifesting Meditation 

How are manifestation meditations done?

As they say: different strokes for different folks.

That said, most manifestation meditations follow a similar flow. So let’s take a look.

1. Prep Your Place

Technically, you can meditate anywhere: lying in bed before waking, at your work desk, while walking, or sitting in a custom-designed meditation room. The possibilities are endless. 

But if you want to superpower the experience, pick a comfortable spot and then “zhuzh up” the place. Light incense or a scented candle. If diffusers are your thing, have at it. 

If possible, set the ideal temperature and sit on something soft and supportive. Put on music if that’s your thing. The goal is to engage all your senses. 

Meditating outside? Bring a blanket or an indoor-outdoor meditation chair.

2. Prep Yourself

Once you’ve found the perfect, tranquil space to meditate, it’s time to prepare yourself.

woman breathing while meditating meditate and manifest

Some people do yoga before meditating because it opens the body’s energy channels. Others like to take a hot bath or shower before doing a manifestation meditation.

Don’t be afraid to go all out. Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to “put on your face” or blow out your hair for a meditation session. Be yourself; if that means looking your best and getting “dolled up,” have at it! The key is authenticity.

3. Start With Breathing

Next up is breathing.

How we inhale and exhale impacts how we feel. The slower and deeper we breathe, the calmer we feel.

So start with a few deep breaths. Inhale for three to five seconds, hold it for three to five seconds, then exhale for the same amount.

This step will center and ground you. Notice the air entering and leaving your body. Thank it for giving you life; ask negative energy to exit and invite positive energy into your aura.

4. Do a Visualization

“Visualization” is an integral part of manifesting meditations. So why do we put it in quotes?

Because not everyone can visualize images — and that’s OK!

If you’re great at picturing things in your head, go with that. Play to your strong suits if you’re better with words, feelings, energy, smell, or touch.

Start by imagining the perfect day in your ideal life — the life you’ll have if you reach your goals. Think about what it would be like from when you wake up to when your head hits the pillow. Be detailed. 

Where do you live? How does it smell? What are you doing? Who is around you? What are you eating? 

Dissect every hour and run it through your head. The practice lets your subconscious and superconscious mingle with your conscious desires.

But be careful. Before deciding on what you want, think about why. Do your reasons resonate with your best, genuine self? Or are they simply a tired list of “shoulds” and “ideals” rooted in status anxiety? 

Many people believe money will make them eternally happy. And sure, funds help. But once people get it, many realize they’re still not fulfilled.

So think carefully about what you want to manifest and subsequently visualize. Remember to serve your values, passions, and lifestyle. Sometimes, quality time matters more than a giant bank account.

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5. Seal It With Affirmations

After completing a detailed visualization, seal it with a round of affirmations.

Pick one or two affirmations that relate to your manifestation, and repeat them each several times. Seven is a good number. Or, use your lucky number.

Examples include:

  • I am worthy, talented, and capable.
  • The Universe always has my best interests in mind.
  • Hard work, belief in the capabilities of my higher self, and compassion will get me far in life.

6. Give The Meditation Session Over

After sealing the deal with some affirmations, it’s time to hand the meditation and manifestation over to the Universe, your superconscious, and higher self. 

man on top of mountain meditate and manifest

Thank them for partnering with you in this endeavor, and don’t make any demands or ultimatums.

Simply relinquish your hold and ask for help. Trust that they love you (because they do), and assure them you’ll handle your part of the bargain down here. 

Guided Manifestation Meditation: 5 Meditations To Try 

Do you prefer guided meditations instead of DIY methods? Here are five to check out.

1. Heal the Past and Manifest Abundance:

This eight-hour guided meditation doesn’t have words. But it’s vibrationally attuned to 528 Hz, aka the love frequency.

2. Extremely Powerful Guided Manifestation Meditation:

Set aside 45 minutes to try this guided manifestation meditation. A calming voice walks you through the whole process.

3. Eleven-Minute Sleep Manifestation Meditation:

Looking for a quick meditation to do before bedtime? This one may fit the bill. The deep, gentle male voice is very soothing.

4. Believe to Receive:

Believing in yourself and having faith in the manifestation process is a key ingredient to its success.

This three-hour-long guided meditation is excellent for bedtime. It features both music and an affirmational voice. Fall asleep listening.

5. Self-Love Manifestation Meditation:

You can do this any time of day. Proctored by meditation teacher Manoj Dias of, it’s 10 minutes long and an excellent introduction to the practice.  

We hope you’ve learned a bit about how to meditate and manifest. Remember: you don’t need to manifest to meditate.

But meditating can enhance your manifestation work. So give it a try. There’s a better than average chance that miracles may follow.

Manifesting has become a trend these days. Is it okay to meditate while manifesting? Find out more about how to meditate and manifest here.

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