Mindfully Wipe Away Tension With These 21 Stress Relief Coloring Pages For Adults

Are you always feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed? You’re not alone.

Stress has become a part of everyday life for many people, with over 33% of Americans reporting that they experience extreme stress. 

Constant demands of everyday life and the never-ending to-do lists can really take a toll on your mental well-being.

So, if you’re looking for a way to wind down, why not try something creative? 

Coloring is one of the best ways to release tension and relax your mind. 

And what better way than with 21 stress-relief coloring pages specifically designed for adults?

Enjoy the vibrant colors and intricate designs paired with other mindfulness exercises, such as deep breathing and positive affirmations, and watch your stress levels drop.

What Are the Benefits of Coloring Pages for Stress

Coloring pages aren’t just for kids anymore. In recent years, more adults have been purchasing them as a way to de-stress and unwind from their daily lives.

In fact, studies show that these well-drawn, detailed pages offer adults calming refuge, helping them relieve anxiety, reduce stress and relax while providing them with a creative outlet to express themselves. 

Additionally, there are numerous other benefits of using these books.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improves your mood: Because coloring is a fun and creative way to express yourself and explore your artistic side, it can be a huge mood booster. That’s because it allows your brain to just relax, focus on what you’re doing, and have some fun.
  • Boosts creativity: Coloring helps unlock hidden parts of the brain, allowing you to get creative and explore different shade combinations.
  • Increases focus: Being mindful while coloring requires you to concentrate on the task at hand, allowing you to stay in the moment and forget about your worries. With time, this increases your concentration span, which also translates to other projects in your life.
  • Enhances relaxation: The process of coloring can be very therapeutic and calming, helping you to relax and take a break from everyday life. From the combination of hues to the concentration it requires, this activity can help you clear your mind and practice mindfulness.
  • Reduces anxiety: Taking a few moments to focus on something creative can distract you from the worries and anxieties of the world. This can help you escape reality and focus on something more calming and peaceful.

21 Stress Relief Coloring Pages to Mindfully Wipe Away Tension

Then these 21 captivating printable stress relief coloring pages for adults are designed to help you mindfully wipe away tension, one stroke at a time.

With intricate designs, soothing shades, and endless possibilities, these pages offer a tranquil escape from the chaos of everyday life.

1. Boho Coloring Pages

If you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, these boho coloring pages provide a perfect way to explore art therapy. 

The pages are filled with beautiful designs featuring nature-based themes like flowers, deserts, and succulents. 

And the best part? The book has over 50 unique designs, all single-sided, so you don’t have to worry about smudging.

2. Dog Day Art by Favoreads

Celebrate your furry friend this Dog Day with an awesome adult coloring page designed by Favoreads!

This downloadable product comes with a high-resolution copy in JPEG format and two PDFs – one standard letter size and one A4 size.

Simply save it to your computer and print it on any paper you like depending on the coloring medium you plan to use. For instance, you can use watercolor, standard, or cardstock paper.

3. Pratique Coloriage Anti Stresse Stock

Coloring anti-stress pages can be a great way to add some fun and creativity to your home or workspace without breaking the bank. With so many designs available, finding something that reflects your style and taste is easy.

These pages also provide an opportunity for mindful creativity, giving you a chance to express yourself in a creative way. Plus, this can be an effective way to reduce stress – so why not try it? You won’t regret it!

4. Worrying will Never Change the Outcome

If you’re looking to add some color to your world, these motivational pages by Sami Colors are perfect. They feature a motivational message with intricate, eye-catching designs.

Each page is ready to be printed, colored, and framed as a reminder that worrying won’t change the outcome of your situation.

5. Lollipop Hills 

This cheerful coloring page looks like it came straight from a fairytale! Imagine the rollingLollipop Hills coming to life with each and every hue you can think of – vibrant blues, warm oranges, and pinks, plus all the other colors in between.

It’s sure to be an adventure for your creative side! So get your crayons ready and bring this page to life!

6. Noonday Sun 

This coloring page is as bright and cheerful as the noonday sun itself! A fun pattern of sun rays, sweeping hills, a river flowing by, and swirling waves make this an awesome activity that’ll keep you busy for quite some time.

So grab your favorite shades and get ready to make your own masterpiece!

7. Pinwheel Flower

Get creative with this Pinwheel Flower Coloring Page. It’s a free printable page and perfect for everyone to color in, from adults to teenagers to kids.

With plenty of detailed areas to choose from, it’ll be fun to see the masterpiece you can create! So get your art supplies ready and have some alone time today!

8. Flowers and Bamboo 

Ready to get creative and use your imagination? Grab this awesome Flowers and Bamboo Coloring Page and give your artistic side some time to shine! 

With its vibrant flower designs at the forefront, combined with the soothing bamboo backdrop, you’ll be able to bring these pictures to life with your own creative touch. Enjoy a relaxing little session of coloring- it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon at home!

9. Vase of Flowers 

This gorgeous vase of flowers is just waiting to be filled with all your favorite colors. It’s a real beauty, so why not take some time today to download this page and let your creativity run wild?

There’s no limit to the stunning work of art you can create. Just make sure to have fun while at it!

10. Decorative Pumpkin Doodle 

These decorative pumpkin doodle pages are a great way to bring some creative fun into your home. They feature intricate Halloween-inspired designs that will keep adults of all ages entertained for hours.

The set includes numerous pages so each member of your family can color one or share them with your friends when they come over!

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11. Ice Cream 

If you love ice cream, you’ll love this awesome printable adult coloring page from Favoreads. Featuring all things ice cream, these downloadable and printable pages are perfect for some healthy, creativity-inspiring fun.

Whether you’re an ice cream fan or not, this original hand-drawn page will surely get your creative juices flowing. 

12. Treehouse 

Are you ready to take a trip to the fantastical world of your childhood?  With this downloadable adult coloring page featuring a treehouse, you can make those dreams come true!

This premium quality product includes one high-resolution copy in JPEG format and two PDF formats (Standard Letter Size and A4).

After purchasing this product, download it to your computer and print as many pages as needed. 

13. Relaxing Flowers 

If you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind, this relaxing flower coloring book is a perfect choice. Featuring different floral designs, from roses to sunflowers, these pages will definitely take your mind off everything!

From pretty petals to intricate floral patterns, let yourself be captivated by the beauty of these pages. So grab some colored pencils and let yourself enjoy some peaceful moments – it’s time to unwind!

14. Friday Night 

Looking for a fun way to pass the time while staying at home?

Check out these amazing coloring pages – perfect for afternoon hangouts with friends, meditating, or keeping the kids busy while you work.

Get creative and download this set of 3 pages now. Each page fits on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper, so you can print them and enjoy them at home.

15. Perfume

These gorgeous perfume bottle coloring pages are another great addition to this list from Favoreads!

Featuring beautifully-drawn perfume bottles of all designs, surrounded by flowers and other beauty products, these downloadable and printable pages are the perfect way to relax and express your inner artist.

So don’t wait – go ahead and download this amazing coloring page now!

16. Woman Practicing Yoga With Her Cat 

This adult coloring page will definitely take your stress away. It features a woman practicing yoga with her adorable cat and a tree growing behind her. 

The artwork is by Olivier and comes from the Zen & Anti Stress gallery. Print it, download it, or just color it online for free. This is the perfect activity to destress after a long day.

17. The Tales of Old Forest

This free anti-stress and anxiety relief coloring book is perfect for both adults who want to destress and kids who want to relax.

It features 11 pages of an enchanting forest with trees, birds, forest animals, fireflies, and other magical creatures.

The illustrations are filled with details that will keep you busy for hours. So grab your colored pencils and start coloring!

18. Elephant In a Bottle Magical Jungle

Do you want to bring the wild and magical jungle to life with some vibrant colors? Then this Elephant In a Bottle Magical Jungle art coloring page is for you! 

Featuring an elephant entrapped in a bottle, surrounded by lush green foliage, this coloring page will take you on an enchanted journey into the wild. The complex detail of this scene is perfect for those looking to unleash their inner artist.

19. Cocktails on the Beach

If you’re feeling stressed and need a little bit of self-care, why not grab some pencils or markers and color in these beautiful and relaxing Cocktails on the Beach Coloring Pages?

Kerozen has created a serene image of cocktails by the beach, perfect for helping you unwind after a long day.

So why not take some time for yourself and give this calming activity a try? So grab a drink, pick your colors, and get ready to relax!

20. Ship in a Bottle by HeidiArts

This Ship in a Bottle coloring page by HeidiArts is absolutely stunning! Drawn using Pigma micron pens, it has an intricate, expertly-crafted design that will take your breath away. 

The bold lines and incredible detail will make this one of your favorite coloring pages. It’s a great way to relax and destress while enjoying the process of creating something beautiful.

21. Country Night Mason Lights 

Country Night Mason Lights stress relief coloring pages

Are you in need of some serious “you time?” We’ve got just the thing: these gorgeous coloring pages by KroftColor!

Perfect for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, these printable night mason lights drawings will help you relax and unwind. Simply grab a blanket, light some candles, pour yourself a cup of tea, and get your color on!

Final Thoughts

With so many unique pages to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your relaxation needs.

Whether it’s a beautifully-drawn animal, a stunning landscape, or something magical and mystical, these anxiety and stress relief coloring pages will help you find peace and quiet amidst the chaotic world outside.

So go ahead and try one out – your inner artist will thank you!

Relieve stress and tension away and try each of these stress relief coloring pages we collected in this post.