25 Symbols Of Growth And What They Mean

Have you ever noticed how nature has a way of showing us the path to growth and development? 

From the budding of a flower to the soaring of a bird, countless symbols around us represent growth and change.

And just like the natural world, our lives are full of ups and downs, twists and turns that pave the way for our personal growth.

Trying to make sense of life’s many changes and transitions can be confusing and tiring. 

That’s why we need these symbols to remind us of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

So, join us on this exploration into the fascinating world of inner transformation and learn what these symbols of growth really mean.

What Symbolizes Growth?

Growth is a natural part of life, and it’s something that we experience in many different ways.

While physical growth is the most apparent form, we also experience emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth as we navigate our everyday life.

Growth is a process that requires patience, resilience, and perseverance. It often involves stepping outside our comfort zones, facing challenges, and learning from our mistakes.

Here are some ideas that symbolize growth:

  • Change: Growth often involves a change in perspective, behavior, or circumstances. Embracing change is an essential part of personal growth. It allows us to break out of old patterns and experience new things, ideas, and people.
  • Renewal: Just as the seasons change and the earth renews itself, we also have the opportunity to renew ourselves. This can involve letting go of the past, forgiving ourselves and others for mistakes, and creating a safe space for new beginnings.
  • Strength: To grow, we require physical and emotional strength. We must be strong enough to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and keep moving forward, even when things get tough. This strength comes from within and is often hard-earned.
  • Progress: Growing means making progress, no matter how small. It’s about moving forward, inch by inch, toward our dreams and aspirations. Every step we take, no matter how small, brings us closer to our goals, and symbols of progress can remind us that the journey is worth it.
  • Transformation: Growth is often accompanied by transformation, which can include physical changes, such as a new hairstyle or wardrobe, as well as emotional and spiritual changes. This transformation helps us create a better version of ourselves and move forward with confidence.
  • Resilience: Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and keep going. It’s an essential quality for personal growth, as it allows us to learn from our failures and keep striving toward our goals.

25 Symbols of Growth And What They Mean

To depict the concept of growth, transformation, and new beginnings, below are 25 different symbols of growth and what they mean:

1. The Sun

the sun rising symbols of growth

For centuries, different traditions have admired and appreciated the sun for its power, strength, and life-giving properties.

From ancient Egyptians who worshiped the sun as the god Ra, often seen as a powerful and benevolent deity that brought light and warmth to the world, to Hindus who associated the sun with the god Surya, who is believed to be a source of life and energy.

It symbolizes the process of growth and renewal as it rises each day to bring light, warmth, and hope. Our ancestors believed that sunny days were a way for the Devine to provide the world with a good harvest.

Today, scientists believe that the sun has made life easier on earth and helped humans’ evolution over time.

2. Snake (Chinese Culture)

snake symbols of growth

Thanks to the snake’s ability to shed its skin, it has long been associated with the idea of transformation and rebirth. 

In Chinese culture, the snake is seen as a symbol of the cycle of life and death, with its ability to shed its skin representing the idea of shedding old ways and embracing new ones.

In fact, according to the Chinese Zodiac, the snake is considered a sign of personal growth and financial prosperity.

3. The Butterfly (Universal)

the butterfly symbols of growth

In many cultures, the butterfly is seen as a symbol of transformation and new beginnings. It reminds us that sometimes we must endure difficult changes to emerge stronger and more beautiful on the other side.

The butterfly’s metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a vibrant flying creature also exemplifies the power of change.

This transformation reminds us that even the most mundane experiences can become beautiful and inspiring if we have the courage to embrace them.

4. Waterfall (Universal)

waterfall symbols of growth

Water is one of the four essential elements of life on the planet. It symbolizes the power of life, transformation, renewal, and purification, as it can take any form and be used to wash away impurities.

And a waterfall exemplifies this idea perfectly. It symbolizes movement, with its powerful cascading waters representing the power of change and progress.

It also implies continuous creation and renewal, representing a never-ending cycle of cleansing, letting go, and the continuation of life on earth.

5. Egyptian Scarab (Ancient Egypt)

egyptian scarab symbols of growth

To ancient Egyptians, the scarab was akin to the cross of Christians. It’s considered Ancient Egypt’s most sacred amulet, believed to be a direct manifestation of Ra, the Sun God.

Thanks to the scarab beetle’s ability to find a new life from the remains of its predecessor, it represents the cycle of life and rebirth, as well as transformation and growth.

As a symbol of new beginnings, it has been adopted by many cultures over the centuries, including modern-day Egyptians.

6. Garuda Mudra

garuda maruda symbols of growth

The Garuda Mudra resembles a bird with its wings spread out wide, and head bowed. As a bird god, the Garuda Mudra encourages us to grow, develop, and rise above any uncertainties we may have in life.

By offering us the grit and courage to venture into uncharted waters, we can develop maturity and take on our challenges face-on.

You can easily achieve the Garuda Mudra through yoga and meditation. Hence, it inspires spiritual and physical growth, helps you deal with mood fluctuations and fatigue, and balances your body’s energy for maximum results.

These symbols of growth, change, and new beginnings can help us appreciate the power of transformation in our lives and remind us that we can achieve anything if we remain dedicated to our goals.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a little push or motivation on your journey to success, turn to these symbols for

7. A Green Hummingbird (Native America)

a green hummingbird symbols of growth

A hummingbird stands for beauty, intelligence, love, and devotion. In Native American culture, these graceful birds were seen as transporters of love, joy, and great prospects in life.

In particular, the green hummingbird sighting was said to bring success and personal growth in life. That’s because green is associated with new life, growth, and fertility.

The hummingbird’s ability to fly backward also symbolizes our ability to retrace our steps and learn from our mistakes so we can make the right decisions in life.

Thus, it serves as a reminder that sometimes we need to take two steps back to take three forward.

8. Fawn (Eastern Cultures)

fawn symbols of growth

Wondering what animal symbolizes growth and progress? Look no further than the fawn.

In many Eastern cultures, a young deer’s rapid growth and development are seen as a symbol of personal transformation and growth.

As a fawn ages and matures, it goes through physical and emotional changes that illustrate the potential for growth within us all.

In some cultures, encountering a fawn on your journey is a sign of some type of new beginning on the horizon.

9. Star Octogram (Chinese)

star octagram symbols of growth

A Star Octogram, also known as a Bagua, is a Chinese symbol representing a range of concepts related to change, growth, and transformation.

The Bagua is an eight-sided diagram commonly used in feng shui, a Chinese practice of arranging objects to promote harmony and balance.

It’s often associated with the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), representing the different aspects of nature and the universe.

Each element is associated with a different direction on the Bagua. By aligning objects and spaces with these directions, one is believed to bring about positive change and transformation.

For example, the Wood element is associated with the East direction on the Bagua and represents growth and vitality.

10. A Wave

a wave symbols of growth

A wave is a sign of movement, flow, and transformation. It provokes us to continue our journey with courage and resilience despite the ever-changing tides of life.

A distinctive characteristic of waves is that they repeat in time. We often see this in sound, ocean, and even human waves during sports games.

The wave starts with an energy transmission that creates a pattern of circles, stripes, or spirals, depending on the vibration of the medium.

Once the energy is over, the wave loses its strength and dissipates until the next wave of energy arrives.

This symbolizes the continuous cycle of growth, decay, and renewal in our lives. By understanding this process and staying positive during tough times, we can be better prepared to face change with strength and courage.

11. Merkaba (Hebrew)

merkaba symbols of growth

Merkaba is an ancient Hebrew symbol of spiritual growth, transformation, and awareness. It’s a geometric shape that consists of two interlocking three-dimensional tetrahedrons, one pointing up and the other pointing down.

The symbols represent the collision of two energy fields that balance masculine and feminine energy. It represents the movement from two dimensions to three- a merging of matter, spirit, and soul.

Getting its name from the words for Mer (light), ka (spirit), and Ba (body), the Merkaba helps create a connection between the physical and the spiritual world, allowing us to access the highest level of spiritual consciousness.

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12. A Spiral (Celtic symbol)

a spiral symbols of growth

We see spirals everywhere – from snail shells to notepad binders and galaxies. The spiral represents a continuous process that binds innocence and discovery.

As an ancient symbol that holds a powerful place in today’s culture, the spiral is often a reminder that it’s important to go through different periods of spiritual progress and growth, no matter how hard it is.

While the spiral symbolizes different things to different people, one thing is certain – it awakens us to the world’s beauty, reminding us that all life needs to grow and evolve.

13. Dragonfly (Universal)

dragonfly symbols of growth

Due to its life cycle, the dragonfly is often seen as a symbol of change, adaptability, transformation, and self-realization.

Because its life begins as a larva living underwater, then undergoes a metamorphosis and emerges as a beautiful and agile creature capable of flying; this transformation often represents the power of change and the ability to adapt to new situations.

On the other hand, its wings symbolize self-realization and the ability to see beyond one’s limitations. Its flight patterns represent the ability to navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease.

14. A Baby’s Footprint

a baby's footprint symbols of growth

As feeble, adorable, and fragile as they may be, baby footprints are symbols of growth and new beginnings.

Often used during pregnancy announcements or as decorations in nurseries, footprints represent the unique identity of a new life entering the world, symbols of our hope for their future and our dreams for them.

Footprints also remind us that each step we take today leaves a bigger impression on those behind us. So, we must be mindful of our actions and choices, as they will ultimately shape our future and theirs.

15. Pinecones (Universal)

pinecones symbols of growth

Pinecones have long been recognized as a powerful symbol of change. This humble yet fascinating plant structure can represent the transformative power of nature and the cyclical nature of life.

One of the most remarkable things about pinecones is that they can both open and close.

When they are closed, they protect the seeds inside from the harsh elements of the environment, but when the conditions are right, they open up to release their seeds and allow for new growth.

This opening and closing cycle can be seen as a metaphor for the many changes and transitions we experience.

Sometimes we must close ourselves off to protect ourselves and our resources, but when the time is right, we must open ourselves up to new experiences and opportunities.

16. Chakras

chakras symbols of growth

We all know that chakras represent different energy centers in our bodies. Not only do they give us the guidance we need to move through life, but they also help us boost our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Chakras are symbols of balance, energy flow, and transformation, often activated through yoga and meditation.

Because our bodies are too attached to the physical world, which often hinders spiritual growth, it’s important to learn how to balance our chakras and raise our spiritual vibrations.

Therefore, when we access the power of the chakras, we are reminded of our inner strength and potential for spiritual growth.

17. Books

books symbols of growth

Thanks to the books’ abilities to introduce readers to a world of information, new skills, and wild imagination, the significance of books in our lives today can never be overstated.

They serve as symbols of knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment and inspire us to seek new ideas and perspectives, reach out beyond what we know, and see the world with a different set of eyes.

And by acting as a gateway to new ideas and experiences, books serve as symbols of growth, learning, and wisdom.

18. The Birch Tree (Celtic Symbols)

the birch tree symbols of growth

The birch tree is a symbol of new beginnings and spiritual growth. Its branches often reach for the sky, signifying an ever-reaching ambition for success.

In fact, the Celts believed that the birch tree protected the village it grew in from evil forces, a symbol of luck and good fortune.

In addition, the birch tree was associated with creativity, innocence, and imagination. This is why it’s often used in rituals and ceremonies to signify renewal, transformation, and growth.

19. Sesa Wo Suban (Adinkra)

sesa wo suban symbols of growth

Sesa Wo Suban represents two different Adinkra symbols (morning star), often meaning the start of a new day. In Akan culture, Sesa Wo Suban is often used to symbolize personal growth, self-improvement, and transformation. 

It is a reminder that change is possible and that every individual has the power to shape their own destiny through actions and choices.

It encourages individuals to examine their actions and behavior and to make positive changes to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

20. Sabzeh (Persian Symbol)

sabzeh symbols of growth

Sabzeh, also known as sprouts or greens, symbolizes change in Persian culture. Sabzeh is traditionally grown in Iran during the Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz, which marks the first day of spring and the start of a new year in the Persian calendar.

The sprouts represent new life and growth and are seen as a symbol of change and renewal. They are grown in a special dish called Haft Seen, decorated with seven items that begin with the Persian letter “sin.”

During the New Year celebrations, families gather around the Haft Seen and take turns jumping over the Sabzeh, which is believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

The Sabzeh is also sometimes tied into knots, symbolizing the tying up of one’s problems and worries, and then thrown into a river or stream to symbolize letting go of those worries and starting anew.

21. Swan (Universal)

swan symbols of growth

The swan is a symbol of change in many cultures and traditions worldwide. It’s associated with transformation, evolution, and spiritual growth.

One reason the swan is seen as a symbol of change is its remarkable ability to undergo a physical transformation during its life cycle. 

Swans begin their lives as ugly ducklings, but they transform into graceful and majestic birds with beautiful white feathers over time.

This transformation is a metaphor for personal growth and development, where individuals can overcome their struggles and challenges to become their best selves.

The swan represents rebirth and change in many cultures, but perhaps that began in Greece. The swan represents how things may start out grim, but the future holds many great things.

22. Labyrinth

labyrinth symbols of growth

A labyrinth is a complex and winding maze-like structure consisting of interconnecting paths or passages, often with multiple twists and turns, designed to challenge and confuse those attempting to navigate them.

But unlike a maze, a labyrinth has a single, unambiguous path leading to the center and back out again. It was initially created for the terrifying Minotaur of Greek mythology.

Today, the labyrinth symbolizes life’s journey: ups and downs, joys and sorrows. It is a metaphor for our spiritual growth as we make our way through life’s winding paths.

It serves to remind us that while change can be difficult, it’s necessary to experience personal transformation.

By traversing the path of a labyrinth, one can symbolically trace their journey through life, letting go of old patterns and beliefs in order to make space for new opportunities.

23. Moon Phases (Universal)

phases of the moon symbols of growth

Because the moon constantly goes through different cycles of growth and decline, the eight phases of the moon are considered a symbol of guidance to help us grow and develop.

These phases represent the process of reaching completion and the fulfillment of our life’s journey. Following the moon’s path allows us to start anew and learn from our past experiences.

It can also bring enlightenment, awakening, and inner peace. When we look to the moon, it helps us to understand that change is natural and necessary for growth and personal success.

24. Cherry Blossom (Japanese)

cherry blossom symbols of growth

The Cherry Blossom, or Sakura, is a highly symbolic flower in Japanese culture that represents many things, including growth and renewal.

The annual blooming of the cherry blossom is eagerly anticipated and celebrated throughout Japan, as it marks the beginning of spring and a time of new beginnings.

The Cherry Blossom is a symbol of growth and renewal because it represents the cyclical nature of life. The blossoms come and go each year, just as the seasons change and life moves forward.

This cycle of growth, death, and rebirth is an important theme in Japanese culture and is reflected in many aspects of daily life.

25. Bear

Create a realistic image of a grizzly bear in a natural setting. Be sure the image fills the screen.

In many Native American and First Nations cultures, the Bear is seen as a powerful and wise animal that symbolizes growth and transformation.

While often associated with strength, ferocity, and survival, the Bear exemplifies courage, resilience, and tenacity, qualities necessary for personal evolution.

And because the bear hibernates during winter, it is also seen as a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation.

They conserve their energy for the warmer summer months, reminding us that taking time to rest and recover is a crucial part of any transformation journey.

What Is the Greek Symbol for Growth?

The Greek symbol “Δ” (Delta) stands as a powerful emblem of growth and transformation. This symbol, often encountered in various scientific and mathematical contexts to denote change, beautifully captures the essence of personal evolution. 

It represents the shifts within us—our thoughts, behaviors, and perspectives—as we navigate through life’s challenges and experiences. Delta symbolizes the transition from one state of being to a more enriched, wiser version of ourselves, highlighting the essence of personal growth as a continuous, dynamic process of becoming better, stronger, and more fulfilled individuals.

How to Use These Symbols that Represent Growth

Now that you know the different symbols of growth and new beginnings, how can you use them in your life? Here are a few ideas:

  • Hang your favorite symbols in your space: Whether in your home, office, or meditation corner, hanging your favorite growth symbol in your space will remind you of the power of growth and transformation.
  • Wear the growth symbols as jewelry: Looking for the perfect talisman? Wear symbols of growth and new beginnings as jewelry to bring their energy and power with you wherever you go.
  • Create a shrine and incorporate these growth symbols: If you’re looking for a way to inspire and motivate yourself, create a shrine with your favorite symbols for change and growth. This can be your altar for reflection, intention setting, and meditation.
  • Get a tattoo: If you’re ready to make these symbols of growth and personal transformation permanent, it is the perfect way to keep them close to your heart.

Bottom Line

Growth symbols can help us tap into the power of transformation and look to the future with hope and optimism.

By understanding what these symbols represent and how to use them, we can find meaning, purpose, and direction in our lives.

So, whatever symbols resonate with you the most, use them daily and watch as you embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery.