8 Of The Best Mindfulness Journals

mindfulness journal

Mindfulness turns down the pressure that you feel regarding future concerns or past regrets.

It pulls you entirely into the present moment, allowing you to appreciate and savor your experiences.

The concept arises from meditation practices in which you focus on the here and now without judgment

Mindful breathing and guided imagery can release stress from the body and help you relax. 

Writing exercises, also known as mindfulness journaling, can produce similar results.

With the right mindfulness journal, you can battle feelings of anxiety and find more gratitude in daily life.

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15 Must-Try Ideas For Mindful Writing And Meditation Journaling

meditation journaling

Whatever your background, mindfulness meditation is accessible to everyone.

But have you ever kept a guided meditation journal — or any kind of meditation journal?

What does writing have to do with meditation, anyway?

Doesn’t writing have to do with thinking?

And aren’t you supposed to have a quiet mind to reap the benefits of meditation?

As you’ll see further on with our meditation journaling examples, writing and meditation are more alike than you might think. 

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How To Meditate Properly + Guided Meditation

how to meditate properly

Often when people consider meditation, they have a vague sense it’s something they should be doing, but they aren’t exactly sure why.

And the “should” part makes it just another self-improvement obligation, like eating more vegetables.

Sitting on the floor thinking about nothing seems like a big fat waste of time, especially if you’ve tried it once or twice and figured out how difficult it is to quiet your mind.

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7 Mindful Parenting Tips To Enrich Your Family Life

mindful parenting tips

It’s easy to lose your cool when one of your kids does something you’ve told him not to do a million times before.

It’s especially easy when you’re already feeling weighed down by worries and irritations that have been piling up in your internal world.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Being mindful is great when you’ve got time to relax, but when you feel agitated and justifiably frustrated with your kids, who has time to be mindful?”

Mindful parenting isn’t just for those moments when you’re about to lose your cool.

In fact, practicing mindfulness as a parent can help you stave off many of the situations that trigger emotional outbursts in your child and you.

And the more you make time to practice mindfulness as a parent — and teach your kids to do the same — the more time you create to enjoy the fruits of this habit.

Once you learn how to be a mindful parent (and what that actually means), you’ll wonder why you didn’t learn about it sooner.

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5 Soothing Meditation Scripts For Letting Go And Finding Inner Peace

meditation scripts for letting go

If you’ve been looking for a guided meditation on letting go, you’re in the right place.

We know how difficult it can be to keep your mind from wandering during meditation. 

A letting go meditation script can make all the difference with your focus, so you can choose the thoughts that guide you. 

You’ll be using scripts anyway — whether you choose them or allow your mind to revisit old ones. 

Why not use one that can help you move on?

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The Benefits Of Practicing Self-Reflection

benefits self-reflection

Self-reflection isn’t for cowards.

It’s not “navel-gazing,” either. And it’s not something only introverts know how to do.

If you can ask yourself questions and answer them honestly, you can do this.

And the better you know yourself and your deepest leanings, the better you can understand and help others, too.

But how do you reflect on yourself? And what do you get out of it?

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15 Mindful Supplies For Your Meditation Room To Inspire Your Practice

meditation supplies

You’ve got your very own meditation room.

And now that you have the space, you’re looking for the best meditation accessories and furnishings for it. 

The variety of options can be overwhelming, though.

And when it comes to outfitting a room for quiet meditation, less is more.

Your head is swimming with meditation room ideas.

Narrowing down those options has you a bit stuck. 

So, how about an overview of the best options out there?

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27 Must-Read Books On Meditation To Expand Your Practice

best books on meditation

What are the best meditation books out there right now?

And which ones will meet you exactly where you are now? 

Look up “meditation books,” and the sheer volume of options is overwhelming.

That’s where we come in.

Because we want every meditation book you purchase to be worth every penny you spend on it and more. 

To that end, we’ve created this list of 27 time-tested (and reader-approved) meditation guides written by real people who’ve met the same challenges you’re facing now. 

Which one will you read first?

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How to Practice Mindful Listening

Mindful Listening

When was the last time you caught yourself in a conversation thinking more about how you’d respond than about what the other person was saying?

Humans have to make a conscious effort to listen with a view to understanding the other’s perspective — not just trying to win an argument or make a point. 

Not working out so well for either of you, though, right? 

If you’re looking for a better way to communicate, try any of the 5 mindful listening exercises in this post. 

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9 Top-Ranked Online Meditation Courses For 2021

best online meditation courses

The best meditation courses make it easy to build a meditation habit you can stick to — one that helps you reap all the benefits without a huge time commitment. 

Whether you’re looking for meditation courses for beginners or you already have some experience, each of the nine top-ranked options described below will help you level up your knowledge and your overall health

Each course has something different to offer, and all are worth a peek. 

Which one will you try first? 

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