85+ Self-Care Ideas For Stressed Out People Pleasers

“In case of the loss of cabin pressure, put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.”

If you fly on commercial planes, you’ve heard this statement from a flight attendant many times, instructing you to take care of yourself and prioritize your safety first so you have the ability to help someone else.

This is necessary for survival on a flight, but it’s also an essential activity for daily life — practice self-care first.

It sounds nice, but in reality, it’s difficult to follow through on a self-care routine.

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Don’t You Hate It When You Can’t Get Something Off Your Mind? 19 Ideas For Letting It Go

Have you ever had a repeated thought that will not stop? 

The process of continuously thinking about the same ideas is called rumination.

The best way to control rumination or negative thoughts is to distract your mind with other ideas or to find a way to resolve the problem. 

Just think – distraction or action. 

But it may not be as easy as it sounds.

If your circular thoughts prevent you from living life or going out, it’s time to take action. 

Whether you try counting or cooking, there are simple ways to help you get something off your mind.

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25 Transformative Personal Mantras To Live By

The most powerful tool for happiness is something that you already possess: your mind.

The brain has the incredible ability to rewire neurological pathways to detangle emotional responses like anger or fear and habituate new pathways towards more positive thinking.

One of the ways we can employ this brainpower is through positive affirmations.

The best mantras to live by will reinforce positive outlooks for the future and healthy self-esteem.

Life mantras can significantly alter your perspective, leading to mental and emotional breakthroughs on the journey towards success, fulfillment, and happiness.

To get you started, we’ve created a list of 25 personal mantra examples.

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Use These 101 Transformative Affirmations For Peace To Change Yourself And The World

These days, around every click and conversation is news of generational trauma, impending worldwide destruction, and the declining state of humanity.

If you’re sensitive and harbor genuine love for humankind, the perpetual parade of doom and gloom has probably drained you of energy and hope.

So, in an effort to harness some inner peace and quell the effects of doom-scrolling, you’re searching for ways to feel calmer.

With that in mind, below, we’re looking at ways to use mood-boosting affirmations for peace to help weather emotional storms.

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105 Positive Affirmations For Moms To Use Daily

Moms don’t get nearly enough credit.

Between preparing meals your kids refuse to eat, pleading with them to brush their teeth, and kissing a multitude of boo-boos, who has energy for anything else?

As rewarding and joyful as motherhood is, it’s also often filled with tears and self-doubt. 

The next time mom-life leaves you feeling overwhelmed and depleted, try some positive affirmations for mothers to motivate yourself.

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Set The Intention For Your Week With These 75 Monday Affirmations

Do you feel a sense of dread on Monday mornings?

Maybe you’re anxious about the week ahead, and all you want to do is crawl back into bed. 

By creating more positive thought patterns about the start of the week, you can transform your attitude about those early Monday mornings. 

You’ll be able to start your week feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

This is where affirmations come in!

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Want To Love Your Body? Try These 59 Positive Body Image Affirmations

Does a negative body image dominate your thoughts?

Is your self-esteem suffering as a result? 

Having a negative body image makes you vulnerable to mood disorders and eating disorders.

Disliking your body could even make relationships more difficult or motivate you to hurt yourself. 

These destructive mental habits plague many people, but you can turn them around with body-positive affirmations.

Repeating supportive statements about your body every day will help you escape the unhappiness of body negativity.

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105 Powerful Simple Pleasures You Should Never Take For Granted

Life’s simple pleasures have the power to buoy your spirits and sprinkle joy into daily life. 

These lovely moments nourish your soul and remind you that the little things do matter more than you think.

And they help you appreciate the present moment with more mindfulness and gratitude.

Don’t miss out on these moments by focusing solely on the big wins and momentous occasions that make a life-changing impact. 

Even on a bad day, seize the opportunity to recognize a simple pleasure right in front of you.

In fact, simple pleasures can help you recover from a bad day — and make the good days even better.

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