13 Must-Follow Mindfulness Blogs For 2021


You already know there are more than a few mindfulness bloggers on the web.

And even if you’re interested in exploring the benefits of mindfulness, you’re not sure which blogs will meet you where you are and lead you to the answers you’re looking for. 

If you’re looking for value-packed and engaging resources for learning about mindfulness, you’ll find plenty to love with our list of mindfully-curated sites to explore.

We’ve chosen 13 of our favorite mindfulness and meditation blogs to narrow your search and help you embrace more presence and inner peace.

The Benefits of Reading Mindful Blogs 

The best mindfulness blogs are written by folks who realize many of their readers are new to the practice of mindfulness.

These sites offer support and encouragement along with sound practices to develop a habit of mindful living

Just for a start, consider the following benefits of reading these blogs and practicing mindfulness:

mindfulness blogs
  • You become more self-aware and more engaged with those around you.
  • You obsess less about the past and future and become more tuned-in to the reality of right now.
  • You develop a more conscious awareness of the present moment and what it holds for you.
  • You create space to observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them or trying to fix them.

The sooner you start readings mindfulness blogs like the ones listed in this post, the sooner you can begin creating a more conscious and compassionate life. 

What to Look for in a Mindfulness Blog 

Going through the following list will be easier if you know what you’re looking for in a mindfulness or meditation blog.

Take a moment to think about what would make you want to stay and explore or even become a subscriber. 

  • Mindfulness quotes or mantras to focus on each week (or day)
  • Relatable stories about how mindfulness changed the lives of ordinary people
  • Actionable tips to help you build a mindfulness practice that fits you
  • A community or group where you can meet others interested in mindfulness
  • Free gifts that make it easier to build a daily mindfulness practice

Aside from a well-designed website, think about the features in a blog that inspire confidence in you. Keep those in mind as you look through the following sites. 

13 Top Mindfulness Blogs for 2021 

Look through the following mindfulness blogs to see which ones stand out for you. Sign up for those that offer content you’re likely to use, and make a note of your favorites. 

1. Author Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. 

The author behind this blog is also a respected health psychologist, researcher, and Kripalu and EM yoga teacher specializing in mindful eating. 

Aside from her book, The Mindfulness Based Eating Solution, she developed a mindful eating program called Eat for Life and is the president of The Center for Mindful Eating. 

mindfulness blogs

If this particular mindfulness area is something you want to explore in greater depth, this blog is definitely worth a look. Her book is available on Amazon and is free to Kindle Unlimited members. 

2. Embracing Simple (with Christina Tiplea)

It’s tougher to be mindful — or to enjoy what a mindfulness practice brings into your life — when you’re surrounded by clutter.

Tiplea knows this from experience, so her blog is about getting happier by decluttering and organizing your life. 

Maybe that alone doesn’t scream “mindfulness blog,” but the more you dig into her posts, the more you see how they relate and how even the smallest habits can transform you.

Every life is made up of choices. Good habits make good choices easier. 

3. London Mindful (The Mindfulness Project)

Founded by Alexandra Frey (director) and Autumn Totton (managing director) in 2013, the Mindfulness Project is a group of motivated and dynamic individuals who work together to create complete mindfulness programs, events, and meditation courses

London Mindful’s goal is to create a platform where you can share your own tips and strategies for becoming a more mindful person — and where you can learn from others who do the same. 

Check out the blog and, if you’re interested, enroll in one of their meditation courses. 

4. Mind Body Green 

Founded by Deepak Chopra, this blog focuses on mindful and healthy living to improve your overall well-being — spiritual and emotional as well as mental and physical.

As such, it touches on the interconnectedness of all life and provides helpful reviews on well-researched products and remedies. 

The blog covers a wide variety of lifestyle-related topics, including health, food, beauty, fitness, and parenting. 

5. Mindful

The mission of Mindful.org is to inspire, educate, and connect everyone wanting to experience mindfulness, to see what mindful living can do for their lifestyles and relationships, and to create a more compassionate world. 

The “Getting Started” page provides a helpful overview of meditation and mindfulness.

mindfulness blogs

You’ll find personal stories, practical tips, current news, and inspiring insights that will help you build a more mindful and creative life. 

6. Mrs. Mindfulness: Learn the Art of Mindful Living with Melli O’Brien

Managed and operated by Melli O’Brien, this blog focuses on helping its readers become mentally and emotionally strong through the practice of mindfulness. 

O’Brien is the co-founder and host of Mindfulness.com and The Mindfulness Summit, as well as a writer and well-respected mindfulness teacher. 

She writes with the goal of helping more people discover the benefits of mindful living. Sign up for her free 7 Days of Mindfulness Course, which includes two free meditation audio downloads. 

7. Pocket Mindfulness (with Alfred James)

The author of this blog is a questioner who discovered how the mindfulness state helped him answer some of his biggest questions.

He writes to help others realize the same benefits of a mindfulness habit. 

Even if you don’t learn all the answers, a mindfulness practice can keep you grounded and help you focus on what’s essential in your life, determine what you want, and how to go after it. 

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8. Mindfulness and Stress Management with Rachel Kable

Take a look at her podcast, The Mindful Kind, as an audible alternative to her down-to-earth and inspiring blog posts. Subscribe to join her community and access 30+ free downloadable resources. 

Kable has a Bachelor of Psychological Science, a Certificate in Coaching and Counseling, and experience as a Helpline volunteer for the Anxiety Recovery Centre. 

She draws on all this, along with her personal experiences, to create authentic and inspiring content for her readers. 

9. Simple Mindfulness: Simple Steps to a Happier Life (with Paige Oldham)

This site is full of helpful resources for those exploring mindfulness and wondering how to fit a meditation habit into their life. 

mindfulness blogs

Sign up for her free 7-part email course, “How to Start Your Mindfulness Practice,” or explore other recommended books and courses on mindfulness, meditation, and related topics. 

The blog, too, features a generous listing of posts on various relevant subjects, including sleep, gratitude, uncertainty, stress management, and healing. 

10. The Blissful Mind (with Catherine Beard) 

The goal of this blog is to help you improve your mindset and boost your self-esteem and share how Catherine Beard (the mind behind the blog) changed her life and let go of overthinking and self-sabotaging behavior. 

As the blog’s name suggests, she shows how you can use the power you already have to change your mindset for the better, focus on the present, and create a blissful life. 

11. Tiny Buddha

Founded in 2009 by Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha is a leading resource on mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism and setting and attaining goals, overcoming adversity, and embracing a positive mindset. 

The blog shares heartwarming stories to spread zeal and warmth while also showing how mindfulness can affect your self-reflection.

You’ll also learn about mindful self-care and strengthening your relationships. 

12. Yogi Approved

While the blog for this online community focuses mainly on yoga and healthy lifestyle topics, you’ll find plenty of content related to mindfulness and meditation, which makes sense since both help you get in touch with your spiritual side. 

If you’re interested in both yoga and mindfulness meditation, give this blog a peek and see what you can learn.

Try their YA app, too, if you’re looking for a meditation tool that incorporates yoga. 

13. Zen Habits

With its simple, clean home page, Zen Habits exemplifies its own aim: “to find simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives.”

mindfulness blogs

Leo Babauta writes this blog to help you clear the clutter from your life, so you can find your purpose (i.e., your happiness) and add what only you can add to the world. 

He also hosts programs for personal development, including a habits program, a training program, and his Fearless Mastery mastermind + intensive retreat.

Which Mindfulness Blogs Resonate with You?

Now that you’ve looked through these 13 mindfulness and meditation blogs, which ones stood out for you? And which one will you explore first?

An inspiring mindfulness blog may lead you to helpful resources in other forms, including books and audiobooks, podcasts, online courses, retreats, and meditation apps. 

The more you learn about the practice that fits you, the better you’ll know which of these to make time for in your life. 

And the better life will get. 

Looking for new ways to step up your daily mindfulness routines? Check out this curated list of13 mindfulness blogs that will expand your learning and will help you explore more the benefits of mindfulness.

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