15 Can’t-Miss Mindfulness Podcasts For 2021


Wherever you go, people are talking about the benefits of mindfulness.

You’ve been working on your own mindfulness practices and want to learn all you can to make the most of these benefits and enhance your life. 

Enter the gift of mindfulness podcasts — but with a wide variety of options available, it’s hard to know the best podcasts to follow. 

We’ve chosen 15 of the best mindfulness meditation podcasts for this year.

Give them a try and see what a daily mindfulness practice can do for you. 

Why Listen to Mindfulness Podcasts? 

Even if you find the best mindfulness podcast for you in this list, why should you spend the time listening to it?

After all, a podcast isn’t just a glorified commercial.

Like an audiobook, it’s a continuing conversation — one that should enrich your life the more you listen. 

mindfulness podcasts

So, how will a mindfulness podcast repay you for your investment of time and attention?

  • It can answer your questions about what mindfulness is about and why it matters. 
  • It can help you find a mindfulness practice that fits you and your daily routine.
  • It can help you let go of false ideas you have about yourself, life, and other people.
  • It can stimulate your mind and clear the fog for greater mental clarity and energy. 
  • It can help you let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. 

There’s a reason a growing number of thoughtful, growth-oriented people are building a mindfulness habit. Look through the options on this list, and give at least one of them a try. 

15 Top Mindfulness Podcasts for 2021 

While we have our favorites, the best mindfulness podcast for you is the one you’ll listen to every week.

Even better if you’re browsing and saving titles from their library because you can’t wait another week for the next episode. 

Make a note of those that stand out.

1. 10% Happier Podcast (Dan Harris)

The host, Dan Harris, makes mindfulness meditation approachable for listeners of every background, helping you find a mindfulness practice that meets you where you are.

He interviews a variety of guests — from bestselling authors to sought-after meditation teachers and entrepreneurs of all stripes — to give his listeners a deeper understanding of mindfulness and how it can fit into (and transform) their daily routines.

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

2. Bob Thurman Podcast: Buddhas Have More Fun! (Robert A.F. Thurman)

Bob Thurman Podcast

This podcast highlights segments of previous lectures given by Bob Thurman, one of the leading Buddhist scholars.

One of its selling points is its accessibility to listeners unfamiliar with Buddhist teachings. 

His manner is both straightforward and engaging, which is probably why this podcast attracts so many fans. Most episodes last about an hour. 

Listen on Apple, Google, or Spotify

3. Hay House Meditations 

Hay House Meditations

If the name Louise Hay rings a bell, you’ll have some idea of what you can expect from this podcast: a series of guided meditations from some well-known spirituality authors. 

Episodes focus on topics such as healing, numerology, mindful breathing, and overcoming your fears and personal blocks.

Each meditation aims to help you relax and rejuvenate while you learn. New episodes come out every Sunday.  

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

4. Inspire Nation Show (Michael Sandler & Jessica Lee)

Inspire Nation Show

This podcast covers a LOT of ground, as you’ll see when you skim the titles. Episodes last at least 45 minutes, with quite a few of them lasting well over an hour. 

Try listening after a shorter meditation podcast to give your newly refreshed mind some inspiring content.

mindfulness podcasts

Expect to hear contributions from famous authors, like don Miguel Ruiz of The Four Agreements and Robin Sharma. 

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

5. Invisibilia (NPR)


Invisibilia looks at the invisible forces of life that direct or influence human behavior.

If you’re a people-watcher and you love stories that explore human nature, this podcast will give you food for thought while you’re enjoying some quiet time alone. 

It combines narrative storytelling with scientific research, giving you a closer look at the inner workings of your mind and nature.

It makes an ideal listen when you want to combine quiet time with both learning and entertainment. 

Listen on Apple, Google, or Spotify

6. Meditation Minis Podcast (Chel Hamilton)

Meditation Minis

If you’re looking for simple, quick guided meditations to get started with, try a mini-meditation with Chel Hamilton.

Each episode focuses on a specific facet of your life, so you’re welcome to look for something that addresses a pressing concern of yours. 

Find a spot where you can relax into the short meditation and learn something new to remember throughout the day (and beyond).

Or start your morning with a short meditation to help you set a positive and nurturing tone for the day. 

Listen on Apple, Google, or Spotify, or Stitcher

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7. Mindfulness Mode (Bruce Langford)

Mindfulness Mode

Learn from business experts like Pat Flynn, Andres Pira, and Jeffrey Gitomer how to increase your calm, earn more money, and live a happy, contented life. 

Enjoy the interviews, pick up tips and strategies for living in the moment, and make the most of your time, energy, and headspace.

New episodes come out every Wednesday and Sunday, and most of them last about 45 minutes to an hour. 

Listen on Apple, Spotify, or Stitcher

8. On Being with Krista Tippett

 On Being

While this isn’t technically a podcast focused on mindfulness meditation, it touches on life’s biggest questions and explores our existence with eye-opening and insightful conversations.

It features notable guests such as Atul Gawande and Michael Sheen. 

mindfulness podcast

Listeners of every generation and background (cultural, religious, socioeconomic) tune in every Thursday when new episodes are posted. 

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

9. Radio Headspace (Andy Puddicombe & Headspace Studios)

Radio Headspace

The popular Headspace app maker brings you this mindfulness podcast to make it easier for you to get started building a daily meditation habit. 

If you’re not quite ready to subscribe to the app, get familiar with the host’s voice and ideas with one of his weekly episodes.

Look through the library to find thought-provoking interviews, insights, and practical advice on living a more present-focused life.

Listen on Apple, Google, or Spotify

10. Wake Me Up (Tyler Brown)

Wake Me Up

This podcast focuses on motivation/inspiration, routines, and meditation.

The longer episodes last around 20 minutes and focus on various topics, including gratitude, self-discipline, and dealing with negative bias. 

The shorter episodes are mini-meditations lasting around 10 minutes.

If you want a podcast that will show you both how to meditate and grow as you build your mindfulness habit, this is worth a listen. 

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

11. The Meditation Podcast (Jesse and Jeane Stern)

The Medication Podcast

The hosts, Jesse and Jeane Stern, founded this simply-named podcast in 2006 to give their listeners extraordinary meditation experiences.

And, clearly, they’ve gained a following. 

Their podcast episodes are well-known for putting listeners right into a meditative state of mind.

Don’t listen to this one while driving. But give it a try if you’re tired of trying to meditate on your own, and you’re beginning to wonder why you even bother. 

Listen on Apple, Google, or Stitcher

12. Tara Brach Podcast

The host teaches a blend of western psychology and eastern spiritual practices to show listeners how they can apply Buddhist teachings to real-life concerns. 

Focusing on emotional healing and spiritual awakening, Brach covers various topics related to these topics, intending to help you heal from your past and create a conscious, transformative, and beautiful life.  

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

13. The Overwhelmed Brain (Paul Colaianni)

The Overwhelmed Brain

The host addresses various issues, including mindfulness, anxiety, fear, and relationship problems, to help its listeners live as their authentic selves. 

New episodes come out on Sundays, encouraging you to take time out to restore and rediscover yourself.

The goal is to help you disentangle and declutter your mind, both to reduce overwhelm and to help you live in the present and focus on what really matters. 

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify,  or Stitcher

14. The Science of Happiness (PRX and Greater Good Science Center) 

The Science of Happiness

Hosted by award-winning psychologist Dacher Keltner, The Science of Happiness is co-produced by PRX and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. 

While not explicitly focused on mindfulness, it touches on various topics related to it, including gratitude, mindful breathing, forgiveness/letting go, and self-compassion. 

Learn how to set the right goals for yourself based on self-knowledge and the science of happiness. Each episode lasts around 20 minutes. 

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

15. Untangle (Muse Meditation Studio)


From the makers of the 5-star app Meditation Studio and Muse, the Brain-Sensing Headband, the Untangle podcast features experts and “real people” sharing stories about how building a mindfulness habit changed their lives for the better. 

Hear experiences from people with various social and professional backgrounds cover everything to do with meditation, self-compassion, and mental health.

Episode length varies, but most are 30 minutes or longer, and new episodes appear on Tuesdays.

Listen on Apple, Google, Spotify, or Stitcher

Ready to listen to some mindfulness podcasts?

Now that you’ve looked through these 15 can’t-miss mindfulness podcasts, which of them stood out for you?

Which one will you listen to today to help you build a mindfulness habit or rejuvenate your practice? 

Go with what honestly piques your interest; there’s no room for snobbishness here. And you won’t keep listening to a podcast that doesn’t resonate with you. 

Give yourself the gift of a podcast that meets you where you are now. From there, who knows where your new, life-changing mindfulness habit will take you?

You’ are learning on your own different mindfulness practices. Try these 15 mindfulness podcasts and enhance your way of life.

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