Looking For A Meditation Community? Try These 8 Meditation Forums And Groups

Regular meditation practice is a proven way to calm your mind and get to know yourself better. 

Although many people have discovered the power of meditation to improve well-being, you might not know anyone among your peers who meditates. 

An internet forum can end your sense of isolation.

If you’ve decided that you want to pursue the benefits of meditation, then joining a popular meditation forum puts you in a supportive community.

What to Look for in a Good Meditation Forum

No matter the subject, not all forums are created equal. Some are dominated by a handful of personalities who like to make the space about themselves.

Others are more useful and provide many perspectives on a topic you’re trying to master.

You’ll find that popular meditation forums share most of these traits:

  • Active posting and participation – You can visit almost every day and see something new. Additionally, you can expect multiple helpful replies if you post a question.
  • Addresses meditation subjects relevant to your goals – Some forums may only focus on niche meditation subjects, whereas others are more broadly focused. You need one that supports your meditation journey.
  • Welcoming and encouraging forum culture – Members should accept your point of view within reason. Overall, you should not feel like you aren’t good enough to contribute or comment.
  • No spam – Obviously, you don’t want forum members trying to sell things to you all the time.
  • Introduces new information – Joining a forum should lead to learning new things. Even if you’re an expert, a good forum will still have something meaningful to offer.

What Are The Benefits of Joining a Meditation Forum?

People naturally want to exchange stories and ideas with like-minded people. The shared enthusiasm keeps you excited about the topic.

As you forum participate, you should experience most of these benefits:

  • Solve problems – Read advice about addressing common issues like an inability to quiet the mind or find a peaceful space to meditate. If you’re not getting the expected results, you can ask for guidance about what you might be doing wrong.
  • Give you new meditations to try – There are so many approaches to meditation. Forum members will share links to audio or video downloads to meditations.
  • Increase your knowledge – From brain scans of people meditating to historical perspectives on meditation, there is just so much to know, and a forum will feed your need for more information.
  • Keep the subject in the forefront of your mind – The habit of frequently logging into a forum prevents you from letting meditation get pushed aside by other daily priorities.
  • Keep you accountable – Joining a forum is a good way to make you stick to a meditation routine that you’ve planned for yourself. Make a post stating what you intend to do. Commenters should ask you if you met your goals, which will keep you motivated.
  • Share experiences – A forum will fill the void if you don’t have anyone at home to talk to about meditation.

8 Top Meditation Forums to Try

You’ll likely find a couple out of these meditation forums that can educate you and keep you motivated. Some are more useful as information resources, whereas others have very active postings.

1. Mindfulness and Meditation Forum at Happiness.com

meditation forums

You’ll find many topics useful for people new to meditation here and links to guided meditations

Some people have shared how much meditation has changed their lives. This forum appeared to be more active years ago regarding the number of post replies.

 New posts are still getting views, but the value in this forum appears to be mostly as an informational resource.

2. Everyday Mindfulness

meditation forums

This is a nicely organized forum with sections devoted to beginners and experienced people. The administrators encourage you to share your thoughts about mindfulness. 

Many people have entered specific questions receiving multiple replies. As a result, this is a good place to research advice for your specific challenges. 

Like other forums, it has a thread for talking about whatever you want if you just want an online place to socialize.

3. Heartspots

meditation forums

This resource requires you to allow the website to access your location because it is a directory of real-life mindfulness and meditation groups. 

Use it to connect with meditation trainers. Working with an experienced individual allows you to grow your practice and get the most from meditation. Heartspots also has a downloadable app with guided meditation content.

4. Self-Improvement Forum at Actualized.org

meditation forums

Here’s the place to learn about topics like the spiritual ego or existential fears. This is an active forum with some posts generating dozens of replies. 

This forum has a heavy emphasis on spirituality and enlightenment. If you crave deep and meaningful conversations, you could find people to connect with here.

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5. Mindfulness Exercises

meditation forums

With over 2,500 members and often hundreds visiting on any given day, this is a thriving forum focused on mindfulness. 

You get a place to introduce yourself and can join a 100-day mindfulness challenge if you wish. Use the “question of the week” thread to build a weekly habit of checking in.

6. Buddhism, Zen, Tao & Meditation Facebook Group

meditation forums

Make your Facebook time more productive and meaningful by joining this group. It has over 231,000 members and numerous posts every day, including motivational sayings and tips about how to meditate. 

The members have created a safe space to discuss your difficulties in a supportive environment.

7. Dharma Wheel Buddhist Discussion

meditation forums

Whether you are very focused on Buddhist traditions or just curious, this Buddhist-focused forum is packed with information and discussions. 

Search here for information about meditation retreats and learn how others interpret Buddhist teachings concerning meditation.

8. r/Meditation Subreddit

meditation forums

From the popular to the totally obscure, Reddit usually has a group for it, and meditation is no different. 

This is a massive forum for meditation content with 899,000 members. Hundreds of people are normally interacting with this forum at any given time.

Meditation Is Worth the Effort

Popular meditation forums will help you stay engaged with the subject. Maintaining a regular meditation practice can be difficult, but there are internet communities that can improve your chance of success. 

Are you looking for the right people to share your meditation journey with? Try joining these top meditation forums listed in this post.

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