15 Mindful Supplies For Your Meditation Room To Inspire Your Practice


You’ve got your very own meditation room.

And now that you have the space, you’re looking for the best meditation accessories and furnishings for it. 

The variety of options can be overwhelming, though.

And when it comes to outfitting a room for quiet meditation, less is more.

Your head is swimming with meditation room ideas.

Narrowing down those options has you a bit stuck. 

So, how about an overview of the best options out there?

Meditation Room Supplies to Enhance Your Space 

Look through the meditation accessories listed below and keep track of the ones that appeal to you most. Whether this space is shared or not, what you put in it can make the difference between a restful, nurturing space and a cluttered meditation closet. 

Meditation Room Essentials

Let’s start with some affordable basics.

Once you’ve got the following in place, you can take as much time as you need to choose other items for your meditation room. 

Hihealer Meditation Cushion (Zafu) with Extra Cover and Buckwheat Filling 

If you’re looking for something smaller (i.e., more portable) than a meditation chair or bench, this cushion makes it more comfortable to maintain a meditation posture on a hard floor. 

It’s more supportive than a standard pillow, and you can remove the cover for washing. This one even comes with two covers, each with a beautiful lotus mandala design. 

Baby Marley Meditation Door Hanger: “Meditation In Progress, Do Not Disturb…” 

If you’re looking to minimize distractions, this door hanger serves as a friendly reminder to anyone about to open the door to your meditation room for anything short of an emergency. Let your housemates know just how seriously you take your meditation habit.

Choose either the purple or blue one, and hang it on your door before closing it to begin a meditation session. 

Mala Lotus Bracelet with 108 Beads

mala beads

This handmade Mala bracelet has 108 beads of blue jasper — a protective and energizing stone. Wear it as a bracelet or necklace or use it to keep count while reciting or mentally repeating mantras in your meditation. 

When you’re not using it, you can keep the beads in your meditation room as decoration and daily reminder of your commitment. 

All Natural Meditation Candle: White Sage and Lavender, Hand-Poured Organic Soy Wax  

Light this candle before beginning your meditation to fill the room with a calming, restorative scent. Sage is used in Native American ceremonies to cleanse a space of negative energy, and the scent of lavender helps you relax. 

The wooden wick for this candle makes a gentle crackling sound when it’s lit. 

Meditation Furniture

Choose furniture you can comfortably use on a daily basis. If you plan on taking it with you when you travel, choose something that folds or disassembles easily. 

Large Spiritual Meditation Altar / Shrine Set

spiritual meditation altar

This simple altar set comes in a variety of woods and colors to fit any aesthetic and to provide a thoughtfully curated focal point for your meditation practice. Arrange the two parts as you like them, and add the meditation tools and accessories of your choice. 

Lightweight but sturdy and versatile, this set makes it easier to display the items you want to keep handy for meditation sessions.

Souleden Japanese Meditation Floor Chair with Backrest 

If you’re looking for a low-fuss meditation floor chair that offers back support, this one also provides cushioning where you need it and a variety of styles to choose from. 

Choose from linen or leather cushion covers. The wooden frame is sturdy enough to keep its shape, and the back support makes it easier to maintain a good breathing posture. 

BLUECONY IKUKO Original Meditation Bench / Handmade Kneeling Ergonomic Seiza

For those days when sitting cross-legged just isn’t working for you, this travel-friendly meditation bench takes up minimal space and allows you to kneel without crushing your lower legs and compromising circulation. 

You can easily detach the legs to make the stool easier to pack for travel. It comes in three height options and three choices of finish. 

Meditation Wall Art

There are no perfect meditation room images, but with all the options out there, these are some of our favorites for creating a meditation-friendly space. If they don’t become yours, we hope they at least lead you closer to what you want. 

Meditation Wall Art: Multi-Panel Modern Canvas Print Blue Poster Ocean Artwork

This huge multi-panel set of canvas prints is the closest thing to having a large window overlooking a beach, with just enough sunlight to liven every feature of the landscape. 

If the scene depicted isn’t quite what you have in mind or doesn’t work with your room colors — but you like the size and the picture-window aesthetic — scroll down to the “You may also like” options and click your way to something that stands out. 

Inhale Exhale Meditation Prints, Set of 2 8” by 10” Black & White

This simple, frameless set of two canvas prints goes well with a minimalist look, particularly if your walls are painted in a color that helps them stand out. Simple, flowing black lines and matching crisp, white backgrounds tie the two prints together. 

It doesn’t hurt, either, that the words remind you to focus on your breathing, which is a great first step to any meditation practice. 

Gold / White / Black Half Mandala Wall Decal

Mandala Wall Decal

If you’d rather not buy something you’ll have to hang, but you do want something to decorate a blank stretch of wall, this mandala wall decal could be just the thing. 

It comes in three colors — gold, white, or black — so you can choose the one most complimentary to the paint color on your wall. 

And if you want the full mandala or something a bit different, scroll down for other options. 

Vinyl Wall Art Decal: “Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak,” 10″ x 30″ 

This wall decal is just words — specifically a quote attributed to Buddha — stretching a full 30” across in clear, readable black print. The color makes it stand out on light-colored walls, and the font variation adds visual interest. 

The message, too, can help you settle into a meditative mindset. 

Meditation Room Decorations

Aside from meditation room plants, images, and furniture, your choice of decorations for this space can either assist you in your meditation or distract you from it. 

Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Waterfall with Reflective Lighting — HoMedics 

If the sounds of a gentle water movement help you feel more relaxed, this tabletop fountain is a must-have accessory for your meditation space. 

Set it up on a small table or on a low platform in a corner of your meditation space. Combined with other soothing elements, the fountain can help you create an oasis in your otherwise busy home. 

12 Chakra Crystal Suncatcher Window Deocration or Meditation Room Decor

Chakra crystal suncatcher

The colored beads on the chain correspond to the traditional seven chakras, plus five others that exist inside and outside the body. At the bottom hangs a 20mm Swarovski crystal pendant, in clear crystal or with an aurora borealis finish. 

The window ornament comes with a 6-inch chain and a sturdy ring. The seller also offers this with a 30mm prismatic crystal if you’d prefer something larger.  

Buddha Statue & Succulent Zen Garden Set with Wooden Display Tray and Stones 

This artful handcrafted display works for small and big spaces alike. The Buddha head sits between two small potted succulents on a smooth display tray with polished stones. And the price makes it an affordable addition to your meditation bookshelf or altar. 

The succulents add a low-maintenance touch of greenery to your meditation space, and the Buddha statue with its closed eyes gently reminds you to go within. 

Artcome Japanese Zen Sand Garden for Desk with Rake, Stand, Rocks and Mini Furnishing Articles 

Use the tools included to gently rake the fine, white sand into smooth ridges around the mini pagoda and polished stones.

The design and exercise is simple and calming, adding some functional decor to your meditation space. 

Add a bubbling table fountain, soothing background music, or other ambient noise to complement the effect. 

Meditation Room Ideas 

Even with what you’ve seen so far, it can be challenging to picture just how you want your meditation room to look or how you’ll make that space (or at least part of it) your own. 

Here are a few more ideas for making the room all you want it to be: 

  • A window-facing greenhouse cupboard or display case with plants that purify the air and add a comforting fragrance. 
  • Light-filtering curtains or screens for privacy
  • A mini-fridge for cold drinks or anything you want to keep chilled. 

If you’re still unsure of the look you want for your meditation room, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas on furnishings, decor, and color schemes.  The following images are just a sampling. 

Meditation room color palette #1:

Meditation room color palette #2:

Meditation room color palette #3 (vibrant)

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FAQs About Your Meditation Room

Before we dive into the list of carefully chosen items for your meditation room, let’s answer some related questions you might have. 

1. What is the best color for a meditation room?

The best meditation room colors to set a tranquil and refreshing mood for a meditation room are blues, greens, and aquas, all of which have a calming effect.

White or light neutral colors with green, blue, or gray undertones can also work. Experiment with different paint color samples and see how you feel when you look at them. 

2. What plants are good for a meditation room?

Excellent options to choose from are herbs like basil, oregano, mint, and rosemary, as well as potted, low-fuss plants like aloe vera, bamboo, palm, and Sansevieria (snake plant). A low bowl of succulents is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Ultimately, though, it depends on you; go with plants that have a look or a scent that works with your space and helps you feel grounded and peaceful. 

3. Can you create a meditation space in a bedroom?

Yes, you can! If you can’t set aside an entire room for meditation, a dedicated space in your bedroom can serve just as well.

After all, your bedroom is meant to be a place to relax and enjoy quiet time alone. 

Now that you have a better idea of how to furnish and decorate your meditation room, what will you do first? 


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