9 Unique And Beautiful Meditation Tables And Altars

If you are a new or experienced meditator, you might consider getting a meditation table or altar to set the tone for your practice.

You can meditate just about anywhere, but it’s helpful to have a dedicated space in your home to make your meditation time more of a ritual that feels meaningful and important.

Having this dedicated space with a meditation alter table reinforces your commitment to your practice and provides an environment that supports it.

What Is a Meditation Altar Table?

Meditation tables are an excellent resource for helping people focus. You can place objects on them that help with your meditation practice

Incense, candles, small statues, singing bowls, essential oils, mala beads, and other objects encourage quiet and focus.

A meditation table is usually the focal point of a room or space you dedicate for meditation.

The word “altar” comes from the Latin meaning “high place.” While some people use shelves as meditation altars, a meditation table is a single-purpose object with a certain amount of space and a unique style that best suits the practitioner. 

Reviewing some meditation altar tables will give you an idea of what to expect and what might work best for you.

9 Unique and Beautiful Altar and Meditation Tables

How do you know which one is right for you with so many meditation altar tables available?

Here is a selection of reviews of some of the best meditation altar tables, including Buddha altar tables and other styles, to choose the one that gets you into the right mindset.

1. Premium Solid Wood Hand Carved Personal Shrine Altar Meditation Table

Wood is a top choice for meditation tables because it is a natural material. This meditation altar table is made of solid wood for simple, elegant looks and durability. Indian artisans hand-carve mango wood, which is water-resistant and strong.

This meditation altar comes in two pieces, the altar and pedestal (riser), and is meant to be used on the floor while you meditate. Magnets hold the legs in position, and you can fold them for storage.


  • Hand-carved solid mango wood
  • Foldable
  • Water-resistant and strong
  • Pedestal style


  • Not large enough for some people
  • Occasional construction flaws make it difficult to stay even or properly fold

2. DharmaObjects Solid Sheesham Wood Hand Carved Shrine Altar Meditation Table (Small, Dark)


Here is a meditation altar table you’ll likely want to display in your living room. It features Tibetan work hand-carved by Tibetan master craftsmen with dragons, birds, and other intricate designs. 

Sheesham solid wood has a medium to coarse texture and a natural sheen, and although it’s harder to carve than mango wood, it will not show wear and tear over the years as much. You can see the rich, natural wood hues throughout. 

Plus, this meditation altar can be folded up for easy moving, travel, and storage.


  • Hand-carved
  • Solid Sheesham wood
  • Tibetan designs
  • Foldable


  • Panels that come with the table to make the bottom sturdy may be missing

3. DharmaObjects Solid Mango Wood Hand Carved Puja Shrine Altar Meditation Table (Tree of Life) Large

Hand-carved solid mango wood makes an appearance on this beautiful meditation table. Knots, wood grain, natural hues, and imperfections give it a rustic feel. Its large size makes a statement, while a pull-out drawer for storage features a unique knob. 

The surface features an ornate Tree of Life design as a highlight. This meditation altar is meant to look better with age.


  • Large size
  • Hand-carved solid mango wood
  • Pull-out drawer
  • Beautiful Tree of Life design and drawer knob


  • Measurements are not exact
  • The drawer does not open smoothly

4. MAPLE Shrine Table Altars. Solid Hardwood…. Maine “Coastal” Maple Series by EarthBench: Small Personal Floor Altar

If you need a beautiful yet compact meditation altar, this floor altar could be perfect. A simple hand-carved design always gives peaceful vibes, while the solid wood is maple harvested from the state of Maine. 

The wood is not only durable and sturdy but the craftsmanship is excellent, with a beeswax finish to show off its beauty. It’s just big enough, and it’s very affordable on top of everything else.


  • Compact
  • Durable, sturdy, solid maple wood
  • Beautiful craftsmanship and beeswax finish
  • Elegant minimalist style


  • Prone to damage from humidity
  • Prone to cracks

5. ENSO-Uji Japanese Meditation & Tea Table

When you need a very functional meditation altar table, you should look at this one. This Japanese-style table is for floor use and has a lower shelf to put items underneath, such as books or CDs. It also folds for easy storage. 

Paulownia is a tree native to Asia and is used to make furniture, while the solid wood has a handsome walnut finish. Not only can you adapt this table to your needs besides meditation, but it looks good anywhere in the house.


  • Japanese style
  • Paulownia wood with walnut finish
  • Lower shelf
  • Foldable


  • Prone to weather damage

6. MyGift Mini Sitting Buddha Statue with Candle Holders, Zen Decor, Meditation Tealight Holder, with Small Altar Wood Shelf Base

You can’t look at meditation tables without checking out Zen Buddhist style ones. Zen is known for having an intuitive and minimalistic yet graceful design, and this Buddha altar table delivers. 

A small brown wood table has a tiered top featuring a resin Buddha statue and, on either side, two tealight candle holders, with the Buddha and candle holders painted in an antique bronze finish. It’s your perfect, portable meditation table you can use at home or work.


  • Zen Buddhist style
  • Buddha statue
  • Two tealight candle holders


  • Resin is fragile

7. Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf – EarthBench – Solid RED OAK Construction for Meditation, Prayer, or Contemplative Studies

If you’re looking for a sturdy legged table with extra room, this one is made of red oak and has a shelf. Red oak is beautiful, durable, has a visible grain, and is warp-resistant. Natural beeswax finishes this table. 

A spacious shelf underneath allows you to store or grab what you need. It’s wonderfully crafted and low to the ground.


  • Solid red oak
  • Natural beeswax finish
  • Spacious shelf
  • Low legs


  • Prone to weather damage

8. Carved Wooden Triquetra Altar Table – 6 Inches Wide, 4 Inches Tall

The triquetra symbolizes the Celtic trinity knot, also called the Trinitarian knot. It not only has meaning, which you can make your own but looks beautiful at the same time. 

Here, a small brown table features a carving of triquetra in the center of a circle. Those of you who are looking for a small altar or small decorative table will enjoy this.


  • Dark wood with lovely color
  • Carved triquetra design in detail
  • Sturdy


  • Too small for some people

9. Lalhaveli Home Decorative Square Shape Hand Painted Black Wooden Altar Low Height Table – 11 Inches Wide, 6 Inches Tall Flower Design

Here is a show-stopper of a meditation altar. This one features a modern Rajasthani style with a black base, a gorgeous golden flower in the center, and gold trim, all handpainted in full color. Solid wood construction is sturdy on low legs. Simply dust with a soft cloth or brush for easy cleaning. You can display items on top with the black and gold easily highlighting them.


  • Modern Rajasthani style
  • Full color painted
  • Gorgeous design
  • Easy to clean


  • Small width

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FAQ about Meditation Tables and Altars

You likely have a few questions about meditation tables and how to use one to enhance your practice. Let’s cover all the bases to ensure you have clarity about what to buy.

What should I put on my meditation altar?

You can put anything you’d like that gets you into a peaceful state of mind. Put things that have meaning to you and make you feel calm.

They should be as sensory as possible, such as candles (light), incense or essential oils (scent), and prayer beads (point of focus).

How do you set up a meditation altar?

If possible, set up in a particular area of the house or small room. Think about the feeling of the room or space and whether it’s conducive to consistent meditation practice.

Keep it clean and free from debris and clutter that doesn’t belong. You might want to store it when you’re not actively using it.

How do you make a spiritual altar?

The first step is choosing the type of meditation table and where you want to put it. Imagine how it will look in your home. You can cover it with a cloth or leave it bare.

Then choose the items you want to put on it. It becomes spiritual because you make it so through your practice and the meaning with which you imbue it.

Meditation tables are welcoming and pleasing to the eye and provide a space for meditation objects. You can choose your meditation altar to reflect your style and the purpose of its use.

It will be the focal point of a space where you’ll experience some of your most transformative and content moments.

Increase your focus while meditating with these 9 meditation tables altars to add to your meditation supplies.

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