Why You Feel Energy In Your Hands During Meditation

Do you sometimes experience sensations during meditation?

When you’re in the “groove” (aka “flow state”), do you feel effortlessly propelled and protected by positive energy?

If you know the sensation of which we speak, then you’ve likely experienced conscious energetic awareness.

But did you know it’s possible to harness such energies during meditation sessions to improve mental health and support goal attainment?

How does it work?

Let’s get into it.

Can You Feel Energy In Your Body? 

Theoretically, the Universe — and everything in it — is made of energy.

Einstein surmised the situation like this: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” 

The King of Relativity specifically referenced thermodynamics when he made the statement, but the concept also applies to personal energetic work. And guess what? You can direct, cajole, and control your vibrational field. 

Like meditation, learning to do it effectively takes effort, commitment, and patience. Mastering energetic control requires:

  • An informed understanding of energy’s nature
  • Considerable thought control
  • Healthy self-esteem that allows you to see past superficial and inconsequential inanities
  • The confidence and faith to persevere with the practice even when things appear bleak
person meditating in the beach feeling energy in hands during meditation

So, to answer the question, “Can you feel energy in the body?” Yes. Not only is it possible, but it can become a powerful arrow in your mindfulness quiver.  

Why Do We Feel Vibrations During Meditation? 

Feeling energy during meditation isn’t necessarily common — but it’s also not uncommon. 

Various factors can impact a given situation, including location, internal energy, meditation type, et cetera. 

So why do some people begin to feel and recognize vibrational shifts after sitting for a while? As mentioned above, everything in our galaxy is composed of energy, and meditation changes your brain’s frequencies.

Some people may read that last sentence, confidently scoff, and dismiss it as a bunch of naively hopeful hogwash.

But they’d be wrong to do so — because peer-reviewed, double-blind studies posted in reputable science journals say otherwise. In truth, the brain wavelengths of committed meditators are less agitated than those who don’t engage in the practice. 

Encouragingly, research also indicates that sustained meditation practice can:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Aid weight maintenance
  • Improve cognitive function

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Why You Are Feeling Energy In Your Hands During Meditation and How to Work with It 

Theories abound as to why folks feel tingles and vibrations in their hands and bodies during meditations. 

Some schools of thought teach that practiced concentration reverses the body’s energy flow, which causes extremities to tingle.

Similarly, other people claim that fingertips are humans’ most sensitive spot and therefore are the most attuned to energy changes.

What’s most important to understand and remember, though, is that energy flowing through your body and soul is positive — so don’t panic. 

The goal of meditation is to align your mind with peaceful and productive energy and achieve the highest possible state of enlightenment or presence (at a given moment).

So if you feel vibrations resonating and shifting around you, take it as an excellent sign! Embrace it; don’t fear it.

hand sculpture with small candle feeling energy in hands during meditation

How can you embrace it? How can you control and direct the energy? Let’s explore a few tips.

  1. Acknowledge: When you notice energetic shifts, immediately acknowledge them — especially amid physical scan meditations. Doing so aligns your body and mind.
  2. Welcome: Next up is welcoming the energy. This may seem silly for practically-minded people, but they should give it a shot anyway. There’s no need to break out a bullhorn or even whisper it aloud. Instead, silently greet the energy in and around your body — in your mind. Internalize the dialogue.
  3. Conduct: Now it’s time to start moving the energy around. This is done 100% with your mind. Think: Good energy in; negative energy out. Good energy in; negative energy out. Repeat the phrase continuously until it feels weird or the words become meaningless. Direct all of your focus on the vibrations swirling around and through you. Send healing vibes to painful patches on your person if necessary.
  4. Visualize: If you’re a visual person, picture the energy you’re feeling. What color is it? In which direction does it swirl? Is it heavy or light? Powerful or demure? (Don’t stress if you cannot conjure up an image of the energy in your mind’s eye. Some folks are more sensory or thought-oriented than they are visual.)
  5. Learn: If you have the time, sit for a while with the vibes and wavelengths. Ask them questions. Contemplate how their presence impacts your life, goals, and behavior. 
  6. Move: Once you’ve gotten intimate with the energy, gather it in your hands and start moving it from side to side, up and down. Feel the force, and marvel at your ability to control it. (Never doubt that you’re a powerful being!)
  7. Thank: Gratitude is a powerful force, and it’s good practice to thank positive energy when it stops by for a visit and allows itself to be felt and “seen.” Treat it like you would a Muse: Cherish and revere it. 

After an energetic session, sit quietly for a minute or two before getting up. Practically, doing so will ensure you don’t get dizzy and fall.

Energetically, sitting still for a few minutes and slowly emerging from your sessions will better cement your hard work.

Final Thought

The next time you experience an electric feeling during meditation, don’t clam up — open up! Use it to your advantage!

Energetic control is a powerful aid in the personal-development toolbox. But don’t expect to master it quickly. It takes time to learn and even longer to wield effectively. Those who stick with it, though, almost always enjoy significant gains.

Do you sometimes feel that there's a surge of energy in your hands while meditating? Find out feeling energy in hands during meditation in this post.

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