105 Powerful Simple Pleasures You Should Never Take For Granted

Life’s simple pleasures have the power to buoy your spirits and sprinkle joy into daily life. 

These lovely moments nourish your soul and remind you that the little things do matter more than you think.

And they help you appreciate the present moment with more mindfulness and gratitude.

Don’t miss out on these moments by focusing solely on the big wins and momentous occasions that make a life-changing impact. 

Even on a bad day, seize the opportunity to recognize a simple pleasure right in front of you.

In fact, simple pleasures can help you recover from a bad day — and make the good days even better.

What Are Simple Pleasures?

The old saying to “stop and smell the roses” reminds us not to neglect or ignore the simple pleasures surrounding us.

Although we all don’t necessarily relish the same little moments, these mood-boosting doses of joy have some things in common.

Most simple pleasures:

  • Are free to all or cost very little
  • Don’t take much time
  • Are available almost anywhere
  • Often appeal to the senses
  • Often produce emotional satisfaction, awe, bliss, or gratitude

Daily pressures and the weight of your personal problems can make you blind to these pleasures. You might feel your life responsibilities prevent you from tuning in to pleasurable moments — or you feel guilty if you do tune in.

simple pleasures

Perhaps you tell yourself to delay fun or happiness until you check everything off your task list, but this mindset is counterproductive.

By avoiding small doses of joy throughout the day, you become vulnerable to greater stress and dissatisfaction with life. You may even come to believe that life is joyless.

How to Notice Life’s Little Pleasures

To be more receptive to the little pleasures life has to offer, make an effort to pay attention to the present moment. Take moments throughout the day to focus on all that surrounds you that is positive, beautiful, and meaningful. 

Your conscious effort to notice the here and now gives you a break from worries about the future and regrets about the past. 

When you connect with the present moment, you have the clarity to appreciate even the smallest gifts all around you.

Here are some ways to shift your focus and engage with the present moment:

  • Wiggle your feet and toes to ground yourself in your body.
  • Stand up and stretch your body.
  • Pay attention to any stressful or negative thoughts.
  • Take ten slow, calming breaths.
  • Give yourself a moment of quiet, free from distractions.

105 Simple Pleasures to Savor

When you feel warm and fuzzy about the little things, you invite more happiness into your life. Don’t let simple pleasures like these slip by unnoticed. 

1. Eating warm cookies just out of the oven

2. Slipping into fresh, clean bed sheets

3. Putting on new socks

4. Finding new pants that fit

5. Holding a door open for someone

6. Finding something that was lost

7. Meeting a friend for lunch

8. Hugging loved ones

9. Planting seeds in spring

10. Napping on the couch with your cat

11. Holding a baby

12. Eating ice cream on a hot day

simple pleasures

13. Relaxing in a bubble bath

14. Watching someone blow out birthday candles

15. Passing out candy on Halloween

16. Coming home to a clean house

17. Opening a fortune cookie

18. Finding a good parking spot

19. Reading a book with a satisfying ending

20. Guessing who did it in a mystery story

21. Singing along with a favorite song

22. Giving unwanted clothes or household items to someone who needs them

23. Petting an animal

24. Solving a problem

25. Pausing to appreciate an amazing sunrise or sunset

26. Listening to waves crash on the shore

27. Discovering a new food you find delicious

28. Receiving kind or appreciative comments from people you’ve helped

29. Getting invited to a party

30. Fixing something that was broken

31. Listening to the breeze pass through the trees

32. Keeping a diary

33. Comforting someone who is sad

34. Finding money in the laundry

35. Seeing someone you care about reaching a goal

36. Being surprised with a gift

37. Getting a big wagging welcome home from your dog

38. Watching little kids hunt for Easter eggs

39. Listening to birds sing

40. Seeing squirrels raid a bird feeder

41. Seeing a rainbow

42. Feeling enthusiasm for the day

43. Being told that you look good today

44. Getting complimented on a job well done

45. Putting up holiday decorations

46. Lighting scented candles

47. Enjoying your hobbies

48. Building something with your hands

49. Watching people open presents

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50. Pausing to admire a bee working in a flower

51. Getting sunny weather on your day off

52. Feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep

53. Knowing that your bills are paid

54. Picking fruit off a tree

55. Receiving a text or email from an old friend

56. Reaching a money-saving goal

57. Knowing the answer to a question

58. Taking a walk with a friend

59. Savoring the aroma of fresh coffee

60. Eating hot soup on a cold day

61. Putting on clothes warm from the dryer

62. Jumping into a pool on a hot day

63. Admiring beautiful landscapes

64. Laughing with your family

65. Kicking back in a recliner when you’re exhausted

66. Smelling freshly cut grass

67. Soaking pancakes in syrup

68. Seeing improvement as you practice something

69. Listening to music

70. Spending time alone with your thoughts

71. Doing something to improve your health

72. Feeling invigorated after exercising

73. Taking a hot shower when you’re especially grubby

74. Getting only green lights when you drive

75. Finding out something costs less than you thought

76. Napping in a hammock

77. Breathing fresh, clean air

78. Getting hungry when you smell good food cooking

79. Knowing that people love you

80. Continuing family traditions

81. Feeling confident about doing a task

82. Teaching someone how to do something

83. Watching a good movie

simple pleasures

84. Feeling safe at home

85. Volunteering in your community

86. Seeing results after a long effort

87. Seeing a shooting star

88. Mailing goodie packages to friends and loved ones

89. Watching a garden grow

90. Feeling accepted for who you are

91. Massaging lotion into dry skin

92. Having the right tool for the job

93. Being listened to

94. Throwing away useless clutter

95. Feeding your pets

96. Enjoying the sound of rain falling

97. Cracking a joke

98. Finding a cloud’s silver lining

99. Remembering to be kind to yourself

100. Giving directions to someone who is lost

101. Indulging in a leisurely breakfast

102. Trying something new and liking it

103. Arriving on time

104. Discovering a shortcut

105. Celebrating a friend’s success

What Small Pleasures Bring You the Most Happiness?

Even if you struggle with living in the moment, you’ve surely taken pleasure in minor victories and beautiful things. 

People may debate about the best simple pleasures of life. But what matters are the pleasures that bring you joy and heal your spirit.

Take a few minutes right now to look around you. What simple pleasures do you notice? What is right in front of you that lifts you up with gratitude, happiness, or fulfillment? 

What are the simple pleasures of life you should always appreciate? Here are 105 of those simple joys you should never take for granted.

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