Learn How To Manifest What You Want By Writing It Down

Do you have big goals?

Are you looking for ways to ensure you reach them?

If so, welcome.

You’ve landed in the right spot — because today, we’re breaking down manifestation through writing.

Understand, however, that we’re not approaching the topic from a “magical thinking” or “Law of Attraction” angle. 

Instead, we’re looking at the science behind manifestation journaling and why it works from a psychophysiological perspective. 

So if you’re searching for tools that will elevate you to the next level, join us below.

Can You Really Manifest by Writing?

Can you really manifest by writing down your wishes and goals?

Yes — but maybe not in the way you think.

Funneling creative energy onto paper kinetically boosts your chances of achieving goals.

Not because it’s some supernatural phenomenon but because the human brain operates better when presented with a focused agenda.

While the actual science is complicated, the gist is this:

  1. Neural pathways are the brain’s “interstate” system, the “highways” on which your emotions and feelings zip around.
  2. While the mind is an incredible “machine,” it’s by no means infallible and favors shortcuts. Resultantly, the more a thought is worn into your brain, the more you’ll think about it.
  3. In other words, if motivating, inspirational, and encouraging thoughts dominate your neural pathways, your mind and body will align with those energies. If you dwell on negativity, those vibes will grab the reins of your life. It’s not a mystical concept; it’s how the body genuinely works. Our nervous systems control psychophysiological reactions — i.e., fight-or-flight response, hormone release, fatigue signals, et cetera.   

Where does writing come in?

Research proves that journaling — manually scribing thoughts, feelings, and ideas on paper — helps us make better sense of our lives and improves cognitive function.

How To Manifest Something by Writing it Down in 6 Steps 

How do you go about a manifestation writing session?

Methods abound, but we recommend the one below. It incorporates mindfulness practices, allowing for a more holistic — and subsequently effective — approach.

writing in a clear notebook how to manifest something by it writing down

If one step doesn’t work for you, eliminate it. The same goes for adding one. Self-development work is personal, and part of the journey is forging a unique path that reflects your experiences, personality, and objectives.

This process takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Yes, it’s long, but it yields results. Plus, it’s an excellent way to add a substantial mindfulness block into your weekly routine.

1. Meditate

Before putting pen to paper, sit for a meditation session. Experienced practitioners should shoot for 20 minutes. Three minutes is perfect for people new to mindfulness exercises.

(Hey, we all need to start somewhere, and less is much better than none.)

What type of meditation should you do? You have a few options for manifestation journaling meditations.

  • Clear Your Head: If you’re looking for divine guidance, emptying your head is an effective meditation route for manifestation sessions. The goal is to turn off your conscious brain and let your subconscious and higher self take the wheel.
  • Analytical Meditation: Is your manifestation vision already crystal clear? If so, you may opt for an analytical meditation and mentally dissect one small aspect of your goal. 
  • Body Scan: Individuals with high sensory quotients may best benefit from body scans. Notice what body parts react to specific thoughts and decipher what that means for you.
  • Mantra Meditation: Mantra work is another option for manifestation meditations. Direct all concentration to your mantra, which supports your goal journey in some way.

2. Clarify Your Objectives / Aims

Clarification is the next step. Why have you set the goals you have? Are they genuine wishes or things you think you’re “supposed” to want?

Do other peoples’ desires and opinions play an outsized role in shaping your journey? If so, why? Is it healthy? Where do you come in?

Consider these questions deeply — and be as honest with yourself as possible. Committing to someone else’s dream for your life almost always leads to severe dissatisfaction, mental health issues, and even physiological issues brought on by intense stress.

Once you’ve defined authentic objectives that serve both your soul and practical wishes, it’s time to clarify them granularly.

Pick them apart and then put them back together to develop a holistic view of where you’re going and what needs to be done to get there.  

The clearer you are about every aspect and step, the more likely you will succeed.

3. Write It Down

Once you’ve cleared your energy and clarified your objectives, it’s time to write it all down.

We recommend having a dedicated manifestation journal so you can go back and read previous entries without stumbling upon limiting thoughts or other hiccups that often land in a general journal. Another option is combining your gratitude and manifestation writing efforts into one book.

Be as precise as possible when writing down what you want. In terms of style, do what feels most comfortable for you.

If you’re verbose, feel free to write pages and pages of detailed descriptions. A short declarative statement may fit the bill if you’re a person of few words. Whichever the case, take your time and be specific. Absorb what you’re writing down.

Some people find it helpful to light a scented candle or play brain-stimulating music during this step.

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4. Detach Yourself From the Outcome

Detaching yourself from the outcome is the next step — and one of the most difficult.

After all, feeling attached to your dreams, hopes, and goals is natural — to the degree that detaching from them may sound counterproductive.

But believe us when we tell you that it’s an essential component of the process. 


hands in prayer form how to manifest something by it writing down

Because clinging to the outcome creates unnecessary anxiety and stress, which increases blood pressure and triggers the body’s “feel bad” hormones. Moreover, anxiety and stress have psychological mass. They take up space, weigh you down, and prevent you from being the best possible version of yourself.

From a psycho-sociological perspective, detaching from your dreams keeps you flexible and open-minded, and agility is one of the pillars of success.

Folks who roll with the punches benefit from their resilience. Fascinatingly, some studies show that adaptability is more important than intelligence when it comes to success.  

5. Reflect on Your Mission

After you’ve written down your manifestation wishes, it’s time to reflect. This step is about aligning your mind and mission. The goal is to shepherd your energies toward the desired outcome.

You can reflect in several ways, including:

  • Quiet contemplation
  • Another meditation
  • Audio work (i.e., record your manifestation writing and listen to it)

Reflection can be done at any time. You needn’t follow every step we’re outlining to engage in a bit of reflection. When the mood strikes, have at it! Productive reflection is rarely, if ever, a bad idea.

6. Take Fearless Action

You made it! The ritual part of the manifesting by writing process is over. Now it’s time to take action. The magic of manifestation is passionate, focused, consistent effort — i.e., a whole lotta hard work.

Is hard work the only factor to success? Unfortunately, no. Scores of diligent people can barely make ends meet, and luck plays a larger role than many may want to admit.

That said, a lot of folks underestimate how hard work can drastically improve their situations or get them where they want to be.

Besides, if you don’t give it your best shot, you’ll never discover your limits, which consistently surpass peoples’ expectations. As the age-old saying goes: You don’t know if you don’t try.

Remember that trying involves getting back up after being knocked down — over and over and over again. It may take hundreds of failures and rejections before your big break. Keep faith that the next one may be it.

How to Manifest by Writing Down Examples 

We’ve talked about the philosophy of writing down manifestations. Now let’s take a look at some examples.

As mentioned above, some people write long manifestation journal entries, and to them, we say godspeed. Some of our team members prefer that method. 

But beginners usually find it easier to use shorter statements that sound and look a little more like affirmations.  

Here are a few examples:

  • I wake up each morning excited about starting work because I love what I do.
  • I have all the money I need to pay off debt and lead a comfortable life.
  • I never feel alone because I have a stable of friends and family members who care about me.
  • I’m healthy, and my body rewards my wellness efforts.
  • I’m in a loving, healthy relationship built on mutual respect and genuine love.
  • I no longer rely on other people for everything because I am self-sufficient. 
  • I love my body, soul, and mistakes because I’m 100% at peace with where I’ve been, how I’ve grown, and who I am.

How to Manifest Love by Writing It Down 

Do you want to manifest romantic love? Or maybe you’re in search of platonic companionship. Whichever the case, support the goal with manifestation writing. 

meditating outdoors how to manifest something by it writing down

How does it work? Here’s a shorter exercise than the one outlined above geared toward manifesting love. 

  1. First, think about the type of love you want to attract into your life. Romantic? Friendship? Better familial connections? Or maybe you want to fall in love with your professional endeavors as a way to become more invested in your work. Whatever the case, clarify the type of love you’re looking for.
  2. Next, write it down. Don’t be shy; pour all your emotions onto the page. Even the vulnerable ones. However, make sure to keep things positive and write as if the event has already occurred. 
  3. After you’ve written an affirmative directive, consider it for a few minutes. If it’s short, write it several times. Fill a page. 

Remember that love comes in a variety of shapes and forms. So branch out. Open yourself to possibilities. 

How Long Does It Take Manifestation Writing to Work?

We humans aren’t a patient species. According to studies, our species’ average attention span is a measly two seconds and nose-diving, courtesy of our digital appendages.

Comparatively speaking, goldfish now have the edge over homo sapiens regarding focus.

So what does that mean concerning manifestation work? It affects people’s stamina. Many folks grow frustrated and give up when their dreams don’t miraculously materialize after two or three sessions.

Ultimately, a lack of patience is why manifesting doesn’t work for many.

How long should you wait before throwing in the towel? It’s an impossible question to answer because everyone is different. Depending on your effort, practical situation, and goals, it may take weeks, months, or years.

Final Thought

We hope this guide helped explain how to write down manifestations and why doing so works. If you’re skeptical, give the process a shot anyway.

While it may sound like esoteric balderdash, science supports the practice. Who knows, it could be the thing that helps elevate your game and create your dream life.

Manifesting has been a trend lately but its been around for quite a long time already. Learn how to manifest something by it writing down in this post.

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