Start Your Week Mindfully With These 53 Mindful Monday Quotes

mindful monday quotes

Ugh. It’s Monday – that dreaded first day of the workweek that can tie knots in your stomach and spawn dread in your heart. 

After a weekend of carefree fun (or even one filled with chores), Mondays seem like a bad hangover you wish you didn’t have to face. 

Monday phobia is pretty much universal, but what if you start a new trend, one where you view Mondays as an opportunity to set the tone for your entire week? 

What if you commit to being fully present on Mondays?

Rather than dreading what’s ahead, you appreciate each action, task, and interaction of your day.

Nice concept, huh?

Our mindfully-curated list of Mindful Monday quotes below is a great way to get started.

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