Are You Spiritually Connected With Someone: 19 Signs Of A Spiritual Connection

Have you ever met someone and instantly connected with them – recognizing something about their soul?

This person may be a soul mate or a kindred spirit. 

Commonly thought of as a spiritual connection, these rare encounters are profound, inexplicable, and create a lasting impact on us. 

What Is a Spiritual Connection? 

Various authorities claim that a person will encounter between 10,000 and 90,000 souls throughout a lifetime.

Some of these people can become your best friends, casual acquaintances, or just faces that you see once in a crowd.

Every person is unique, and many leave a definite and permanent impact on us.

We connect with some people on a soul level that transcends the bonds of a normal friendship or relationship.

Some misunderstand relationships with this profound soul connection because the immediacy and intensity are similar to an intimate relationship.

But spiritual bonds are not based on the physical – they begin and end in the ethereal.

Understanding the difference between a genuine spiritual connection with someone and love or infatuation can be challenging.

But your spiritual energy knows what is right even if you’re unsure or not paying attention.

A spiritual relationship can help you focus on several key life factors:

  • Healing – a connection that helps heal our inner wounds. 
  • Purpose – a person that supports and guides us to our destiny. 
  • Goals – a soulmate to reconnect with our dreams and personal desires.
  • Honesty – a spiritual connection encourages complete openness and honesty.
  • Challenges – a link that enables us to try new things or attempt the things we fear the most.

19 Spiritual Connections Signs You Need to Know 

People enter our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Many call these encounters angelic or divine in some way. 

These relationships happen when we need to experience personal growth or a deeper understanding. These connections are intense, powerful bonds and can be either platonic or romantic — lasting hours, days, or a lifetime.

Recognizing and nurturing an authentic spiritual bond takes practice and work. But here are several characteristics that will help you on your path.

1. You Enjoy Unstoppable Conversation

Being a practiced conversationalist or orator are unique skills that can be taught and learned. But these types of communication are very different from conversations with a soulmate.

A conversation with a spiritual friend or lover involves heartfelt ideas expressed without fear or judgment with an intellectual equal.

sweet couple hugging spiritual connection signs

With a kindred spirit, any topic is exciting and engaging, and the words flow freely. There is nothing to stop the ideas because mutual respect and understanding exist.

2. You Share Unmistakable Intuition

A kindred spirit may appear in your life just when you need someone. 

There are many words for this type of spiritual connection — serendipity, intuition, or even coincidence. They all describe an underlying feeling that you need help or are needed.

Spiritual connections also foster a sense of wordless understanding, creating a sensitivity to negative emotions or allowing one to know if comfort is necessary instinctively.

3. You Both Feel Safe and Secure

Some people and relationships in life cause anxiety or even fear. But with spiritual connections, these feelings disappear.

Soulmates often describe this newfound chemistry as “evening each other out” and “balancing each other.” No matter what happens in your individual lives, there is a sense of peace and safety when you’re together. 

4. You Develop a Growing Connection

A genuine spiritual connection with someone is often described as an instantaneous knowledge or flash of understanding of someone at their core level. 

Their presence gives you a sense of familiarity and peace. But rather than dissipating over time, that connection grows more profound as you broaden your mutual knowledge and understanding.

5. You Exhibit Complete Trust

The ultimate act of self-trust is to trust one’s instincts. Intuitively, we understand good from evil and right from wrong. When a spiritual connection enters our lives, intuition also plays a significant role. 

girl best friends having fun spiritual connection signs

Fueled by an instinctive trust and immediate recognition, it is perplexingly easy to be vulnerable and express all thoughts and emotions. And motives, actions, or advice are taken at face value because the other person’s intentions feel honest and safe. 

6. You Both Appreciate the Silence

As a spiritual connection develops, you embrace additional methods of communication, and superficial conversation becomes unnecessary. 

Kindred spirits can often interpret moods and expressions, reading body language without having to confirm verbally. Silence is comfortable and often cherished.

7. You Show Mutual Respect 

Respect is necessary for a healthy relationship, and mutual respect is the cornerstone of a spiritual connection with someone. 

Respect occurs in various forms. Kindred spirits listen to each other openly and with focus –  valuing what the other has to say without interruption. 

Another form of respect is to value each other’s privacy. You offer space and time for solitude without the other asking for it, as you both trust that privacy is not secrecy.

8. You Engage in Deep Conversations

In conversations, you explore hidden areas and subjects without reservation or embarrassment when connecting on a spiritual level.

You can engage in meaningful conversations without fear of judgment because you’ve already established trust.

And when you’re together, discussing beliefs, worldviews, dreams, and aspirations are easy. Even if ideas differ, core beliefs remain compatible. And ultimately, it is essential to know and accept your kindred spirit, not to turn them into a carbon copy of yourself.  

9. You Foster Tranquility

Soulmates seek their authentic selves when together. Individualism is respected and admired. There is no need to defend work or creative endeavors because the connection supports equality.

And despite everything, kindred spirits experience a sense of peace when together. 

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10. You Experience Instant Attraction

That instinctive attraction may signify you have found a spiritual match. The action takes over, and instinct leads the way. 

There is no fear of what to say or how to introduce yourselves. The once tricky process of meeting someone new becomes effortless and straightforward. 

And dating rules are forgotten because there is an overwhelming drive to ensure this newly rediscovered connection remains in your life.

11. You Recognize Authenticity

Honesty defines a spiritual connection. Many people adapt their appearance or personality to be accepted by certain groups or institutions. 

However, when dealing with a kindred spirit, it is easy to be open and honest because of the depth of the spiritual bond between you both. You both feel completely free to be yourselves because you recognize yourself in the other person. 

12. You Protect Each Other

We all need heroes in our lives. When you have a deep spiritual connection, each partner wants to protect the other against threats. This desire ensures the continuation of the spiritual bond. 

Recent research has supported a psychological theory claiming men have a biological drive to save their partners. This instinct to protect is known as the hero instinct and applies equally between men and women.

13. Your Morals and Values Align

holding hands sweet spiritual connection signs

Soulmates often share the same morals, core beliefs, and life goals. While you can disagree about the value of ranch dressing as a food group, aligned ideals allow you to agree on the big stuff. 

These ideas could include whether to start a family or how to raise your children. If you both disagree on traditional roles or career goals, a spiritual connection may capitulate to daily world values.

14. You Communicate Silently

For kindred spirits, silence is a type of communication. Silent communication is not necessarily a superpower, but it might be a sign that you are connecting with someone spiritually. 

And that special bond fosters an awareness of their thoughts and feelings. Many times, soulmates can guess what the other is thinking or finish each other’s sentences. They can even recognize their feelings from across the room and provide comfort when needed. 

15. You Achieve Mutual Self-Awareness

A soulmate helps make you a better person. They can help you discover your flaws and support your good qualities. 

But knowing ourselves and letting ourselves be known is difficult. Essayist Tim Kreider wrote, “If we want the rewards of being loved, we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known.”

When you find your soulmate, you have found someone that understands unconditionally without risking vulnerability.

16. You Challenge Each Other

Those that share a spiritual connection want us to be our best selves. They will shake us awake and encourage us to pursue our dreams. 

They challenge us, and as we grow, they grow with us. Some people in relationships and friendships are content to remain stagnant. They enable routine or create chaos or conflict when change is introduced. 

17. You Recognize Boundaries

Recognizing boundaries is a form of respect in any relationship – work, platonic, or spiritual attraction. And one of the reasons relationships fail is the commingling of petty issues within the integrity of the relationship. 

Snapping at a partner because the boss assigned extra work or constantly discussing a woman at work can shake even the most robust relationships. 

Soulmates allow each other time to identify and separate the daily minutia from more important matters — reinforcing the sacredness of the relationship.   

18. You Cherish Togetherness

When you make a spiritual connection, the bond is strong. It exists at an atomic level, and severing those bonds is difficult. Everything is better and happier when you are together, and you experience life’s joyful energy. 

Recognition of this spiritual bonding allows you to appreciate the time spent together. And when you align with a kindred spirit, you are better and like who you become around them.

19. You Share Lasting Impressions

Even though our memories fade over time, if one is lucky enough to experience a spiritual connection, the imprint left on our souls is unforgettable. 

So why are a few remembered so vividly? They could be a mentor, a friend, or your first love. Regardless of who they are or when you meet them, these are the people who remain in your heart forever. 

How are we spiritually connected to another? Find out the signs in this infographic.

Whether you call a spiritual connection a soulmate, a cosmic connection, or even a kindred spirit, they influence every aspect of your daily life.

But before looking for a spiritual connection, take time to understand who you are now and who you have the potential to become.

You feel this instant connection with someone. They could be your soul mate. Find out in this post as you learn the spiritual connection signs.

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