Wondering How Long A Spiritual Awakening Will Last? 9 Things You Need To Know

Spiritual awakenings are timeless, so remove any attachments you have to time, length, duration, or measurement. 

Think of a time the sight of the ocean moved you deeply.

It felt like an eternity, all wrapped up into one spiritual moment of goodness. 

How long is a spiritual awakening? 

That’s 100% dependent on your efforts, but it’s good to have your reference points as you practice your spiritual steps. 

As much as the concept of spiritual awakening has no time, we live in a deadline-driven world. 

Rest assured, your experience is unique, precious, and impossible for anyone else to understand.

You cannot do it incorrectly. 

What Are the Benefits of The Spiritual Awakening Process?

You can purge everything that weighs down your conscience, ego, and emotions on the path to enlightenment. 

You may feel disconnected from everyone during a spiritual awakening while feeling completely at one with everything in the universe.

You’ll begin to see right through toxic people. You’ll spot a lie a mile away. You’ll have a stronger voice during a controversy. 

It might be the first time you show the world who you really are. 

The benefits aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. You’ll experience some uncomfortable stops along the way. 

  • Challenging Beliefs: You’ll begin to push back against some of the beliefs you adopted as a child or teenager. Challenge some of these beliefs and focus on what you genuinely believe without any attachments or memories.
  • More Connected to Yourself: We live in a connected world of social media, free WiFi, and Googling. Spiritual touchstones foster a universal connection within. You’ll tap into your gut instincts and sixth sense. The fresh energy flowing in and around your spirit increases your empathy and compassion.
  • Letting Go: How many nights have you obsessed about what you said during an argument or wished you had given a better answer during a job interview? Spiritually rich people can let go of attachments, labels, and ego-driven emotions to just “be.” 

How Long Does a Spiritual Awakening Last? 9 Things You Need to Know

It’s normal to wonder how long you’ll experience the benefits of an awakening.

You want to maintain the blissful feelings and positive changes.

However, life is constantly evolving, so you can expect shifts and new awakenings down the road.

Here are some points to keep in mind, so you have an honest perspective about your spiritual awakening.

1. Know What It Is

Not everyone is in a mental space or understanding to focus on spiritual awakening. It can sound absurd or “woo woo” to others. Imagine telling a nurse during the COVID pandemic, “How about you take some time for spiritual awakening.” 

A spiritual awakening is a period of profound growth when all attachments, emotions, and labels melt away.

jogging early morning how long does a spiritual awakening last

Your soul hums with the universe. All those Google tabs in your mind are closed. You are in a state of being,” not reacting or achieving. 

Knowing what it is can help you manage your expectations about how long it may last. Real life can interrupt or even stop the process.

2. “Wait, What? Why Did I Have a Spiritual Awakening?”

Not everyone who has a spiritual moment is searching for it. It could be a stellar sunset as you walk out of the gym, and you’re captivated by the beauty. 

You feel tingles as your spiritual connection to the universe pulses while all your worries melt away.

 Accept, enjoy, and give thanks for these moments when they happen. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want more. 

But these brief moments of universal connection are often, well, brief.

3. It Might Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Spiritual awakenings cause us to push back at core values we were taught or believed based on limited knowledge. You will spend much time fighting internally as your ego and higher self face off.

Meditation will help strip away the duality of the world we know as you extend your mind into the consciousness surrounding you. 

This period of struggle can take time before you reach a state of enlightenment.

4. It’s Lonely In Enlightenment at First

You’ll need some alone time to process everything you are going through. Maybe your loved ones won’t understand. 

Feeling disconnected from everyone during a spiritual awakening is a necessary part of the journey.

The more you become spiritually enlightened, the better words you’ll have to explain this process. Perhaps you can even share some of the life-altering tools you’ve learned.

Once you become more comfortable with your true self, you’ll realize you are never really alone because you are always connected with everything in the universe in one synchronous state of being. 

But sometimes, this loneliness can throw you off track because it’s uncomfortable. You may have a setback that delays your path to wholeness.

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5. You May Take Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

The path to enlightenment isn’t one straight road lined with road signs. Each person will have a path to follow. You might feel spiritually awake in the morning but back to screaming in your car during your lunch break. 

You will twist, turn, and pivot. Falling down is expected. Getting back up is the next step to figuring out how long a spiritual awakening will benefit you. 

6. You Can’t Meditate or Do Yoga Poses Only

You need a toolbox for your spiritual awakening, but you can’t just use the same two tools. Meditating isn’t going to make your boss any easier on you. 

man arms wide open by the beach how long does a spiritual awakening last

A child’s pose won’t get you out of that awkward confrontation with your child’s teacher.

You can carefully select the tools you’ll need to make your spiritual journey last longer. At a minimum, you’ll be more consistent with the steps. 

Tools like getting a full night’s sleep, taking time to wander through your favorite natural area, or even spending the night reading articles like this one will help. 

How open you are to use these tools can determine how long your awakening will last.

7. It’s Never Too Late

If anyone tells you, “I’m too set in my ways to do that kind of stuff,” they are wrong. Remember, this is a timeless process. In the grand scheme of

Nirvana, even life and death aren’t factors. Yes, that’s a tough one to wrap your head around. You’ll understand better when you take the time to explore your spiritual side.

Think of all the time a newly empty-nester parent has in their daily lives to explore spiritual touchstones. This is another major life shift that could prompt a spiritual awakening.

Senior citizens can find relief from the aches and pains of aging through this adventure through the soul. 

8. It’s Going To Freak You Out Sometimes

This feeling occurs mostly in the beginning when you’ve passed significant roadblocks. Suddenly, you’re noticing synchronicity more. You have an overwhelming sense of deja vu. 

As you leave for work in the morning, you have a powerful urge to turn left instead of the usual right. These occurrences are your spirit and soul vibing with the universe. 

9. It Can Happen In the Worst Times

Much of our daily lives involve a limited perspective based on what we know and have experienced. A significant life upheaval like losing a parent or getting divorced can suddenly shift your psyche. 

Things that used to be life stressors seem insignificant. New worries might pop up in their place.

You might be more grounded in family time instead of putting in those extra hours at the office. Accept the paradigm shift for what it is, and don’t retaliate. 

two persons holding hands how long does a spiritual awakening last

Remaining open and accepting of what life presents is key to maintaining spiritual growth.

Final Thoughts

You don’t want to isolate friends and family while undergoing this adjustment. 

You want to seek out teachers, healers, and believers to help support your vision. Why not try a retreat focused on spiritual awakening when looking at your next vacation?

You are adding to a rich life by doing this, not taking away from it. When you’ve progressed on this soul-searching adventure, you’ll be a better person for all those you love in your life. 

How long does a spiritual awakening last? Read this post and find out the duration of a spiritual awakening journey.

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