9 Not-So-Pleasant Symptoms And Side Effects Of Cord Cutting

A relationship from your past is plaguing your present.

Maybe you can’t stop thinking about a certain person or how they made you feel.

Or perhaps you’re ready to move on professionally and want to sever ties to a hostile work relationship that tainted your confidence.

In an effort to tidy your vibrational space, you’re thinking about doing an energetic cord-cutting.

You’re aware of the positive aspects of the process, but what about potential negative symptoms after cord cutting?

Why Do You Experience Symptoms After Cord Cutting?

When cutting energy cords is effective, you may experience “post-operational” symptoms.

Why? Because it’s like having surgery, but instead of a body part getting nipped and tucked, your energetic field is under the knife.

Some people may read that, scoff, and dismiss it as new-age claptrap. But there is a scientific argument to be made in favor of cord-cutting

  1. Everything in the Universe is made of energy.
  2. Mammal brains use wavelengths to perceive the world. 
  3. Studies show that people who engage in regular meditation change their brainwaves.
  4. As such, it’s not a stretch to consider that we form vibrational bonds with the world and people around us.
  5. Resultantly, cleaving intertwined vibrational bonds apart results in energetic displacement, resulting in symptoms.

9 Side Effects of Cord Cutting To Be Aware Of 

Please don’t read us wrong. By discussing potential symptoms of cord cutting, we’re not trying to dissuade you from giving it a shot.

By nearly all accounts, cord-cutting is a healing, helpful process that can make a world of difference in your emotional and physical well-being.  

But when trying anything new, familiarizing yourself with the associated pros and cons is the responsible approach.

In that spirit, we outline nine potential downside effects of cord-cutting.

1. You Feel Heartache

The aftermath of a cord-cutting ceremony can be filled with heartache. Even though you’re confident in the decision to cut ties, you undoubtedly have emotions about the situation.

picture of a woman feeling free and the other problematic side effects of cord cutting

After all, this person profoundly impacted your life, for better or worse — usually both. 

Tip: Prepare for the possibility by setting self-soothing plans after the cord cutting. If you love period dramas, curl into bed and watch Pride and Prejudice for the 765th time.

If you love to run, tie your laces and hit the pavement. Just make sure it’s something that helps you relieve stress and helps usher you to a feel-good place.

2. You Feel Nostalgic for the Severed Soul

People enter our lives for a time and purpose, so it’s not unusual to feel sadness over the loss of someone you once cared for or revered. 

In these instances, let yourself grieve the loss of the relationship. Don’t fight it. Let your emotions cycle through. It’s all a part of the flushing process.

Tip: If you feel your decision is correct, stand confident in your choice. Even if you did make a mistake by cutting ties with a given individual, you must accept the decision and understand that it was the right move for the time with the information you had.  

3. You Endure a Profound Energetic Shift

Energetic shifts are common after cord-cutting ceremonies. Sometimes, they’re a welcome bonus that alleviates a debilitating weight.

Other times, though, they’re draining and may even trigger an anxiety spell. Why? Because your body still needs to catch up with your changed vibrational field.  

This effect can be particularly intense after a twin flame cord-cutting.

What To Do: Dust off your mindfulness tools. Meditate for five to 20 minutes, journal, go walking, and mind each step. These types of exercises will help center and tame your “force field.” 

4. The Bond May Grow Back Stronger

There are two schools of thought on this. One side says that a severed cord can never grow back. Others believe they can indeed regenerate — and sometimes grow even stronger.

woman wrapped in blanket getting chills side effects of cord cutting

While possible, regrowth isn’t a common occurrence. But it is something of which to be aware before starting the process. 

What To Do: If the undesirable bond spouts back, consider the possible reasons why. Do you genuinely want to break the connection? Is it so strong that you must enlist a professional to sever it? Also, explore other ways to make peace with the entity you’re attempting to cut.  

5. The Bond May Never Grow Back

Above, we discussed the possibility of a cord growing back. Well, the opposite is also true: it may never be restored. 

As such, it’s vital to soberly assess the reasons you want to be free of another soul forever. Are you merely going through a rough patch, or is the situation more serious and worthy of an everlasting break?

Only you know the answer. But remember that your conscious opinions are tainted with implicit biases and faulty memories; plus, a confused ego may be in control if you’ve yet to tackle your shadow self.

Take time to meditate on the issue and consult your higher self. Ultimately, take your time with energetic cord-cutting. Avoid rash decisions.

What To Do: Cord cuttings are serious soul business. So before performing one, think long and hard if you want the other person out of your life for eternity.

Ask yourself tough questions like: Am I the problem here? Is something causing them to act out that I don’t know about? Could I be throwing away a helpful connection on the whim of a silly tantrum?

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6. It May Not Work

Not all cord cuttings work. While all ties can be severed (one way or another), some require more effort. Moreover, your energy may not be up to the task on a particular day — which happens.

Try not to get discouraged. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the “gift” or are otherwise defective. Instead, see the failed attempt as a warning or a lesson about patience. Or look at the situation neutrally and realize that the time just wasn’t right for no particular reason.

What To Do: Don’t lose faith in the process if it doesn’t work the first few times. Eventually, with enough practice and effort, you’ll finish the job. Spiritual work is no different than any other type of work: it can take time to get it right.

7. You May Feel Physically Ill

You may feel queasy after a successful cord-cutting. Since the energy attached to you has changed, you need to readjust, which can lead to physical illness.

If the situation persists, consider seeing a doctor, acupuncturist, or energy healer.

What To Do: Treat cord-cutting sickness as you would any other. Get rest, eat well, and allow your body to heal. It knows what to do and simply needs time and space to get it done.

8. It Could Make You Feel Unbalanced for a Bit

Do you feel out of focus? When up and moving around, do you periodically feel like you could fall — or even experience a pinch of vertigo?

young woman holding her chest because of pain side effects of cord cutting

While it may be uncomfortable, it’s nothing to worry about — just a bout of “energetic wobbles.”

As is the case with energetic shifts, the sensation is merely your body catching up with your cleansed energies.

What To Do: For starters, understand that what you’re experiencing isn’t dangerous or a sign of something fatal. But since the sensation is disorienting, it’s best to rest or take a nap, which usually clears the situation quickly.

9. You May Discover It’s You

It’s the last thing you want to hear, consider, or believe, but a cord-cutting may not work because you’re the root of the clash, not the person you pinned it on.

This realization could manifest itself in several ways. You may receive an undeniable message, or things could start going worse in your life because the person you thought was harming you was actually a helpful force. 

If this is your story, don’t worry. You can always invite positivity in. Everything is forever shifting — including the ground on which we stand and build cities.

Thankfully, impermanence is the foundation of existence. As such, you can overcome. And with effort, you’ll go on to lead the life of which you dream.

What To Do: If you reach a point where you can take a deep breath and admit it was you, pat yourself on the back a million times over. It’s not easy to do, so much so that most people never accomplish the feat.

But those who can own their faults and bad behavior are, ultimately, the winners — because the knowledge gained superpowers incredible growth.

Final Thoughts

Cord cutting is a powerful tool for realigning your soul, spirit, and energetic field. The potential gains far outweigh the possible symptoms.

Think of it this way: According to Mayer’s Law of Energy Conservation, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, something will come along and manipulate it eventually.

There’s so much in life over which we have no control, so why not take ownership of what you can oversee?

I know you've heard of cord cutting rituals, but do you know its side effects? Find out the side effects of cord cutting in this post.

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