The Mindfulness Symbol and Where It Comes From

Did you know there was a symbol for mindfulness? 

Well, there is, and we think you’ll like it.

In fact, we’re counting on you liking it so much you’ll want to make it part of your daily life, especially when you learn more about it. 

Read on to learn more about the mindfulness symbol and its origins.

Then enjoy our list of 11 creative uses for it. 

What Is The Mindfulness Symbol? 

The mindfulness image described in this post is the most well-known of the live-in-the-moment symbols.

If you’re at all familiar with the sight of water droplets hitting the calm surface of a lake or pool, you know how calming it can feel. 

Or think of raindrops hitting the roof over your head. You can only appreciate them when you allow yourself to be aware and focus on what’s happening in the present. 

The mindfulness design shown below reminds you to do just that — to place yourself at the center, in the space of the present moment. That’s where the water droplets meet, creating a ripple on the smooth surface. 

Look at the mindfulness water droplet design, and see what words come to mind. Which of the following resonate with you most?

  • Calm, Tranquil, or Still  
  • Peacefully Aware 
  • Reflecting
  • Listening
  • Present
  • Connected
  • Centered 

So, where did the symbol originate? And what can you do with it? 

Where Does The Mindfulness Symbol Come From? 

It began with a Lithuanian graphic artist named Cibulskisa, who invented the mindfulness symbol to help people meditate and keep themselves anchored to the present. 

Years later, the look has become so recognizable and popular that a growing number of psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual guides use it for research, meditation, and even for treating psychiatric disorders. 

The top of the design, with the falling droplet, represents the future. The mirror-image droplet below represents the past. Both meet at the center — at the surface — where the present lives. That’s where you want to be.   

11 Ways To Use The Mindfulness Symbol 

We’ve gathered some of the best ideas for using this beautiful design — from mindfulness tattoos to thoughtful gifts to mosaic art. Just focusing on the droplet design itself can be a mindfulness activity, reminding you to be the observer of that center point — the present moment.

1. Get a mindfulness tattoo. 

If you want to be reminded of this droplet graphic throughout the day, look up mindfulness tattoo ideas to see various takes on the look. Choose one that appeals to you or design one of your own. 

While your body provides plenty of surface area for the tattoo design you choose, consider one you’ll see every day without having to strip down and use a mirror. 

Tattoos are a commitment, so be sure you love the design before you go all in. 

2. Create mindfulness jewelry. 

Whatever jewelry you’re most likely to wear daily — rings, necklaces, pins, earrings, bracelets, etc. — you can either find one with the mindfulness design online or make one of your own. 

Try an image search of “mindfulness symbol jewelry,” or see what you can find on sites like Etsy. At the very least, you’ll come away with a better idea of what you like. 

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3. Add the icon to clothing.

Use ink, paint, or stitches to add the mindfulness icon, in a design of your choice, to a favorite shirt, a new handbag, a scarf, a jacket, or whatever you’d like to embellish with it. The more often you have it with you, the more often you’ll see it. 

And you need to see it — or be reminded that it’s there — for it to have its intended effect. Put it where you can’t help noticing it during the day. 

4. Add it to your logo. 

Incorporate the droplet design in your branding by adding it to your logo. You can even create a stylized version using your brand colors. See what you can come up with on Canva (or the design program of your choice) and try it out with new business cards or letterhead.

Try adjusting the image transparency if you’d like the design to serve as a backdrop for other elements of your logo. 

5. Add it to a book cover. 

If you’re an author and want to weave this beautiful design into your work, try adding it to your book’s cover design. Look for a copy of it online and import it to your chosen design program. Or freestyle your own take on the droplet design as a focal point for your cover. 

woman sitting at desk mindfulness symbol

Even if your book isn’t specifically about mindfulness meditation, if it relates to well-being or living in the present, experiment with different variations to see what works. 

6. Add a mindfulness icon for your meditation room. 

Design a mindfulness icon you can hang on the wall of your meditation room — or any room you consider a refuge from the busyness of life (bedroom, bathroom, garage, etc.) 

If you’re not comfortable making one of your own, you can also find art with the mindfulness graphic online. Try doing an image search of the words “mindfulness symbol icon” to see if anything sparks your interest. Etsy is also a good place to look.  

7. Design some wall art with the mindfulness design as its focal point. 

Create calm and inspirational wall art using the mindfulness graphic as the centerpiece. Use whatever medium, colors, tools, images, and designs you find most calming and pleasing to the eye — or most effective in rendering your design. 

Here again, you can easily find inspiration with an online image search. Or try searching “mindfulness wall art” on Etsy to see what comes up and what ideas they lead to. 

8. Decorate your journal with it. 

Decorate the cover and interior of your journal with this design to remind you to focus on the present moment. Journaling is a place where you’ll often record your thoughts about the past and about your plans for the future. 

Keeping this drop of water design visible during your journaling time reminds you to begin and end with awareness of the present. 

9. Put it on a coffee/tea mug — or teapot.

Decorate a favorite mug for your coffee or tea. Or add the design to your teapot to remind you of your commitment to mindfulness whenever you brew a fresh pot or refill your mug. 

As an alternative, if you’d rather not add the icon to your fragile kitchenware, try adding it to a trivet you use for your teapot or for cooked meals. Or add the figure to some kitchen tiles on the wall using a stencil to decorate your coffee/tea prep area. 

10. Use it in your garden design. 

Design a garden to look like the mindfulness droplet, with separate “drop” gardens and a central space with elliptical “ripples” around the center point. Add a fountain or birdbath if you want to double-down on the symbolism with a water feature. 

 What you plant in the garden is up to you. How great would it be, though, if the elliptical arcs held at least some plants that feed and attract butterflies? 

11. Create a mosaic pattern with it. 

Break up some colored glass or pottery and create mosaic art modeled after the mindfulness motif to decorate a wall in your home. Think of the possibilities! 

You could create a mosaic centerpiece for your living room coffee table — or an artful display over the fireplace mantel. Or design bookends with the design mosaic on the outside to dress up your bookshelves. 

Now that you’re better acquainted with the mindfulness symbol, which of its uses described here appeal to you most? Which will you try first?

What icon is dubbed to be the mindfulness symbol? Read this post and learn more about this design that indicates mindfulness and learn how to use it.

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