Color Your Way To Inner Peace With These 35 Mandala Coloring Books For Adults

Adult coloring is excellent for physical and mental health, especially when you use mandala coloring books. 

Sanskrit for circle, “mandalas” feature radial and bilateral design symmetry. 

For some, they’re artistic representations of the cosmos and other spiritual ideas.

For others, they’re just pretty patterns.  

Wherever you fall, mandala coloring for adults can be a highly effective tool in your de-stressing arsenal.

How? Why?

We’ll explain it all below.

Plus, our team curated a list of the top 35 mandala coloring books for adults.

Why is Coloring Mandalas So Relaxing? 

Scientists have definitively proved that meditation and yoga are great for physical and mental health — and so is mandala coloring. 

Many adults doubt that coloring will enhance their life, but those who try it are frequently shocked at how great it makes them feel. 

So the burning question becomes: Why is coloring mandalas so relaxing?

  • Loosens the Amygdala: The amygdala is the brain’s fear center. Low-stakes, detail-oriented activities relax it, which releases feel-good chemicals and cuts down on the number of stress hormones coursing through the veins. 
  • Boosts Creativity: Our brains love creativity. They crave it. And when we feed them with creative activities, they reward us by calming the nervous system. Therapists recommend using colors that appeal to you at any given moment. 
  • Prioritizes the Present: Coloring mandalas requires presence. Whether we realize it or not, it does take concentration to pick the colors, decide on a pattern, and stay within the lines. While working, your brain doesn’t have the wherewithal to catastrophize about the past or future. Essentially, coloring is a rumination break.
  • Relieves Stress: Since coloring affords so many brain-soothing benefits, it relieves stress — and when we’re free of stress, we’re more relaxed.
  • Promotes Unity: Mandalas are about unity and wholeness, and specific designs may enchant you into blissful states. Wading in a sea of bliss qualifies as highly relaxing.

What Are the Benefits of Mandala Coloring? 

The list of mandala coloring benefits is impressive, covering everything from improved cognitive abilities to significant mood enhancement. 

  • Exercises Both Brain Hemispheres: Michal Beaucaire, a self-improvement expert, once talked about how mandala work is a terrific exercise for the brain. “We logically think and analyze using our brain’s left side,” he explained. “The brain’s right side processes imaging, associations, and connections to feelings.”
  • Improves Motor Skills: Adult coloring works your motor skills, which diminish with age. Keep your senses sharp by tackling one mandala coloring project per week.
  • Leads to Better Sleep: Mandala coloring at night makes getting to bed easier. Why? The light that emanates from digital devices reduces the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Spending the last 30 minutes before bed away from your phone, computers, tablets, and TVs will increase your melatonin counts, leading to better sleep quality.    
  • Lengthen Attention Span: Coloring trains the brain to focus, but it’s not a stressful activity — thus allowing the frontal lobe to stretch. Why is that good? The frontal lobe controls your organizing and problem-solving centers, which enhances one’s ability to concentrate intensely.
  • Boost Attention to Detail: Artistic work, no matter how simple, helps exercise detail-orientation muscles. 

Additionally, several clinical studies suggest that working with mandalas can “boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, [and] ease depression.”

35 Of The Best Mandala Coloring Books for Adults 

What are the best mandala adult coloring books? There’s something out there for everyone. Below, we break down our 35 favorites. 

1. Amazing Patterns: Adult Coloring Book, Stress Relieving Mandala Style Patterns

The Amazing Patterns Adult Coloring Book — Produced by Coloring Book Kim — is a popular option for beginners. It has a variety of designs, and the paper quality is excellent for the price. Special care was taken to include designs that promote relaxation.

Big Pro: Can use markers or pencils

Possible Con: No bleed border

2. 100 Amazing Patterns: An Adult Coloring Book with Fun, Easy, and Relaxing Coloring Pages

Jade Summer’s 100 Amazing Patterns is another good option for folks trying adult coloring for the first time. The designs are a bit bigger than other options, which may be good for someone with diminished fine motor skills.

Big Pro: One-sided pages with blacked-out backs

Possible Cons: Flower patterns dominate; mid-grade paper isn’t the best for markers

3. Amazing Dogs: Adult Coloring Book

This one is for all you cynophiles out there. Mutts and mandalas — what could top that!? The pictures contain a wide variety of breeds — even you Great Dane and Doberman fanciers get some representation in this adult coloring book by Blush Design. (Don’t worry, cat parents; we’ve got you covered below.)


Possible Cons: No westies; mid-grade paper that’s not ideal for markers

4. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

Not only is the Secret Garden adult coloring book super intricate, but it also features hidden gems and mazes to solve. This option is ideal for people who want to stretch their frontal lobes to full capacity. 

Big Pro: Works the brain well

Possible Con: Some pages have instructions to add elements

5. Mandalas for Meditation: Scratch-Off NightScapes

Scratch-art is the other side of the coloring coin. Instead of coloring in, you scratch off a layer of ink to reveal the colors below. This option is excellent for people in search of a nighttime mandala activity. Plus, it’s hardcover so you can work in bed.  

Big Pro: Designs promote a meditative state

Possible Con: A tad more expensive than other options

6. Color by Number Patterns: An Adult Coloring Book with Fun, Easy, and Relaxing Coloring Pages

This color-by-number option is fun. And remember, you can assign different hues to the numbers than what they suggest, but the numbers help you create balanced pieces.

Big Pro: A leg up on color choice

Possible Con: The numbers are dark and peek through 

7. Creative Haven Celtic Mandalas Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

Celtic and mandala patterns go hand-in-hand and are both great for coloring. This book incorporates the two traditions and features 31 designs.

Big Pro: The patterns are unique

Possible Con: It only has 31 designs

8. Creative Haven Celtic Mandalas Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

If you’re one of the millions of people on this planet that doesn’t have an innate sense of style and design, this color-by-number option may be right up your alley.

Big Pro: Diverse patterns, clearly defined lines

Possible Con: Not all the designs are mandalas.

9. Brain Games – Color by Number: Stress-Free Coloring

This adult coloring book isn’t exclusive to mandalas. In fact, most of the pictures have a nature theme. But the required motor skills are the same, and you’ll still enjoy the stress relief.

Big Pro: A break from mandalas

Possible Con: It’s a color-by-number book

10. Anxiety Relief Adult Coloring Book: Over 100 Pages of Mindfulness and anti-stress

This beautiful adult coloring book focuses on anti-anxiety patterns, and many feature natural scenes, including gardens, botanicals, landscapes, and flowers. All the pages are one-sided, and the book boasts over 100 designs.

Big Pro: Great quality paper for the price

Possible Con: Some people find the pictures too busy

11. Creative Haven Mandalas Color by Number Coloring Book

This mandala adult coloring book is for tried-and-true mandala fans. Be sure to wear your concentration cap for this one! It comes with a color guide you can choose to use or not.

Big Pro: Advanced mandalas

Possible Con: Advanced mandalas

12. Mandala Art -Adult coloring book

This high-resolution mandala coloring book is fit for experienced artists. If you know how to shade, this collection has many fabulous designs to practice your skills. 

Big Pro: Great quality and intricate designs

Possible Con: May be too difficult for some folks

13. Adult Coloring Celestial Mandalas Coloring Book

Some people love this book — others find elements a bit too juvenile. It features 31 designs, and its focus is calming. 

Big Pro: Lots of sun designs

Possible Con: Must be careful with the perforated pages

14. Dot To Dot Mindfulness Mandalas: Relaxing, Anti-Stress Dot To Dot Patterns To Complete & Color

Want something a tad more complicated? This connect-the-dots mandala workbook adds another creative element into the mix. Notably, all the designs were hand-drawn.

Big Pro: Enhanced mental workout

Possible Con: May be frustrating for someone with reduced motor skills

15. Easy Mandalas: Adults Coloring Book

Easy Mandalas by Samantha Moore is ideal for people with impaired vision and beginners. It’s the perfect “first adult coloring book.” It’s got 68 designs, and the pages are one-sided for optimal ease. 

Big Pro: Super option for folks with diminished motor skills

Possible Con: May be too easy for advanced hobbyists

16. Flower Mandala: 100 Bold and Easy Mandalas Adult Coloring Book

Flower Mandala is another beginner option that made our list. It contains 100 designs ideal for individuals who may not have the best eyesight or hand coordination. Plus, it’s also suitable for youngsters interested in art and drawing.

Big Pro: Good adult coloring book for beginners

Possible Con: Some folks find the designs a little too childlike

17. 125 Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book

As the name suggests, Special Art’s 125 Mandalas Color Book for Adults includes 125 mandala designs. It’s book four of a six-part collection, but this one made our list because it’s suitable for all skill levels. 

Big Pro: Quality, one-sided paper

Potential Con: Pages aren’t perforated 

18. Flower Mandalas Coloring Book (Design Originals) 30 Beginner-Friendly & Relaxing Floral Art Activities

This flower mandala option is marketed as a beginner option, but we’d categorize it as an intermediate choice. If we were using ski analogies, it would be a blue square. The book contains 30 designs.

Big Pro: Super thick paper

Possible Con: A tad more expensive than other options

19. Intricate Patterns: An Adult Coloring Book

Break out the magnifying glass! This adult mandala coloring book featuring 50 designs requires attention to detail. However, the designs are specifically calibrated to relieve stress. Opt for a hardcover or paperback.  

Big Pro: High-quality, one-sided pages

Possible Con: May be too difficult for some

20. Dispatcher Adult Coloring Book

Do you have a dispatcher in your life? They’re the heroes that help keep us calm in emergencies. So treat one to this mandala adult coloring book made especially for dispatchers.

Big Pro: It’s a fun gift for a niche demographic

Possible Con: You may have to educate your beloved dispatcher about the benefits of adult coloring

21. 150 Mandalas For Stress Relief and Relaxation

This adult coloring book for stress relief and relaxation uses 60-pound paper stock and features 150 original mandala designs. The book features several mandala types, including stained glass mandalas, ethnic mandalas, sand mandalas, gemstone mandalas, and Greek mandalas. Plus, several designs are inspired by natural fractals. 

Big Pros: Great paper and a diverse set of designs

Possible Con: Too much white space

22. Easter Coloring Book: Easter Basket Stuffers: Easter Mandala Activity Book for Teens and Adults

This Easter-themed coloring book features patterned pictures of things traditionally associated with the holiday. It contains 35 designs for various skill levels.

Big Pro: Can easily frame pieces because of the pages’ large “bleed” areas

Possible Con: Not all designs are strictly mandalas

23. Sun and Moon Mandala Coloring Book

This is one of the best bangs for the price in the realm of mandala coloring books for adults. Each design features either a sun or moon surrounded by stars with mandala-esque elements.  

Big Pro: Budget-friendly price

Potential Con: Some designs aren’t for everyone

24. Sugar Skulls: Adult Coloring Book

Sugar skulls are rooted in the Mexican tradition of El Dia de Los Muertos — a day to honor ancestors who’ve passed. The heads represent loved ones, which is why they’re lovingly decorated. Some of the designs in this book feature mandalas; others are just intricate patterns.

Big Pro: Celebrates a family-centric cultural tradition

Possible Con: Not strictly a mandala coloring book

25. 100 Magnificent Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book

This mandala coloring book features 100 designs aimed at diminishing stress. The pages are one-sided and blacked out to reduce color smudges. The book bills itself as a collection of “complex” mandalas. In reality, there’s a variety, and options abound for days when you feel like doing an “easy” one.

Big Pro: Great designs

Possible Con: Not enough advanced designs

26. Color By Number For Adults Zodiac Mandala

You’ll likely enjoy this coloring book if you’re a fan of horoscopes and astrology. It also includes a few bonus pictures from the company’s other adult coloring options.

Big Pro: Paper is thick enough to use markers, gels, and watercolors

Possible Con: Only has 25 designs

27. Simple Mandalas: Coloring Book with Easy and Simple Mandala Patterns

Simple Mandalas is an excellent option with which to start. It’s also great for people who may be looking for less-detailed designs.

Big Pro: Larger designs (for people interested in more open patterns; ideal for people with reduced motor skills)

Possible Con: Larger designs (for people who enjoy uber-detailed mandalas)

28. 300 Coloring Mandala Designs for Adults Relaxation

If you’re after volume, this adult coloring book is for you. It contains over 300 designs created by Sally Berry and includes patterns for all levels. Some designs are easy, and others are for advanced coloring enthusiasts.

29. Mandalas and Patterns: Stress Relieving Designs for Relaxation, Fun and Calm

This adult mandala coloring book has 104 designs. The designs are good for learning and practicing shading. This is for coloring aficionados who are at the intermediate level and up. 

Big Pro: Advanced designs

Potential Con: Some find the pictures too small

30. Mandala Relaxation Coloring Book for Adult: Mandalas, Flowers, Patterns And So Much More

This mandala adult coloring book by Ipainting Press includes designs with a cosmic vibe. All of the configurations feature a flower motif.

Big Pro: It’s inexpensive.

Possible Con: Not the highest quality

31. Cats With Mandalas Adult Coloring Book

Cat parents, rejoice! This one is dedicated to our fabulous felines. Scribble away the stress by making beautiful art of the four-pawed deities. 

Big Pro: Special Art, the coloring book’s producers, maintain a fun online community of adult coloring enthusiasts.

Possible Con: Some of the designs may be a little “kiddie” for advanced artists.

32. Mandella Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book Featuring 100 pages of the Most Beautiful Mandalas

Drift off into a state of relaxing bliss while working on this mandala adult coloring book. This option is great for minimalists who enjoy a bit of “white space.”

Big Pro: High-quality paper that withstands gels and markers

Possible Con: May not be intricate enough for some

33. Animal Mandala Coloring Book, 50 Animal Mandalas

We’ve suggested options for dog and cat lovers; this one is for lovers of animals from around the world. Intricate mandalas are incorporated into all of the design subjects. 

Big Pro: Great quality and designs

Possible Con: It’s a little more expensive than other options.

34. Animal Mandala Coloring Book for Kids and Adults

Sophisticated and advanced, the designs in this animal mandala book are stunning. It’s a great gift for animal lovers, and many of the options are suitable for framing.

Big Pro: 150 Gorgeous designs

Possible Con: Some designs have lots of white space

35. Master Mandalas: A Mandala Coloring Book

This mandala coloring book is for the experts, the designs are incredibly intricate, and they take a deft hand. This option is a fan favorite and features great-quality paper.

Big Pro: A super option for advanced coloring gurus

Possible Con: Not for people with diminished motor skills

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We hope you found our list of the best mandala coloring books helpful. But most importantly, we hope you enjoy hours of stress-relieving fun.

Coloring is not just for kids but for adults too! Get the best mandala coloring books for adults available in Amazon in this post.

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