Become Your Most Excellent Self With These 25 Transformative Mind Shifts And Actions

Are you feeling “meh” about yourself lately?

Like most of us, you’re likely filled with potential that has yet to be tapped.

We all strive to be the best version of ourselves, but it can be challenging to figure out who that version is and how to access it. 

However, with the right mindset and tools, gaining more clarity about what you want and overcoming the roadblocks holding you back from getting it is possible.

The good news is that your self-evolution is a lifelong process, as you will define and redefine who your best self is many times throughout your life. 

So, get ready to embrace the journey and celebrate each step of growth along the way!

What Does Being the Best Version of Yourself Mean?

It’s an ambiguous statement that might sound like self-help fluff, but behind the fluffy words is a truckload of possibility.

When you strive to be authentic and live a life of meaning and fulfillment, you intentionally craft someone who is integrated, evolved, and self-aware. 

The process requires recognizing your strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs and using them to guide your actions and decisions.

Throughout the process, you continuously improve and grow in all areas of your life, including your relationships, career, spiritual life, emotions, and overall well-being.

Achieving this growth requires setting goals, stretching yourself, and overcoming the internal and external challenges that hold you back.

Of course being kind, compassionate, and empathetic towards yourself and others are necessary elements to being your best self.

Cultivating positive relationships and treating others with respect and understanding will make you feel happy and confident in yourself.

Ultimately, being the best version of yourself means living a life aligned with your values, purpose, and aspirations and positively impacting the world around you.

How to Become the Best Version of Yourself

1. Find Joy in the Present Moment

How can you be happy right now if you feel like you aren’t your best self? Discontentment can lead to lethargy and even hopelessness, preventing you from taking positive action.

But you can reduce the tension between knowing that you should be content right now and the inner urging for something more. 

There is a way to balance your ongoing contentment and happiness. The best way to do this is by remaining engaged in the present moment, even as you begin the journey of change.

2. Embrace Excitement about the Process

Begin to view the journey of personal evolution as a place for happiness and contentment. Rather than holding back joy while you await an outcome, enjoy the process. 

woman in meditating position how to be the best version of yourself

Every step along the path, every stage of life, and every small action should be savored and celebrated. Life is 99.9% process. Reaching outcomes are fleeting moments. If you can’t find joy in the journey, you’ll spend most of your life unhappy.

3. Shift Your Mindset

You will experience tedious, dull, or even painful moments during the process. Rather than resisting or struggling against these times, breathe into them. 

Shift your thinking so that you become aware of even the smallest value these moments add to your experience of life. As you infuse positive energy into these moments, they become less stressful or difficult.

4. Change Your View on Failure

Failure is part of the process. And even though failure stings, its venom serves your growth. Failure means you are engaged in life because you’ve taken a risk toward your vision.

Failure also gives you information to carry forward on your journey. You learn what works and what doesn’t and what you need to do differently. It builds tenacity and resilience.

5. Get Clear on Your Values

If you haven’t defined the best version of yourself, begin with values. What are the most critical values in your life and work that can serve as guiding principles for your life?

What values will define the person you are now and want to be in the future?

As you narrow your most critical values, drill down to how you want those values to work in your day-to-day life. Look at how you aren’t honoring those values right now and what you can do to correct that.

6. Create a Vision for Your New Self

Give yourself the gift of time and emotional space to create a vision for your life for the next few years. Use your most important values as a framework for this vision. 

Look at every aspect of your life and define how you want it to look. Write it down. And remember to enjoy the process of creating a vision. It is creative, life-affirming work.

7. Draft Your Plan

When you have a vision for yourself, you need a plan for materializing this vision. You need action steps. Prioritize the elements of your vision and create a strategy for action. Break it down into small, manageable steps.

Begin with the parts of the vision that will positively impact your life right now or as soon as possible. It will energize you to continue on with the next piece of your vision.

8. Turn Actions into Rituals

A ritual is an action imbued with purpose and meaning. Each action step along the way to your vision is a microcosm of the outcome.

Rather than viewing each step as a boring task, turn it into a ritual — something beautiful that is a crystalline drop of your beautiful vision. 

Create a physical space and atmosphere that inspires and motivates you. Wear clothes that make you feel powerful and energized.

Repeat affirmations or begin your work with a meditation to foster the best mindset. 

9. Prioritize Your Relationships

Relationships are the most essential part of our lives. Nothing matters more. Define the best version of yourself in your relationships.

Who do you know yourself to be inside? How does this person want to interact with loved ones and others in your life? 

Find the beauty in letting this person emerge as you release anger, jealousies, frustrations, blame, and hurt. Enjoy the process of releasing the old you to welcome the real you.

10. Let Go of Distractions

Our time is limited. We can’t have everything, be everything, and do everything. We are scattered and unfocused if we stuff our lives with too much. 

Life is abundant, and it tempts us with so many options. Choose what is most important right now and gently release all else for another time or for good.

person trying to climb how to be the best version of yourself

Scrolling on your phone, binge-watching Netflix, or posting on social media won’t help you become a better person.

11. Focus on the Task at Hand

Whatever you are doing, focus on it. Savor it. Roll around in it. Love it, even if it’s painful. There is beauty even in pain. 

Don’t struggle against it or wish for something more. If you are doing it now with intention, it is the most important thing in the world. Give it your full attention.

12. Declutter Your Life

When you are focused, many other things in your life fall away naturally. Things you don’t really need. Begin to sweep some of these things out the door. 

Simplify your life, your thoughts, and your relationships. Give yourself the space and energy to focus and love the process you are working on.

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13. Put Experiences Ahead of Things

Experiences almost always trump money and possessions in long-term life satisfaction. Experiences stay in your memory and create residual happy feelings. 

As you define your new life, put your efforts and income more on experiences than material things. 

14. Allow Yourself Time to Recharge

Give yourself a mental and physical recess, a time for play and creative introspection. Remove yourself from stresses and demands to clear your mind for new ideas, inspiration, and recharging. 

man drinking coffee while reading how to be the best version of yourself

Being in nature supports this process. So does meditation, spending time with friends and family, and reading motivational books and articles.

15. Listen to Your Intuition

Pay attention to intuition regardless of how analytical or brainy you may be. Intuition arises from an accumulation of all of our memories and experiences. It has something important to say to us, so listen up.

If an idea or path you’re pursuing doesn’t feel right, examine it more carefully. Or if you keep returning to an idea that, on the surface, seems silly or impossible, pay attention to it.

Your internal world may know something you don’t.

16. Stretch Yourself

Stretch yourself. Go a step or two farther than you think you can. Push yourself a bit into the discomfort zone. Do this regularly, and you’ll be amazed at your capacity for greatness. Breathe into the stretch and enjoy it.

17. Release Resentments and Anger

Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Whatever it is, put it in a red balloon and release it. Ah, freedom.

Holding on to grudges and resentment will drag you down and prevent you from growing and evolving. Let them go.

18. Heal Your Wounds

Where you are wounded, where you are hurt, where you are frightened — seek healing. Restore yourself. Get well again.

Do what must be done to heal. You can’t be the best version of yourself when you are emotionally, mentally, or physically unwell.

Do to the doctor, a therapist, or a spiritual healer. Repair your broken parts so your best self can grow.

19. Stay Energized and Fit

Your body houses the best version of yourself. Your body is beautiful and miraculous. Support your body as it serves you by staying fit and healthy. Get enough sleep and avoid substances that deplete your energy and focus. 

You have serious work to do, so ensure your physical self is in the best shape possible.

20. Nourish Your Body

Give your body the proper fuel to feel your best to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Junk food, sugar, and other highly processed foods can make you sluggish.

Focus on a Mediterranean diet (or similar diet) to stay alert, energized, and healthy. 

21. Practice Gratitude

Spend a few minutes in gratitude every day. Remind yourself of even the smallest blessings in your life.

Allow the emotions that accompany everything you are grateful for to rise to the surface and soak yourself in them. This effort will heighten your sense of gratitude and happiness.

man and woman talking about something in the laptop how to be the best version of yourself

Use a gratitude journal or write down gratitude affirmations to reinforce these feelings and help you develop an ongoing gratitude mindset.

22. Be of Service to Others

Happiness is associated with service. Whether you are simply listening to a friend, giving a hand to a neighbor, or volunteering, serving others provides fulfillment that no other activity can afford.

It doesn’t matter how you do it; just find a way to do it.

You know how good it feels to help someone and how it boosts your mood as much as it does the person you help. Service must be part of a better you.

23. Stay Humble and Keep Learning

Have a beginner’s mindset in all things. Accept that even if you are an expert, there is always more to learn. You can learn from the humblest among us. You can learn new ways of thinking.

You can learn to appreciate many points of view. Stay open to all possibilities with eager expectations.

24. Keep Evolving

Once you define the best version of yourself, seek new paths for evolving into that person. Open your mind and heart to wise people and mentors. 

Face any hard truths about yourself or others. Be relentless in your personal evolution, but relish and celebrate each new level of growth.

25. Refine Regularly

Regularly hit the refresh button on your definition of your best self. As we evolve, change, and grow as individuals, even our vision of our best self shifts and evolves along with us. 

Be content with being your best self in each moment — because you will always be in the process of becoming. Make each moment your destination.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the journey to becoming the best version of yourself is not always easy, but it’s worth it. Each step you take toward personal evolution is closer to a more fulfilling and authentic life. 

Stay committed to your values, prioritize what’s most important, and find joy in the process. With persistence and determination, you can overcome obstacles and achieve your vision for yourself.

So, go ahead and embrace the journey – your best self is waiting for you!

Bettering yourself is about mindset. Learn some tips and actions on how to be the best version of yourself as you read this post.