9 Meditation Scripts To Use Before, During, And After Yoga

Yoga and meditation are like salt and pepper, rhythm and blues, Ben and Jerry.

Pairing the two immaculate halves makes a divine whole and fosters better connections between our bodies, minds, and souls. 

To celebrate the relationship between healing movement and mindfulness, we’ve curated a list of guided meditation scripts for yoga teachers and practitioners.

Feel free to use these savasana scripts as is, or tweak them to fit your exact needs, situations, and goals.

How Yoga and Meditation Work Together 

Yoga and meditation are both mindfulness exercises, and pairing them creates synchronicity that better bonds the mind, body, and spirit — which makes sense because yoga and meditation share several commonalities. Both:

  • Relax the body
  • Quiet the mind
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your higher self or subconscious

In addition to having similar characteristics, yoga and meditation complement each other. Yoga clears restless energy, which prepares the body and mind for a better meditation session.

The Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation in Yoga

Yoga is a way to cleanse and balance physical energies, and the benefits amplify when combined with both mindful and meditative practices. 

It falls into the same category as workout music. But instead of pumping up energizing tunes to get your heart pounding and your mind in the game, mindfulness and meditation soothe the mental space, prepping it for ideal contemplative conditions. 

So what benefits will you enjoy by incorporating mindful and meditative aspects into your mat work?

Physical Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

The physical perks of mindfulness and meditation include:

  • Better blood pressure
  • Reduced chronic pain symptoms
  • Less physical stress
  • Better sleep quality

Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

In addition to physical benefits, meditation and mindfulness also confer a host of psychological and behavioral bonuses, including:

  • Increased positivity and self-awareness
  • More motivation and enthusiasm
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Better insight and decision-making skills
  • Increased focus and discipline

How to Use These Yoga Scripts for Teachers of Yoga Classes 

Yoga teachers can use guided yoga meditation scripts in several ways. Let’s look at a few.

At the Beginning of Class

Starting with a call to mindfulness is the most straightforward way to incorporate the practice into yoga sessions. It sets the mood for the class and gets students in the right mindset.

During Private Sessions

Are you a teacher with private clients? Creating personalized mindfulness scripts for sessions is a memorable custom touch that goes above and beyond, signaling to clients that you’re fully invested in their journey.

doing yoga yoga scripts

Developing tailored sessions, wherein each asana is specifically chosen to address your student’s needs, is another high-end service. In these types of sessions, each asana is used as a moment to reflect and think.

For Recordings

More and more yoga instructors are establishing their own media presence. It’s a smart move in our digital age.

Recording session scripts is one way to get in on the multimedia action. The choice of video or audio-only is yours, but there are a few legal and ethical rules to keep in mind:

  • Plagiarism is wrong on both statutory and moral grounds. Simply ask the creator if you want to use a script you find online. Most people just want a mention and credit.
  • If you set your yoga scripts to music, ensure you have the proper permissions. Using copyrighted materials can earn you a “strike” on nearly all digital media platforms, which can result in account suspension.  
  • Be mindful that your videos and audio guides will be available in the public sphere. So be as respectful as possible. 

How to Use These Yoga Meditation Scripts for Practitioners 

Yoga scripts that focus on mindfulness aren’t only for instructors. The average practitioner can also incorporate them into their wellness practice.

Make Your Own Recordings for Home Use

If you find a meditation script online that you’d like to try at home, record yourself saying it. Since it’s just for you, perfection isn’t necessary.

And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll start posting your own for public consumption.

Read Them Before, During, or After a Yoga Session

If you’re doing a yoga session alone, reading them before or after is probably your best bet unless you record your own script, as suggested above. 

If you’re highly organized, print out the scripts you want to consider during your session and keep them next to you. Consult the appropriate one when you reach an asana demarcated for meditation.

Use Them for Journaling

Yoga mindfulness scripts aren’t tethered to mat work. You can also use them as journaling prompts and writing ideas. Before sitting down for a scribbling session, read a script. Then explore the concepts contained within with words.

Maintaining this practice is an excellent way to think deeply and build a considered worldview. 

9 Yoga Scripts for Meditation and Mindfulness Before, During, and After Yoga

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to punctuate your classes with meditative concepts? Or maybe you’re a practitioner looking for ways to weave mindfulness into your personal sessions.

We’ve developed these yoga mindfulness scripts to use in a group or solitary environment. Use them as is, or tweak to your needs. 

Before Yoga Mindfulness Scripts

We developed three opening yoga class scripts for three types of energy. If you’re an instructor, try to read the vibe of the class and space as everyone files in, then pick one that best fits the mood.

If you’re at home, choose one that reflects your emotions at the time.

Yoga Meditation Script for When the Energy Is Upbeat and Positive

The class comes in and is buzzing with excellent energy. Amplify the good vibes with this opening yoga class script.  

  • Welcome. I’m thankful to have [everyone/you] here today. The room’s energy is [electric/loving/healthy/balanced/et cetera]. So let’s try to harness those positive wavelengths for today’s class.
  • Please get into a Seiza position and bring your palms together in front of your heart (Anjali mudra). 
  • Close your eyes, keep your back straight and relax your shoulders. [Pause] Is everyone comfortable? Wonderful. 
  • Let’s start with deep breathing to calm your parasympathetic nervous system and awaken the chakral nodes.     
  • Invite air in through your nostrils, and accompany it through your nasal passage and into your lungs. Notice how the diaphragm works to support each breath. Now release the air. Think about inhaling the room’s positive energy and exhaling what you no longer need.
  • Again. In, observe, and out. Good. 
  • Release everything beyond the mat. 
  • One more time. Take in the [vital/electric/positive] energy and release what you no longer need.            
  • Namaste, beautiful souls. Welcome to class. I’m thrilled we’re here together.                        

Yoga Meditation Script for When the Energy Is Anxious and Apprehensive

Some days, an anxious and apprehensive veil sits over the class at the start. Try this to break the spell.

  • We could all probably use a little tension release, so let’s start today’s class in easy pose. Don’t worry about putting your legs in a pretzel. Just sit cross-legged and focus on releasing stress.
  • Start at the bottom of your feet and acknowledge every body part moving up, giving every cell permission to let go of what is no longer serving them. 
  • Take a deep breath. Feel it travel through your body, providing it with life. 
  • Be mindful of your presence in this safe space. All your energies, good or bad, are invited to sit in communion with the community. 
  • In and out. Pay attention to the breath entering and exiting your body. 
  • Consider the mantra: I am at peace in a storm. Understand that impermanence is the essence of life, and any stress or tension you may be feeling is only temporary.  
  • Welcome to class. I’m delighted you’re here. Let’s begin. 

Yoga Meditation Script for When the Energy Is Mixed and Muddled

If the overall energy of the class is muddled and chaotic, try out this opening yoga script to herd everyone into the flow zone. 

  • Hello everyone! Get out your mats and slowly settle in.
  • Move into easy pose or whichever meditative asana is most comfortable for you, like lotus or the Burmese position.
  • Then bring your palms together in front of your heart. Feel the energy rushing from one side of your body to the other. Your hands are energetic conduits — as is the rest of your body. Feel it attracting positive vibes.
  • Take a deep breath. Absorb the good and release the bad. 
  • Now, another deep breath. Welcome positivity and shed what no longer serves you.  
  • Today, we’re clearing away the negative and welcoming the positive. 
  • Welcome to class. Your presence elevates our energy.

Mindfulness Scripts to Use During Yoga 

This set of yoga meditation scripts is geared toward in-session activity. Teachers can vocalize them in class, and home practitioners can either read them or make recordings to play during sessions.

daily yoga practice yoga scripts

They’re shorter so as not to disrupt the flow of the class.

Yoga Mindfulness Script for Self-Esteem 

Use this short script to inject a mindful compliment into your class or session.  

  • When you’re in [insert asana], think about how your body and mind are working in tandem to make it happen and contribute to your well-being. 
  • It may seem like nothing, but getting into this asana is a choice you’re making to improve yourself, and I commend your efforts. You’re a rock star.
  • Be proud that you’re the type of person who cares for your body, mind, and soul. They’re lucky to have you in the captain’s seat.

Yoga Mindfulness Script for Developing Compassion

People who cultivate compassion tend to lead more pleasant lives. Developing empathy for one’s self is also essential for good mental health. 

  • As you bend down toward your knee in Janu Sirsasana (head-to-knee forward pose), think about the nature of compassion. 
  • What does it mean to you? Is it merely a concept, or do you actively extend compassion to yourself and others?
  • If not, think about why and use this moment to sit in grace. As you breathe in and out, emit compassionate vibes outward and inward.
  • Remind yourself that life is complicated and that compassion must be a guiding force to get through it.
  • Empathy and compassion erode stress and tension, so make use of them.
  • Lean into your leg and let go. If you can’t make it all the way down, that’s fine. Thank your body for doing what it can. Offer it compassion.

Yoga Mindfulness Script for Gratitude

Gratitude is a fundamental pillar of mindfulness. This script is meant to be used, during class, to remind students of that fact.

  • As you move into a high-lunge pose and reach for the sky, give thanks. 
  • It can be to anyone or anything you want. The sun. Your god, deities, or goddesses. Your mom, dad, sibling, friend, spouse, lover, colleague — the barista who was especially chipper this morning.
  • Remember that when we give thanks, we get thanks. 
  • Gratitude changes the energy in and around us, relieves tension, and helps us live in the present. 
  • Notice your body stretching; feel it releasing what you don’t need; fill the space it leaves with gratitude.

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After Yoga Mindfulness Scripts

A yoga-centering script is also appropriate for after a session. It’s a great way to help you decompress and spend a little time being mindful. 

Meditative After-Yoga Script for Loving Kindness (Anti-Perfectionism Encouragement)

Loving kindness is a balm for the soul, and giving people permission to be imperfect is never a bad message.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your spirit and energy with us today. 
  • Every single one of you is a spectacular diamond. I don’t care if you completely messed up today, did a horrible thing, or were mean to someone because you were cranky. Whatever the infraction, I know you did the best you could with what you had at that very moment. 
  • Remember, you are not your mistakes. You’re still lovable and whole in the good times and bad.
  • You deserve respect, patience, and love whether you brought your A+ or F- game. 
  • When you head out of these doors, may you walk forward in loving kindness, knowing that you and everyone you encounter is a unique creation worthy of deference and warmth.
  • Namaste. Be well, and may the force be with you.

Meditative After-Yoga Script for Leveling Up (Professional Motivation)

Do you have a lot of go-getters in your yoga class? Or are you a go-getter yourself?

dong yoga under the sun yoga scripts

Either way, this motivation script may work for a post-session wrap-up. 

  • Excellent work today, everybody. 
  • I hope you enjoyed our time together. 
  • Remember, the work we do in here helps you out there. 
  • Making your body and mind stronger is a gift you’re giving yourself. It’s something to be proud of and celebrate.
  • Heck, you’re something to be proud of and celebrate. 
  • You have what it takes to accomplish your goals, so constantly remind yourself there’s honor and magic in the effort. 
  • Pay no mind to people who insinuate that you’re not good enough.
  • You work hard. You’re a winner, and I believe in you.
  • So get out there and shine. 

Meditative After-Yoga Script for Living Magically

Reminding your class or student that it’s OK to take a break from cynicism and doubt is a lovely way to end a session.

  • Life isn’t easy. At times, it can be downright rough. 
  • But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any magic left in the Universe. 
  • So today, as you leave this space, I challenge you to think magically. 
  • In a way, it’s a fantastical form of meditation, and sometimes, the Universe treats you to a sprinkle of divine intervention for giving it a shot.
  • We’re so beleaguered by cynicism and doubt these days, and it can be miserable.
  • So treat yourself to a day of magical thinking. You deserve it.
  • Thank you for coming in today!

Final Thought

Don’t stress or worry if it takes a while to get the hang of incorporating scripts into your yoga practice or classes. It’s like learning how to braid – weaving together three pieces to create a final product.

The first few times you try may be a bit messy, but you’ll catch on quickly.

How do meditation and yoga work together? Find out in this post about the benefits of yoga and meditation and some yoga scripts you can use.

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