Bounce Back From Adversity Using This Resilience Meditation Script

Who we are is made up of a million different life experiences. 

Our resiliency threshold is defined by the evolving exposures and experiences we have in life. 

No person will have a life without a challenge, but each person can decide how they react and move past the challenge. 

When we are resilient, we can overcome or even improve after each of life’s challenges. 

Can Meditation Help with Resilience?

One of the great parts of meditation is that it can help with any aspect of life, especially resiliency. Instead of anxiety-inducing “armchair quarterbacking” how you handle a situation, you can better prepare yourself for the next challenge.

Meditation focused on being resilient has several benefits: 

  • It creates a place where you feel strong. If you’ve been there once, you can go back again. 
  • It gives you a timeless safe space to explore resilient weaknesses and strengths. 
  • It fuels the practice of self-awareness and detachment, which builds a more resilient personality. 
  • It allows mind and body connection, working together to create flexibility and adaption to stressful poses or thoughts. 

How Do You Meditate for Resilience?

Guided meditation for resilience begins with finding a quiet space. Bring a yoga mat or blanket if you’d like.

Your space should be private, quiet, and distraction-free.

You can bring essential oils or candles to help set a tone of relaxation. 

  • Start with 3-5 deep inhales and exhales, letting the exhale last twice as long as the inhale.
  • Set an intention to present during this practice. Give yourself permission to experience emotions without feeling attached to them. 
  • Free your mind from exterior thoughts. If you have a thought, acknowledge it and let it pass like a cloud in the sky. Do not judge the thought. Watch it come and go. 

A Resilience Meditation Script to Record and Follow

In this meditation, we’re going to use some guided imagery. Once you’re relaxed, start in tree pose (Vrksasana). This is a strong position, standing like a tree in the wild. 

picture of  man with closed eyes feeling the breeze resilience meditation script
  • Feel your feet connect with the ground and absorb the earth’s energy. 
  • Feel it move up through all of your chakras. 
  • Stand tall, pull your shoulders back, and lift your head like there’s a string attached from above. 

Sweep your arms to the sky and fold forward. Inhale and lift halfway, allowing your body to fold down. 

  • Put a bend in your knee as your body stretches and molds, becoming more resilient to the movement. 
  • Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, making an audible “Ahhhhhhh” as you exhale. 

Return to Vrksasana, palms facing forward with a straight spine and strong legs, but don’t lock the knees. Let’s begin. 

  • Imagine your body as a lighthouse, standing at the rocky edge of a cliff facing the ocean. Notice the strength that starts below your feet from mother earth, and feel it as it flows up through your calves, thighs, pelvis, belly, chest, arms, neck, mouth, ears, eyes and the top of your head. 
  • Let it swirl back down, allowing partial flow down the arms and through the fingers, returning the energy to the atmosphere around you while the rest of the energy flows back into your chest, belly, legs, and feet, once again vibrating with the energy of the earth. 
  • Complete this process three times to get the energetic strength ebbing and flowing throughout your body. 

Envision your lighthouse staring out at stormy skies approaching. See the clouds start slowly billowing and getting darker. Notice where this creates tension in your body, and draw focus to that location. 

  • With each deep breath, let the exhale send energy to that tension and melt it away. 
  • You are still standing strong. Your beacon emanates from your chakras, drawing power and intuition. You see what’s coming. You are prepared. 

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Waves are now building. The dark skies now spark with lightning strikes. You see the trees around you bending in the wind. You smell the salt air, and a hint of rain fills your nose. 

  • You are a lighthouse. You cannot cower, run, or hide. 
  • You must accept the brunt of what’s coming. You are also engineered to withstand the storm. 

Now imagine the last time you faced a storm of your own approaching. When was the last time you felt fight-or-flight kick in? What can you learn from this relentless pose to help you when facing the same storm again? 

woman in the sea while it's sunset resilience meditation script
  • Guide yourself through the action of the storm hitting you; only this time, you are a lighthouse. 
  • Notice sensations in your skin and nervous system. 
  • Acknowledge and release them into the storm, like an inflow to counteract the storm’s intensity. 

Breathe. Exhale until the belly is empty. Pause. Breathe in fresh energy from the earth. You are grounded by the earth and not influenced by the storm, even with the waves now crashing at your legs. You are firm. You are resilient. 

  • Extend your arms toward the sky, reaching for the heavens amidst piercing rain. Feel each drop as it hits. 
  • Notice the drops running down your arms, chest, and legs, then pausing before disappearing into the earth to nourish the ground. 
  • This storm is serving a purpose. You are still strong. 

Bring your hands in prayer. Realign your feet to connect with the earth. Lift your head through that invisible string pulling it up. 

  • Express gratitude and respect for the movement of the earth. Allow grace as emotions flood your senses. 
  • Acknowledge them and release them back into the storm. 
  • Breathe. 

The storm is now on top of you. Return your arms to your side, hands facing forward. Focus on the inner energy your light brings as a beacon to everything around you. 

  • The storm is raging, but you’re still tall, strong, and a beacon of hope for those around you. 
  • You are centered and grounded as the world swirls around you. 
  • Your strength cannot be challenged by the strongest of winds, yet, you require no tension to remain strong. 

Take notice of your instincts to save objects and animals around you. Detach from feelings of helplessness or guilt. 

  • Focus on your beacon. 
  • Focus on your role as a resilient lighthouse. 
  • You are guiding others to the shore in the chaos. You are not the rescue boat. 
  • You are the light that provides comfort. 
  • You are self-preserving to be available for the next storm. 
  • Refocus on the light and energy that the storm cannot dim. 
  • Breathe. 

Do a full mental body scan to release tension, starting with the jaw, tongue, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. 

  • Fold forward and do three half lifts on each inhale before folding again. 
  • On the final inhale, sweep your arms to the sky and return them to your side. 

Use your beacon to explore the world around you by rolling your head clockwise three times and then counterclockwise three times. 

  • What is on the skyline?
  • Watch the water calm. 
  • See sharks swimming in the fresh fish pools. 
  • Explore the beach and the beautiful shells that churned up. 
  • Shine a light on the trees that were bending to the winds, now altered but adapted to the changes of the turmoil. What other changes did the storm bring? 
  • Breathe. 

Explore your last personal storm and offer gratitude to the people that supported you

  • Allow any negative thoughts to pass in the wind and instead focus on what you learned. 
  • Notice who weathered the storm with you.
  • Now, notice the lighthouse keeper’s child running out the front door and playing in the yard with a gentle sea breeze and fresh air filling both of your lungs.
  • Breathe.

Relax into a child’s pose (Balasana). Stretch your back as you rest on your heels and stretch your arms forward. 

  • Reach for the child running toward you. 
  • Notice that the child is really you. 
  • Embrace the moment of strength you felt facing the storm and commit it to memory. 
  • You’ve been there once, and now it’s easier to return there during the next storm. 
young woman touching her hair in the field of flowers resilience meditation script

Finish the meditation in the comfortable pose of your choice. You can stay in a child’s pose or relax in corpse pose (savasana). 

  • Spend time in this space affirming, “I am strong. I am resilient. I have survived every storm that came my way, and I will survive the next one.”  
  • Take one more note of the beacon of light that now signifies your ongoing resilience. It will always be there, shining to guide you. 
  • Harness its energy as you slowly count backward from 10 and lift to a seated position. Lean forward with gratitude. Namaste. 

Final Thoughts

A benefit of this resilience meditation is that you can change your role in it. If you need to be more flexible in a situation, you can be the tree bending but not breaking in the wind. 

You can be the ship on the horizon, never losing focus on the lighthouse beacon, even amidst chaos. Notice who the lighthouse is in your life and use those people to support you during the next storm. 

Namaste, our resilient friends. 

In this post, you will learn how to use meditation to help you be more resilient. Find out some resilience meditation scripts you can use too.

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