62 Mindfulness Journal Prompts For Present Moment Awareness

Do you keep a journal?

If not, you might want to consider taking it up as a thoughtful goal for the year.

Journaling has a myriad of benefits such as enhancing creativity, reducing stress, and helping you process and heal your thoughts and feelings.

A journal is also a permanent record of your life journey that you can look back on over the years to see how you have changed and evolved.

This helps you become more self-aware, compassionate, and intentional with your choices and actions.

The daily act of mindful journaling has one other hugely compelling benefit — it is an excellent meditative practice.

  • When you write in your meditation journal, your mind must be fully engaged with your writing. 
  • It forces your brain to slow down to better organize your thoughts and consider the big picture.
  • In the flow of meditation journaling, past regrets and future worries lose their edge.
  • You, your mind, and your pen and paper become one in the present moment.

This state of mindful flow will occur regardless of the topic you are journaling about, as long as you are engaged in the process and find it enjoyable or cathartic.

But . . . you can also use a journal to enhance mindfulness beyond just the act of journaling itself.

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