The Art of Living In The Moment (Plus Exercises For Being Present)

living in the moment

When was the last time you looked back on your nearly-spent day and thought, “How did it get to be night, already?”

You got up before the sun did, and you got things done.

You checked off everything (or most things) on your to-do list.

But now you’re thinking that if this disappearing day were your last, you could have made it more memorable — and more meaningful — if you’d focused on living in the moment and being present for at least five minutes of it.

As it happens, you vaguely remember eating something while trying to get all your work done.

And after calling your children’s names in a panic, you realize you did remember to pick everyone up from school, work, etc. and get them home.

But the day was a blur, much like the one before it.

One blurry day follows another because this has become your normal.

You have distant memories of savoring delicious food, one mouthful at a time and taking long, slow walks to enjoy and be restored by nature.

You want to get back to that.

You want to enjoy life and to stop worrying about the future and ruminating on the past.

The solution: live in the moment. But what does that even mean?

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